Bordertown spring festival and show – BMX stunt shows


“This is crazy, we are doing BMX stunt shows in the rain”

Andrew Ahumada has some great superman seat grabs and this one was done with precession at the Bordertown spring festival and show.

Freestyle Now is no stranger to delivering jaw-dropping BMX stunt shows, and we recently performed at the Bordertown spring festival and show in South Australia. The Bordertown spring festival and show was buzzing with excitement as the audience eagerly awaited the Freestyle Now BMX stunt show. And when the riders took to the ramp, they did not disappoint. From start to finish, the riders delivered an unforgettable performance that left the audience in awe. The rain could not stop the radness from happening as we performed a few shows while the water fell from the sky. The level of danger went up a few notches but it was a long way to travel to let a bit of water stop the show. The BMX stunt show was filled with mid-air tricks, spins, and flips that showcased the incredible athleticism of the riders. Their precision and grace on two wheels were a sight to behold, and the audience couldn’t get enough. The riders fed off the energy of the crowd, and the interaction was just as important as the BMX show performance. Freestyle Now has been delivering high-quality BMX stunt shows for over 35 years, and our experience and expertise were evident in the performance at the Bordertown spring festival and show. Freestyle Now has a long history of delivering high energy entertainment and our past stunt show page is a testament to our experience and expertise. For those who missed out on the BMX stunt show at the Bordertown spring festival and show, fear not, Freestyle Now has a busy schedule ahead, and we will be performing at various events across the country. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now will be performing next. If you’re interested in booking a BMX stunt show for your next event, be sure to get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements and see we can make your event unforgettable. With our experience and passion for BMX riding, you can expect a show that will leave you in awe.

Clockwise from top left – Brodie Quick letting his hands off for a brief moment to the applause of the crowd. – Samual Grace before the rain set in did this radical indi seat grab. –Andrew Ahumada sending it over the top of Shaun Jarvis. –  The rain set in and there was more radness to be rolled out, we don’t want to disappoint. Samual Grace going upside down. – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.