Action Sports Games 2022 – Skateboard – Scooter – BMX competition


The 2022 Action Sports Games took place at the Mandurah skatepark after a few delays. The event was scheduled to take place in April but bad weather forced a reschedule. This worked in our benefit as due to Covid having the competition in April would have meant a bunch of restrictions. We would have worked through them to make the event happen, but delaying it a few months meant the restrictions had been lifted and made the event a lot easier to manage and compete in. This year the Action Sports games skatepark competition we set up over two days for all disciplines. Small bowl competition on Saturday, big bowl competition on Sunday with points added together to make the final competition results. It was an interesting concept which saw some great skatepark action.

2022 Action Sports Games open winners, clockwise from top left – women’s skateboard open, mens skateboard open, BMX open, scooter open

Saturday morning started with BMX and an action packed competition with the stand out in the intermediate class being Ronan McCamish. Mad flow big airs. Shae Mathhews was keeping up the pressure with only 1 point between them at the end of Saturday. In the Open class Dylan Schmidt destroyed the small bowl with all of his radical BMX skills taking the top spot from Luke Tooze with 4 points between them.

After BMX was scooter and also was the rain. It rained and then it stopped and almost dried up and then it rained and almost dried up and then it rained. Ohh the torment. It was finally called as a no comp for scooters on Saturday. Skateboard was next and the skatepark dried up. Or did it?

Skateboard was awesome. So many young rippers. The 9 years and under class was stacked with talent and you need to remember the name Otis Sienkewitz, the kid shreds. Just before the open class was to take place it rained, insert sad face here. It stopped raining and it was all hands in for drying up the park with blowers, squeegees, brooms and towels, and it was on. 2022 was the first year to have both open men’s and women’s in skateboard. Action Sports Games skateboard champion Brendon Cross was in full effect to defend his title but the three Evans boys, Cruz, Via and Zen, were there to keep up the pressure. There skating skills have exploded in the past year. And the rain came in again and then it stopped and again it was all hands in for drying up the park with blowers, squeegees, brooms and towels, and it was on. This was repeated many times over the course of the skateboard competition, the competitors were keen to get it done, bit thanks to everyone getting in and doing the work. The women’s open class was super rad with Hailee Roberts being the raddest and ending up 2 points ahead of Mia Kretzer and Lily Heney.

Come Sunday morning it was scooters in the big bowl and no rain in sight. The open class was stacked with riders of all styles but the two top riders Adam Puffler and Mitch Bacon were going head to head with big overhead trick combos. They were both going large and in charge. When the wheels had stopped rolling it was Mitch 2 points ahead of Adam for the win. A super tight competition result.

Clockwise from top left – Mitch Bacon on the upside down tailwhip action – Stanley air from Adam Puffler – There is no no stopping Brenten Waddingham – Jake Budgie winner of the intermediate class – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here

Clockwise from top left – Mia Kretzer took home first place in the first open women’s Action Sports games skateboard competition – Brendon Cross rolling and getting rad – Cruz Evans on the way to a first place trophy and prize money – Watch out for Otis Sienkewitz they are a super rad skater on the up – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here

Skateboard was the highlight of Sunday afternoon, with lots of spectators gathered and the hype was large. In the 9 years and under it was again Otis Sienkewitz destroying the bowl with some large skills and taking the first place for the weekend. Mason Clark and Tayah Payne were rolling with the skills required to take the second and 3td places and we are looking forward to seeing more of their skating skills in the future. In the women’s class Mia Kretzer had the skills to jump ahead of Hailee Roberts by a few points to take the win for the weekend and a 1st place share in the $850 prize purse with Hailee in 2nd and Lily Heney in 3rd place. We need to give a big props to Lola Grislain who took a heavy slam in the deep end to a trip to hospital to get a broken arm mended. The open men’s was so rad with a battle between longtime Action Sports Games champion Brendon Cross and the three Evans boys. Anyone of them had the ability to win and could have if the sequence of tricks were to be working. What was needed to take the win was lots of flow, big tricks and having the consistency to match. This is what Cruz Evans had. The tricks were on. Brendon Cross was trying to match but a little less tricks packed into the run might have been the only reason Brendon got less points. 1st to Cruz Evans, 2nd Brendon Cross with Zen Evans taking 3rd

To finish up the two day competition was BMX. In the beginner class after two days of competition, 4 competition runs, 3 judges, 3 judging categories and more numbers to be added than Steven Hawking could manage there was a tie for firsts and second between Liam Miller and Morgan West, guess it was bound to happen. So a one minute run off was had and judges were to decide who rode better. The win went to Liam who had higher airs and more flow, it was close though. Big props to Bianca Martin who was in the lead at the end of Saturday’s competition but just missed out on a few points and took home the 3rd place. In the intermediate class it was all Ronan McCamish. Winning his first and last intermediate competition. Expect to see him ride the open class next year. The open class was a tight battle between Dylan Schmidt and Luke Tooze. Both had it for the win and to share in the $870 prize money. Both riders went big, though Luke went bigger. Both riders has tricks though Dylan has more. Both riders sent 360 whips over the volcano, Dylan doing it for the first time. Dylan’s second run was so hyped and the energy was electric. Dylan went with the energy and front flipped out of the bowl but just missed the rotation around to wheels. Landing back wheel heavy resulted in also landing on his back. Off to hospital and off the bike for a few months while some fractures heal up. Lukes runs on Sunday were just a bit better than Dylans and was awarded 5 points and then with Dylan riding better on Saturday Luke won the Action Sports games BMX open class for the second year in a row, congratulations.

We would like to thank all of the sponsors and supporters for the 2022 Action Sports Games – Mandurah Mazda, Visit Mandurah, City of Mandurah, Tourism Western Australia, Drug Aware, Healthway, Apex Radiology, Rusty Australia, Star Surf+Skate, Minuteman Press Perth, Scooter Hut, The 4 Skateboard Company, Modus Bearings, Local BMX, Colony BMX, Division Brand, Cult Crew, Triad Scooters, Oath Components, Grit Scooters, Striker scooter parts, District scooters, Drone Scooters, Root Industries.

The 2023 Action Sports games has already been penciled in for 17th, 18th, 19th March and we will have more information as we move closer to the date.

Clockwise from top left – Ronan McCamish blasting the quarter in the small bowl on Saturday – Dylan Schmidt mid double whip at height in the small bowl on Saturday – Luke Tooze at Sunset on Sunday in the deep end of the big bowl – Liam Miller got the win in beginners in a runoff – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here

Action Sports Games competition 14th – 15th May 2022 – Official results


1st – Luke Tooze – Saturday points 95, Sunday points 115, Total points 210
2nd – Dylan Schmidt – Saturday points 99, Sunday points 110, Total points 209
3rd – Jack Burgin-Carwardine – Saturday points 84, Sunday points 85, Total points 169
4th – Jack Hooper – Saturday points 69, Sunday points 71, Total points 140

1st – Ronan McCamish – Saturday points 81, Sunday points 95, Total points 176
2nd – Shae Matthews – Saturday points 80, Sunday points 79, Total points 159
3rd – Taj Hamilton – Saturday points 72, Sunday points 77, total points 149
4th Albie Livesley – Saturday points 68, Sunday points 79, total points 147

1st – Liam Miller – Saturday points 62, Sunday points 69, total points 131, Won the run off with Morgan for the 1st place
2nd – Morgan West – Saturday points 62, Sunday points 69, total points 131
3rd – Bianca Martin – Saturday points 64, Sunday points 61, total points 125
4th – Brenten Waddingham – Saturday points 54, Sunday points 58, Total points 112
5th – Ilay Godfrey – Saturday points 48, Sunday points 48, Total points 96
6th – Ace Howard – Saturday points 50, Total points 50  
7th – Judd Howard – Saturday points 49, Total points 49  

Under 10’s
1st – Jace Blakers – Saturday points 63, Sunday points 60, Total points 123
2nd – Sam Evans – Saturday points 57, Sunday points 53, Total points 110
3rd – River Smith – Saturday points 53, Sunday points 48, Total points 101
4th – Jack Quinlan – Saturday points 46, Sunday points 42, Total points 88
5th – RJ Marshall – Saturday points 45, Total points 45  


Women’s Opens
1st – Mia Kretzer – Saturday points 84, Sunday points 93, Total points 177
2nd – Hailee Roberts – Saturday points 86, Sunday points 88, Total points 174
3rd – Lily Heney – Saturday points 84, Sunday points 74, Total points 158
4th – Emily Palmer – Saturday points 83, Sunday points 71, Total points 154
5th – Lola Grislain – Saturday points 75, Sunday points 66, Total points 141
6th – Claudia Duane, Saturday points 75, Total points 75,  

Men’s Opens
1st – Cruz Evans – Saturday points 84, Sunday points 113, Total points 197
2nd – Brendon Cross – Saturday points 84, Sunday points 108, Total points 192
3rd – Zen Evans – Saturday points 87, Sunday points 101, Total points 188
4th – Vai Evans – Saturday points 75, Sunday points 102, Total points 177
5th – Jake Smith – Saturday points 82, Sunday points 92, Total points 174
6th – Daniel Aubrey – Saturday points 77, Sunday points 90, Total points 167
7th – Matt Brazler – Saturday points 76, Sunday points 73, Total points 149
8th – Oli Lane – Saturday points 78, Sunday points 66, Total points 144
9th – Amos Hadad – Saturday points 67, Sunday points 73, Total points 140

15 years and under
1st – Gogo Dale – Saturday points 56, Sunday points 74, Total points 130
2nd – Cody Richardson – Saturday points 53, Sunday points 74, Total points 127
3rd – Mary Woodage – Saturday points 51, Sunday points 60, Total points 111

9 years and under
1st – Otis Sienkewitz – Saturday points 74, Sunday points 88, Total points 162
2nd – Mason Clark – Saturday points 62, Sunday points 71, Total points 133
3rd – Tayah Payne – Saturday points 59, Sunday points 62, Total points 121
4th – Harlow Clark – Saturday points 56, Sunday points 60, Total points 116
5th – Pepper Connolly – Saturday points 49, Sunday points 56, Total points 105
6th – Rosie Connolly – Saturday points 49, Sunday points 55, Total points 104
7th – Kasper Godfrey – Saturday points 47, Sunday points 53, Total points 100
8th – Addison Waugh – Saturday points 47, Sunday points 52, Total points 99
9th – Lea Tomolowicz – Saturday points 42, Sunday points 56, Total points 98
10th – Ilay Godfrey – Saturday points 38, Sunday points 49, Total points 87
11th – Logan Tomolowicz – Saturday points 22, Sunday points 27, Total points 49


1st – Mitch Bacon – Total points 114
2nd – Adam Puffler – Total points 112
3rd – Corey VanDam – Total points 100
4th – Aaron Burrage – Total points 98
5th – Nathan Jones – Total points 90
6th – Oben Mchoull – Total points 86
7th – Kareece Furnevall – Total points 73
8th – Jeremy Clowery – Total points 48

1st – Jake Budgie – Total points 80
2nd – Liam Camilleri – Total points 77
3rd – Jace Blakers – Total points 76

1st – Brenten Waddingham – Total points 58
2nd – Cortez Himiona – Total points 57
3rd – Magnum Depiazzi – Total points 56
4th – Keon Himiona – Total points 54
5th – Lockie Fry – Total points 45

Under 10’s
1st – RJ Marshall – Total points 49
2nd – Isaac Bright – Total points 45