Port Kennedy skatepark competition – January 2023


Freestyle Now hosted a skatepark competition at the Port Kennedy skatepark. The afternoon and early evening skatepark competition was well attended by both participants and families. Skatepark users from around the Perth metro area recently converged on the Port Kennedy skatepark for a highly anticipated skatepark competition. The event saw riders of all ages and skill levels compete for prizes, with participants showcasing their skills and pushing themselves to the limit. The Port Kennedy skatepark, which recently underwent a major renovation 18 months ago, provided the perfect venue for the competition, with its wide range of features and challenging obstacles providing a platform for riders to showcase their unique styles and approaches. The event attracted a large crowd of spectators, who cheered on the riders and provided an energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere throughout the competition. One of the highlights of the competition was the strong showing from female participants who all rolled with impressive skills. Some competitors were entering their first competition and were feeling nervous but the team from Freestyle Now helped many of them feel at ease so they were able to compete feeling relaxed. The event was a testament to the growing diversity and inclusivity of skatepark participants. Overall, the Port Kennedy skatepark competition was a huge success, and a great showcase of the skills skatepark users are building. The event highlighted the importance of promoting the sports and providing safe and welcoming spaces for riders of all ages and skill levels to come together and share their passion for skateboarding, scooters, rollerskates and BMX. A big thank you to the City of Rockingham who made the event possible. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on future competitions and other events and you can also look back on all of the past competitions on the past competition page here. 

Clockwise from top left – Ilay Godfrey has been progressing their skateboard skills and it showed at Port Kennedy. An awesome grab air over the hip, so much style! – Cooper Bennetty going big on the fly out with a huge overhead trick whilst in a 360 degree spin. – Jaxon Baker incorporates tricks learnt in our coaching sessions, you can tell that his bmx skills have gone through the roof! – Chloe Pizzuto showing us her skills on a ledge. Chloe has been coaching rollerskating at some of our events and it was awesome to see her demonstrating how fun and radical roller skating is. – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

Port Kennedy skatepark competition 20th January 2023 – official results

Skateboard open – 1st Luke Bourke

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Arya Power, 2nd Dylan Squires-Ryrie

Skateboard beginners – 1st Maddison Brown, 2nd Sophia Stahlhut, 3rd Ilay Godfrey, 4th Eva O’Drisall, 5th Lani Hanisch, 6th Jhett Brown

Scooter open – 1st Lachlan Humes, 2nd Brandon Blacks, 3rd Rory Allison, 4th Cooper Bennetty

Scooter intermediate – 1st Mason Newby, 2nd Rubin Allison, 3rd Lucas Gibbins, 4th Keiran Hall

Scooter beginners – 1st Cruz Domney, 2nd Zayne Newby, 3rd Rorhy Tognetti, 4th Marius Banks, 5th Max Low, 6th Jaxon Baker, 7th Deagan Jowsell, 8th Kale Jackson, 9th Zep Annakin, 10th Allison Brice, 11th Cooper Spinner, 12th Creed Annakin, 13th Maxwell Brice, 14th Ava Hildebrandt, 15th Chaice Hay, 16th Phoenix Flaxmon

Rollerskate – 1st Petre Gruescu, 2nd Chloe Pizzuto, 3rd Fish, 4th Ava Middebrandt

BMX – 1st William Battle, 2nd Aaron Murphy, 3rd Jaxon Baker, 4th Kay Godfrey, 5th Max Brice, 6th Curtis White, 7th Allison Brice, 8th Patricia Brice