Mandurah Skatepark Competition – Kicking Off the South Metro Ride and Roll Skatepark Series


The Mandurah Skatepark Competition, held on the 8th of January 2024, marked the exciting first round of the South Metro Ride and Roll Skatepark Series. This series comes as a combined effort from City of Mandurah, Kwinana, Cockburn and Rockingham. This event brought together riders of all ages and skill levels to compete in BMX, scooter, skateboard, and rollerskate categories. Thanks to the generous support of the City of Mandurah, the competition saw a fantastic turnout and an electrifying atmosphere.

In the scooter division, young talents showcased their skills with Eli Stokes securing 1st place in the 10-13 years category, followed by Keon Himiona in 2nd place. In the 14-17 years category, Josh Schnierer claimed the top spot with an impressive performance. The Scooter Open class saw fierce competition with Zac James Moore taking 1st place, Cody Richardson coming in 2nd, and Ian Tsuzuki Botta finishing 3rd.

Skateboarders also brought their A-game to the Mandurah Skatepark. In the 10-13 years category, Tayah Payne took 1st place, demonstrating exceptional skill and determination. The 14-17 years category witnessed a thrilling contest, with Gogo Dale who traveled all the way from Margaret River to compete, securing 1st place and Miles Harding following closely in 2nd place.

The BMX division was a bit light on riders with only 3 competing but that did not stop the radical action from Jaxon Baker who took 1st place in the 10-13 years category with Mathiaus Dawkins earning 2nd place. Kody Strong represented the BMX open class, it was great to have him demonstrating his skills and talent. 

Roller skaters added their flair to the event with Evie White taking 1st place in the Beginners category and Priya Feazey coming in 2nd, huge congratulations to these skaters for competing in a competition for the first time. In the Rollerskate Opens, Chloe Rose wowed the crowd and judges alike, securing 1st place with her stunning performance followed by Kiara O’Leary in 2nd, Jessica O’Leary in 3rd, Suzie O’Leary in 4th. The O’Leary family traveled all the way from Geraldton and it was awesome to have them compete in our Rollerskate Open Category. 

Clockwise from Top Left – Zac Moore in the middle of a fingerwhip – Kody Strong taking flight on the quarter – Chloe Rose kicking the jams, taking inspiration from the cheerleading move the herkie – Gogo Dale levitating over the box – More photos can be found on our facebook page here

The Mandurah skatepark competition not only highlighted the amazing talent across BMX, scooter, skateboard, and rollerskate disciplines but also fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among the participants. The event was a huge success, thanks in large part to the unwavering support of the City of Mandurah. We are grateful for their dedication to promoting action sports and providing a platform for local talent to shine.

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Mandurah skatepark competition – Round 1 South Metro Ride and Roll Skatepark Series –  official results 8th January 2024

Scooter 10-13 Years – 1st Eli Stokes, 2nd Keon Himiona, 3rd Jonathan Maiwald, 4th Lochlan Yeats, 5th Luke Singleton, 6th Jayce Blakers, 7th Noah Ladhams, 8th Calais Bakers, 9th Axel Angelis 

Scooter 14-17 Years – 1st Josh Schnierer, 2nd Hayden Brewer, 3rd Jack Brown, 4th Casey Donohoe, 5th Tristan Siinclair 6th Rhyder Howard. 7th Max Power

Scooter Open –  1st Zac James Moore, 2nd Cody Richardson, 3rd Ian Tsuzuki Botta

Skate 10-13 Years – 1st Tayah Payne, 2nd Madison Brown, 3rd Alex Gauder,  4th Kiara O’Leary

Skate 14-17 Years – 1st Gogo Dale, 2nd Miles Harding, 3rd Zara Jones, 4th Hannah Lederman

BMX 10-13 Years – 1st Jaxon Baker, 2nd Mathiaus Dawkins

BMX Open – 1st Kody Strong 

Rollerskate Beginners – 1st Evie White, 2nd Priya Feazey

Roller Skate Opens – 1st Chloe Rose, 2nd Kiara O’Leary, 3rd Jessica O’Leary, 4th Suzie O’Leary