Freestyle Now BMX stunt shows – Carine High School presentation




Freestyle Now attended the Carine Senior High School for a full day of motivational presentations. The presentations focused on resilience, something all BMX riders will know. Achieving goals is challenging, you have to be focused. There are many hurdles and barriers that can slow you down from achieving your goals, be it with BMX tricks or just in life achievements. You need to know how to jump over the hurdles and push through the barriers. Throughout the course of the day Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis, Luke Tooze and Josh Garwood not only did some BMX stunt riding but also spoke of their personal barriers they had to overcome with injuries to keep on achieving their goal. Determination is what is required to achieve and each person has a different level of determination, but it’s their determination and they own it. Each person tackles achieving goals differently, and it’s how to go about pushing yourself to reach them goals that creates your resilience. All of these things BMX teaches you.

Left – Shaun Jarvis balances a Nourie Handstand – Right Luke Tooze backflips over Shaun. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

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