2022 Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships – The finals


The finals of the 2022 Western Australian BMX Freestyle State Championships were held at the newly constructed Bayswater Skatepark. The competition saw some of the best riders in the state battle it out for top honors in their respective divisions. The event was a great success, with a strong turnout of riders and spectators alike. The competition was fierce, and the riders pushed themselves to the limit to come out on top. In the open class it was a battle between Dylan Schmidt and Luke Tooze but it was Dylan who came out on top, just. It was good to see Roman Depiazzi in third and Jack Carwardine in fourth. In the Intermediates division, Albie Livesley rode with lots of power for the young kid and took the top spot, with Jeremy Mills who rode super clean and precise in second, Taj Hamilton boosted the jump boxes in classic Taj style and took the third place. The Beginners division saw Liam Miller take the top spot with some incredible stylish riding. It was Brent Waddingham in second, Bianca Martin in third with some big tricks. The Under 10’s division was fiercely contested, with Jayce Blakers riding super hard and taking the win. It was good to see Samuel Evans in second. In the Over 35’s division, it was Jon Graham who emerged as the winner, with Shaun Jarvis the oldest competitor coming in second and Russell Forrest in third.

The competition was a great showcase of the diversity of BMX riding, with riders of all ages and skill levels coming together to compete. The Bayswater Skatepark proved to be an excellent venue for the event, with its challenging features and smooth surface providing the perfect stage for the riders to showcase their skills. Overall, the 2022 Western Australian BMX Freestyle State Championships were a great success, and a testament to the thriving BMX scene in the state. Congratulations to all the winners and participants, and a big thank you to the participants, parents and care givers who attended who made the event possible. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for BMX riding in Western Australia!

2022 Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships 18th December – official results

Opens – 1st Dylan Schmidt, 2nd Luke Tooze, 3rd Roman Depiazzi, 4th Jack Carwardine

Intermediates – 1st Albie Livesley, 2nd Jeremy Mills, 3rd Taj Hamilton, 4th Nathan Wilson, 5th Jake Welhan

Beginners – 1st Liam Miller, 2nd Brent Waddingham, 3rd Bianca Martin, 4th Aidan Kinahan, 5th Connor Bradshaw, 6th Tim Pearson, 7th Ilay Godfrey, 8th Kynan Miliaresi, 9th Mitchell Bierma, 10th Zavier Morrison

Under 10’s – 1st Jayce Blakers, 2nd Samuel Evans, 3rd Calais Blakers, 4th   Ryder Schmidt, 5th William Smith

Over 35’s – 1st Jon Graham, 2nd Shaun Jarvis, 3rd Russell Forrest

Clockwise from top left – Dylan Schmidt took the win on the day and also took the year end title in the open class – Luke Tooze was hot on the heels of Dylan for the 2nd place and also can ride the Bayswater halfpipe super well – Jayce Blakers landed this flip on their second attempt, Jacyce won the under 10’s division both on the day and for the year – John Graham has been riding for a long time and competed in the over 35’s and went home with a first place.

Clockwise from top left – Albie Livesley is not even 10 yet and won the intermediate class and went super high on the massive halfpipe – Liam Miller has too much style for a 12 year old, his griz airs as so rad, first in beginners – Taj Hamilton floating over this hip – Bianca Martin has the no foot can can that of a seasoned rider, but they are only 10 – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here