Groundswell BMX Bowl Battle 2022


Luke Tooze rides the Scarborough Beach bowl like no one else. So fast, so large so much flow. 2022 is his third time in a row winning the competition.

The Groundswell festival was an amazing event. Set right on the Scarborough beach, with an amazing bowl, just perfect to a bowl competition. The format was simple, two divisions, The Rad and The Raddest, two runs for qualifying and that set the order for the battle finals. Qualifying was super important, qualify in first and the other riders have to battle their way to take you on. Two riders would go into a battle round, each rider would have two thirty second runs back to back. The three judges would vote who would progress into the next battle round. Loose the battle and you are out of the competition, win the battle you progress to the next round. It was an exciting final to watch, with each class taking alternating turns so rider got to have a rest. You had to be in top form or you got the cut. The highlight of the Groundswell BMX bowl battle was Malachi Pooley in the Rad division. Malachi qualified in 7th place, but battled his way to take home the 2nd place. That’s six battle rounds the young rider hit up, that that’s a lot of riding. It was also so rad to see father and sons competing together, Corey Brown and his two sons Levi and Brody. BMXing families are great to see. Taking the 1st place in the Rad class was Albie Livesley who had the height and the flow that Malachi could not match. In the Raddest class it was great to see Roman Depiazzi sending some great tricks for the thirteen year old. The Groundswell BMX bowl battle was won again by Luke Tooze. His speed and height were no match, that 3 years in a row Luke has won the Groundswell BMX bowl battle. For 2023 will Luke have a worthy challenger? We await for next year to find out. Everyone took home a plethora of prizes thanks to the Groundswell Festival, Colony BMXSneaky Wholefoods and Local BMX. This was one rad day for everyone.  All photos Patrick Miller. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

Albie Livesley is one rad kid, so much speed, flow and style. Congratulation on the 1st place in the rad class.

Malachi Pooley was the riding champion of the day with battling his way from 7th to 2nd in the rad division, that’s a lot of riding.

Clockwise from top left – Mundas brought a huge serving of flow to the raddest division to a 2nd place – Young Roman Depiazzi is hungry for radical action and this 540 bar spin was just of this trick he did for the 3rd place in the raddest division – WA BMX legend Dempesy on his way to 4th in the raddest – It was good to see Trae Lavender rolling in the raddest until his rolled ankle

Clockwise from top left – Liam Miller is powering through the BMX skills and progressing well and took the 3rd place in the rad division – Rad dad Corey Brown carving on his way to 4th place in the rad division – It was awesome to see young shredder Bianca Martin rolling in the rad division to a 5th place – Levi Brown under the watchful eyes of dad. A great thing to see is father and son competing together.

Scarborough BMX Bowl Battle 1st October 2022 – final results

The Rad – 1st Albie Livesley, 2nd Malachi Pooley, 3rd Liam Miller, 4th Corey Brown, 5th Bianca Martin, 6th Levi Brown, 7th Jayce Blakers, 8th Brody Brown

The Raddest – 1st Luke Tooze, 2nd Mundas, 3rd Roman Depiazzi, 4th Dempsey, 5th Trae Lavender