Bassendean Skatepark Competition – March 2023


The vibrant community of Bassendean recently witnessed an explosion of talent and excitement as skateboarders, scooter riders, and BMX enthusiasts converged for the annual skatepark competition. Supported by Bassendean Youth Services and the Town of Bassendean, this thrilling event showcased the incredible skills and passion of riders across various disciplines. The competition served as a prime example of the thriving skatepark culture and fostered a sense of community among participants. The Bassendean skatepark competition attracted riders from near and far, each eager to showcase their unique style and push the boundaries of their respective disciplines. The skatepark’s dynamic features, including ramps, rails, and obstacles, provided the perfect canvas for participants to unleash their creativity and perform gravity-defying tricks. Skateboarders, scooter riders, and BMX riders showed their level of skill and determination throughout the competition, it was a testament to their dedication and passion. Bassendean Youth Services and the Town of Bassendean played a vital role in organizing and supporting the skatepark competition. Their commitment to providing engaging opportunities for youth and promoting an active lifestyle was evident throughout the event. By investing in skatepark facilities and fostering a welcoming environment, they have helped cultivate a thriving skatepark scene in Bassendean and highlighting the significance of skatepark competitions in bringing communities together. Freestyle Now extends its sincere gratitude to Bassendean Youth Services and the Town of Bassendean for their unwavering support and dedication to organizing this memorable skatepark competition. Their commitment to fostering a positive youth culture and providing a platform for riders to showcase their talents is invaluable to the local skatepark scene. Skatepark competitions are not only an opportunity to celebrate the skills of individual riders but also to inspire others and encourage the growth of the sport. The Bassendean skatepark competition exemplified the spirit of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and healthy competition that defines action sports. As Freestyle Now continues to promote and nurture the skatepark culture across Australia, we look forward to future events that will further engage the local community and showcase the immense talent within the skatepark communities. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on future competitions and other events and you can also look back on all of the past competitions on the past competition page here. 

Jack Carwardine winning the BMX open class

Bassendean skatepark competition 4th March 2023 – official results

Skateboard beginners – 1st Hunter Hall, 2nd Vladimis Tcherven, 3rd Amelia Sprout, 4th Laila Jackson, 5th Kai Sweeney 

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Tayah Payne, 2nd Arleigh Hall, 3rd Russell Impey

Skateboard open – 1st Amos Hadad, 2nd Josh Bubb, 3rd Cody Thomas, 4th Chris Cunningham, 5th Jackson Moon

Scooter beginners 1st Koby Heel, 2nd Jaxon Baker, 3rd Alex Giovenco, 4th Oliver Morgan, 5th Yuan Palmer, 6th Lucas Butler, 7th Kai Sweeney

Scooter intermediate – 1st Charles Morrison, 2nd Jahvis Peke, 3rd Dylan Maclean, 4th Drew Hanley, 5th Seth Watson, 6th Oisin Hunt, 7th Mitchell Scott

Scooter open 1st Aaron Buragge, 2nd Hayden Brewer

BMX beginner – 1st Jahvis Peke, 2nd Dylan Mclean

BMX intermediate – 1st Liam Miller, 2nd Alec Richards, 3rd Alex Giorenco

BMX open – 1st Jack Carwadine, 2nd Connor Riley