Freestyle Now hosted a scooter competition at the Kwinana skatepark. What a super fun event this one was. The energy on the night was great, everyone was enjoying the vibe. It was a good turnout given that it was held on a week night. Kwinana is a fun park and has some great elements for competitions. The level and diversity of the riding is a credit to the diversity of the Kwinana skatepark. Thank you to all who attended and a big thank you to the Kwinana youth team for helping this night be an awesome one. Competitions are great to attend to meet new people and see other riders and their styles of riding. Hope to see you at the next competition soon. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on all of our coming events. A full list of all the competitions that Freestyle Now has hosted can be found on the past competitions page here.

Winners are grinners and some rad products

Kwinana skatepark scooter competition 29th June 2022 – Official results

Open – 1st Aaron Burrage, 2nd Lloyd Edward, 3rd Jeremy Clowry, 4th Dylan Mestravich

Intermediate – 1st Keigan Gulliver Vickers, 2nd Jayce Blakers, 3rd Cyrus Evans, 4th Phoenix Ashwin, 5th Ethan Duirs

Beginners  – 1st Luke Denison, 2nd Peter Calyun, 3rd Adam Garlett