Kwinana Skatepark Hosts Thrilling Finals of the South Metro Ride and Roll Series!


The Kwinana Skatepark was alive with excitement on February 24th as it played host to the finals of the South Metro Ride and Roll Skatepark Series. This event marked the climax of a thrilling series, bringing together top talent from across the region. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Cities of Mandurah, Rockingham, Kwinana, and Cockburn, this series aimed to activate local skateparks and provide a platform for riders to showcase their skills. Freestyle Now, Australia’s premier and longest-running action sports enterprise, proudly rose to the occasion, delivering another unforgettable competition.

The lead-up to the finals saw intense battles across four previous rounds, with the top three competitors from each category securing their spots for this ultimate showdown. With anticipation at an all-time high, riders took to the Kwinana Skatepark to demonstrate their prowess in scooter, skateboard, and BMX disciplines.

In the Scooter 10-13 Years category, Jonathan Maiwald impressed everyone with his excellent use of the skatepark, displaying dialed and consistent tricks to secure first place. His smooth runs and technical skills were unmatched. Keon Himiona followed closely in second, showcasing solid tricks and control. Calvin Treml rounded out the top three with a strong performance, making it a competitive category to watch. The Scooter 14-17 Years division saw Josh Schnierer ride exceptionally clean and smooth to take the top spot. His precision and consistency set him apart from the rest. Marcus Dunlop was close behind, needing only 1 point more, in the end he claimed second place with his creative lines and well-executed tricks, while Hayden Brewer placed third after a fierce battle, demonstrating great effort and style. In the Scooter Open category, Jasen Rhodes was on fire, showcasing mad street skills and a strong rail game to clinch first place. His combination of technical prowess and big tricks wowed the judges. Ian Tsuzuki Botta, competing in multiple disciplines, took second place with his versatile and consistent performance. Local rider Jeremy Clowry finished third, demonstrating his familiarity with the park and solid tricks.

Scooter Clockwise from top left – Hayden Brewer hitting one of the biggest quarters in the park, hopeful for the win but unfortunately did not come out on top – Jezza Clowry getting technical down the ledge at his home skatepark – Jonathan Maiwald coming in hot with a huge fly out, taking the win – Jasen Rhodes with a seamless frontside hurricane down the rail, showcasing his street tech and versatility and taking the win


The Skateboard 10-13 Years category had Tayah Payne taking the win with a series of impressive runs that highlighted her control and trick variety. Madison Brown, showing impressive determination despite being unwell, secured second place with her consistent and stylish skating. Lali Perroni finished in third, rounding out a strong top three. In the Skateboard 14-17 Years division, it was fantastic to see Gogo Dale competing again and taking first place with her powerful and precise skating. Miles Harding secured second with his technical skills and smooth style, while Cayden Riddle took third with a strong performance that showcased his growth as a skater. The Skateboard Open saw Adam Pacynko elevate the competition’s caliber, taking first place with his versatility and flawless execution. Emily Palmer finished second, demonstrating great consistency and style, and Jack Schofield came in third with his impressive runs and technical prowess.

Skateboarders Clockwise from top left – Tayah Payne, skateboard 10-13 champion showing us how dialed her boardslides really are – Gogo Dale skateboard 14-17 Champion with a huge air, flying through her run – Adam Pacynko took the win in the skateboard open, this boardslide on the downrail was just one trick from his bag full – Emily Palmer, next best in skateboard open, thrilling the spectators with an olly over the hip


The BMX 10-13 Years category was incredibly close, with Dexter Pearce winning by a narrow margin with a score of 22.00. His combination of big airs and technical tricks earned him the top spot. Ryan Capocci needed just 0.67 more to win, ending with 21.33 in second place, showing great effort and skill. Liam Rhodes was right behind with 21.00, securing third with his consistent and stylish runs. In the BMX Open category, Kody Strong emerged victorious after an intense battle, showcasing his powerful riding and big tricks. Joshua O’Neil finished second, demonstrating great control and style, while Oskar Thomas took third with a solid performance that impressed the judges.

Clockwise from top left – Zack Ballantyne airing off the box with style, Dexter Pearce steaming through his line, Lachlan Mcgough running the ledge and adding creativity to enhance his skillset, Ryan Capocci hitting a clean tyre touch 


The Kwinana Skatepark competition was a testament to the vibrant and supportive action sports community. Riders of all ages and genders demonstrated remarkable skills and sportsmanship, creating an unforgettable day of competition. A huge thank you to everyone who participated and to the City of Kwinana for hosting the competition at the Kwinana skatepark and for making this event a reality.

Stay tuned for more exhilarating skatepark competitions as Freestyle Now continues to celebrate the passion and skill of our incredible action sports community. Freestyle Now is dedicated to delivering high-energy events and inspiring communities. From thrilling stunt shows to engaging coaching sessions and well-managed competitions, we promote active and healthy lifestyles while pushing the boundaries of action sports.

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Kwinana skatepark competition – Finals  South Metro Ride and Roll Skatepark Series – official results 24th Feb 2024

Scooter 10-13 Years – 1st Jonathan Maiwald, 2nd Keon himiona, 3rd Calvin Treml, 4th Eli Stokes, 5th Ben Measey (Bean), 6th Curtis White

Scooter 14-17 Years – 1st Josh Schnierer, 2nd Marcus Dunlop, 3rd Hayden Brewer, 4th Bailey Brolsma, 5th Jack Brown, 6th Lucas Lenane, 7th Luca O’Toole, 8th Shaun Tateishi

Scooter Open – 1st Jasen Rhodes, 2nd Ian Tsuzuki Botta, 3rd Jeremy Clowry, 4th Jake Griechen, 5th Josh Atkinson, 6th Jordan Kyle Stroinksi, 7th Reef Morrison

Skateboard 10-13 Years – 1st Tayah Payne, 2nd Madison Brown, 3rd Lali Perroni, 4th Abel Iriks, 5th Hayley Norris, 6th Jayden Purser

Skateboard 14-17 Years – 1st Gogo Dale, 2nd Miles Harding, 3rd Cayden Riddle

Skateboard Open – 1st Adam Pacynko, 2nd Emily Palmer, 3rd Jack Schofield, 4th Ian Tsuzuki Botta

BMX 10-13 Years  – 1st Dexter Pearce, 2nd Ryan Capocci, 3rd Liam Rhodes, 4th Zack Ballantyne, 5th Arthur Pearce, 6th Aaron Murray, 7th Lachlan Mcgough

BMX Open – 1st Kody Strong, 2nd Joshua O’Neil, 3rd Oskar Thomas, 4th Ian Tsuzuki Botta