Freestyle Now Ignites Flamefest in Mandurah with BMX stunt show spectacle


Samual Grace bringing the heat with this super indi seat grab.

Freestyle Now, Australia’s premier  BMX stunt show team, set the stage ablaze at Flamefest in Mandurah, delivering a jaw-dropping performance that captivated the large and enthusiastic crowd. The perfect conditions paved the way for an unforgettable display of BMX skill and excitement. The stellar lineup featured Freestyle Now squad members Luke Tooze and Taj Hamilton, accompanied by Jack Carwardine, who not only took command on the mic but also his bike. Guest riders Sam Grace, Roman Depiazzi, and the iconic Western Australian BMX legend Dempsey added to the thrill, showcasing their unique styles. 

Under the electric atmosphere, the riders pushed their limits, executing gravity-defying stunts and flawless tricks that left the audience in awe. The cheers and applause echoed through the air as each rider showcased their unparalleled talent, creating a sensory experience that went beyond the ordinary. Flamefest in Mandurah was not just about BMX; it featured a mesmerizing fire show that added an extra layer of excitement to the event. Freestyle Now’s dedication to promoting action sports and delivering top-tier entertainment was on full display, making the event a resounding success.



We extend our sincere thanks to the organizers of Flamefest for inviting Freestyle Now to participate in this remarkable event. Their commitment to providing top-tier entertainment for the community is truly commendable. If you missed the Freestyle Now BMX stunt show at Flamefest, you missed an unforgettable display of skill and excitement. But fear not, as you can catch us at upcoming events across Australia. Stay updated on our event schedule by visiting our coming event page. Whether you’re an action sports enthusiast, an event organizer, or a school looking to engage and inspire your students, Freestyle Now is your go-to for mesmerizing BMX stunt shows. Our performances blend high-energy entertainment with exceptional athleticism, captivating audiences of all ages. Stay connected with us on our Facebook and Instagram social media channels to stay updated on our latest news, events, and behind-the-scenes action. For booking inquiries or to learn more about Freestyle Now’s BMX stunt shows please contact us directly. To look over the history of the stunt shows Freestyle Now has undertaken check out our past stunt shows page for a full 36 year list. We look forward to bringing our high-octane BMX stunt shows to your next event.

Clockwise from tip left – Jack Carwardine risking it all while on the mic. – Jack Carwardine risking it all while on the bike. – Taj Hamilton has the best nac nacs. – Sam Grace kicking the no foot can can way out there. – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.