Mandurah Action Sports Games 2024: Epic Action, Electrifying Atmosphere!


Mandurah Action Sports Games 2024: Epic Action, Electrifying Atmosphere!

The Mandurah Action Sports Games 2024 were nothing short of legendary! From March 15th to 17th, the Mandurah Skatepark was alive with the roar of an amazing crowd and the incredible energy of top-tier action sports athletes. This was a massive event that truly showcased the spirit of competition and camaraderie in the world of skateboarding, BMX, scooter riding, and rollerskating.

Huge thanks to the City of Mandurah, Malibu Boats, headspace Mandurah, Folklore Skateboards, Hyperlite Wake Aust, Minuteman Press Perth, and Star Surf+Skate Mandurah for making this unforgettable event possible. Your support has been invaluable in bringing this celebration of action sports to life.

To kick off the Action Sports Game Friday night was the roller skate competition. It was absolutely electric, with Sasha Berg setting the pace and taking first place. Chloe Rose and Emma Kouka dazzled the crowd with their stellar performances, adding to the excitement of the competition. Since its debut in the Mandurah Action Sports Games last year, roller skating has been gaining momentum, and we’re thrilled to see it back again. Despite its small presence in WA, these competitors showcased the thrilling potential of roller skating as an action sport in the skatepark. We’re eagerly anticipating the growth of this exciting sport in the years to come!

Left to right – Emma Kouka hitting a huge air over the hip, Chloe Rose showcasing a seamless 50/50 grind – More photos on our facebook page here

The scooter, BMX and skateboarding competitions were set over two days with the Saturday having all the focus on the small bowl at the Mandurah skatepark. While Sunday was all about the big bowl. Each competitor had two runs in each of the bowls with only their best runs counting in each of the day which were added together to form their final overall score to see who was the ActionSports games champion for 2024

The Mandurah Action Sports Games spanned an electrifying two days, bringing together BMX, Scooter, and Skateboard enthusiasts to compete in both the small and big bowls of the skatepark, a unique competition like no other. On Saturday, competitors battled it out in the small bowl, while Sunday saw them showcasing their skills in the big bowl. The final rankings were determined by combining the best scores from each day to find the action sports champion. This created a thrilling and dynamic competition that truly tested the versatility and consistency of all participants.

Zen Evans, 1st place winner in the Mens Open Skateboard division with a huge air in the large bowl 

The skateboard women’s divisions saw young talents like Scarlett Harrington and Lalita Perroni shine, while Mia Kretzer put on a stellar performance to win the Women’s Open category. In the Men’s Skateboard Open, the Evans brothers—Zen, Cruz, and Vai—swept the top three spots, showcasing their incredible skills and sibling synergy. It was great to see a few competitors in the skateboard masters division showing that no matter what stage of life skaters are in, they are still keen to compete in action sports and show up in the skating community. 

Clockwise from top left – it was fantastic to see Gogo Dale who took 2nd in the Womens Open division – James Rixom showing us a blunt with a grab, we are sure this trick is harder than he made it look – Jake Smith with a huge air in the large bowl – Vai Evans zooming around the small bowl – More photos on our facebook page here

Kody Strong, 2nd place winner in the BMX Open, with an immaculate look back 

The BMX competitions were fierce! In the Beginners division, Dexter Pearce emerged victorious. It really was awesome to see how many riders were competing in the beginner category. We are sure the future of BMX in WA is bright after this show of talent and skill. Oskar Thomas stepped up his competition in the Intermediate category, showing his full potential of taking the win by 4 points. The Opens division was a sight to behold, with Luke Tooze taking the win, closely followed by Kody Strong and Louis Johnstone.

Clockwise from top left – Luke Tooze, 1st place winner in the BMX Open, with a huge flare – Dexter Pearce, 1st place winner in BMX Beginner, hitting a no hander over the box – Oskar Thomas, 1st place winner in the BMX Intermediate turning it down – Freestyle Now Squad Member, Jack Carwardine, hitting a bar twist like no one else – More photos on our facebook page here

Mitchell Bacon pulling out the big guns and wowing the crowd 

The scooter competitions brought some intense action! Noah Ladhams dominated the Beginners category, showcasing impressive skills and determination. In the Intermediate division, Jack Brown took the title, with Eli Stokes hot on his heels, trailing by a mere 0.33 points. Both competitors delivered outstanding performances, making it an exciting and closely contested battle. In the Open category, Mitchell Bacon outperformed the competition, with Hayden Brewer and Casey Donohoe close behind in second and third.

Clockwise from top left – Awesome to see Josh Scheniera at the comp, although there were a few inconsistencies we can’t deny his progression as a rider – Jack Brown, 1st place winner in the Scooter Intermediate making great use of the extension – Hayden Brewer, 2nd place winner in the Scooter Opens getting mad air in the large bowl – Noah Ladhams, who came first in the Scooter Beginners making great use of the hip in the large bowl  – More photos on our facebook page here

The Mandurah Action Sports Games 2024 were a testament to the incredible talent and passion within the action sports community. Despite the rainy weather, the competitors and spectators brought the heat, making it an unforgettable event. Thank you to all the participants, sponsors, and supporters for making this event a massive success. Stay tuned for more thrilling action sports events from Freestyle Now!

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Mandurah Action Sports Games Competition Results 15/16/17 March 2024

More detailed results via liveheats page here

Rollerskate Open – 1st Sasha Berg, 2nd Chloe Rose, 3rd Emma Kouka


Skateboard Masters – 1st Jesse Harrington, 2nd Jeff Parker, 3rd Laura Brown, 4th Junior Linke

Womens Skateboard 9 years and under – 1st Scarlett Harrington, 2nd Opal Harrington

Mens Skateboard 9 years and under – 1st Taj Whitney, 2nd Ilay Godfrey, 3rd Kai Radicioni, 4th Cab Constantine, 5th Luke Turnbull, 6th Davie Howes

Womens Skateboard 12 years and under – 1st Lalita Perroni, 2nd Eva Whitney

Mens Skateboard 12 years and under – 1st Levi Pagdanganan, 2nd Logan Tomolowicz, 3rd Kasper Godfrey, 4th Reon Norris, 5th Dusty O’brien

Mens Skateboard 16 years and under – 1st Otis Sienkewitz, 2nd James Rixom, 3rd Jake Turnbull, 4th Locky O’brien

Womens Skateboard Open – 1st Mia Kretzer, 2nd Gogo Dale, 3rd Lea Tomolowicz, 4th Emily Palmer, 5th Hayley Norris

Mens Skateboard Open – 1st Zen Evans, 2nd Cruz Evans, 3rd Vai Evans, 4th Jake Smith, 5th Adam Pacynko, 6th Chase Yandle


BMX – Beginner  – 1st Dexter Pearce, 2nd Arthur Pearce, 3rd Jaxon Baker, 4th Zack Ballantyne, 5th Rhys Sockett, 6th Aaron Murray, 7th Ilay Godfrey, 8th Evan Collins

BMX – Intermediate  – 1st Oskar Thomas, 2nd Jake Welhan, 3rd Jacob Roughton, 4th Dylan Dixon, 5th Alec Richards

BMX – Opens – 1st Luke Tooze, 2nd Kody Strong, 3rd Louis Johnstone, 4th Joshua O’Neil, 5th Ryan Aquilina, 6th Jay Roadley, 7th Jack Carwardine


Scooter Beginners – 1st Noah Ladhams, 2nd Zac Cunningham, 3rd Jake Welhan, 4th Austin English, 5th Braydon Ford, 6th Brock Look, 7th Zane Morey, 8th Archie Johnson, 9th Brayden James, 10th Ian Monte

Scooter Intermediate – 1st Jack Brown, 2nd Eli Stokes, 3rd Archer Cocking, 4th Lochlan yeats, 5th Rhyder Howard, 6th Hunter Crouch, 7th Rory Tognetti

Scooter Open – 1st Mitchell Bacon, 2nd Hayden Brewer, 3rd Casey Donohoe, 4th Josh Schnierer