Freestyle Now BMX Stunt Show shines bright at the Geraldton Sunshine Festival


The triple backflip is a crowd favourite

Freestyle Now brought the heat to the Geraldton Sunshine Festival, turning up the excitement with mind-blowing BMX stunt shows that left the crowds in awe. Freestyle Now’s elite riders, Shaun Jarvis, Luke Tooze, and Taj Hamilton invited the talented Sam Grace to join them for an unforgettable performance. The festival atmosphere was electric as Freestyle Now squad members showcased their exceptional BMX skills against the stunning backdrop of the ocean. The perfect conditions added an extra layer of intensity to the already exhilarating bmx stunt show. The Freestyle Now riders pulled out all the stops at the The Geraldton Sunshine Festival, executing gravity-defying stunts and jaw-dropping tricks that had the crowds on their feet. The interactive and enthusiastic audience made each BMX stunt show a memorable experience. Shaun Jarvis, known for his precision and style, alongside Luke Tooze and Taj Hamilton, brought their A-game to the festival. The addition of Sam Grace elevated the performance, creating a dynamic and diverse showcase of BMX talent. The festival setup, right next to the ocean, provided a scenic backdrop that enhanced the overall experience. Freestyle Now thrived on the positive energy from the crowds, delivering a show that perfectly blended adrenaline-pumping action with coastal vibes. As the sun shone on the Geraldton Sunshine Festival, Freestyle Now ensured that the BMX stoke was equally radiant. The collaboration of talent, interactive crowds, and perfect conditions made this appearance a standout moment for Freestyle Now.

Clockwise from top left – Luke Tooze send the back of the bike around twice while he is spinning around once. – Taj Hamilton has some rad nac nacs. – Double superman’s from Sam Grace and Shaun Jarvis. – Sam Grace backflippin tailwhippin. – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

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