Carine Skatepark Shreds with an Amazing Turnout!


The Carine skatepark was alive with excitement as competitors of all ages and skill levels gathered for a thrilling day of action at the Carine Skatepark Competition. Thanks to the generous support from the City of Stirling, this event was a massive success, showcasing incredible talent and sportsmanship. It was fantastic to see so many competitors, especially in the beginner category, giving it their all and enjoying the spirit of the competition.

In the Scooter Beginner category, Noah Ross Gillam took the top spot with impressive skills, followed by Sam Horsman in second place and Calais Blakers in third. The Scooter Intermediate division saw Luca O’Toole secure first place, with Jayce Blakers and Jake Welhan taking second and third In the Scooter Open, Jasen Rhodes emerged victorious, with Aden Lillas and Aaron Bright rounding out the top three.

The Skateboard Beginner division was a crowd favorite, with Nicholas Wild showing exceptional talent to claim first place. Tommy Feichtinger came in second, and Jayce Blakers secured third. For the Skateboard Intermediate category, Zayle-Bay Straight took first place, followed by Lali Perroni and Phoenix Rss. In the Skateboard Open, Jet White dominated the competition, with Dominic Berezvai finishing strong in second place.

The BMX competitions were equally exhilarating. In the BMX Beginner category, Bodhi Bradley claimed first place, with Calais Blakers and Luke Nelson taking second and third. Oskar Thomas showcased his skills in the BMX Intermediate division, taking the top spot, while Jake Welhan and Leighton Toyne came in second and third. The BMX Open was fiercely contested, with Joshua O’Neil emerging as the champion, followed by Aden Lillas in second place and Jayen Blakers in third.

The Carine skatepark competition was a testament to the vibrant and supportive action sports community. Riders of all ages demonstrated remarkable skill and sportsmanship, making it an unforgettable event. A huge thank you to the City of Stirling for making this event possible and supporting our incredible action sports community.

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Clockwise from top left – Jake Whelan wowing the judges with his style – Jason Rhodes hitting a stylish footplant – Phoenix Ross getting technical in skateboard intermediate – Calais Blakers repping the most amazing watermelon socks. 

Carine Skatepark Competition Official Results 9th March 2024

Scooter beginner– 1st Noah Ross Gillam, 2nd Sam Horsman, 3rd Calais Blakers, 4th Izak Nowakowski, 5th Archie Johnson, 6th Zane Morey, 7th Noah Van Wyk, 8th Dakoda Parkinson, 9th Sam Stathakis, 10th Bodhi Dressino

Scooter Intermediate – 1st Luca O’Toole, 2nd Jayce Blakers, 3rd Jake Welhan, 4th Dylan Dwyer, 5th Dominic Berezval

Scooter Open – 1st Jasen Rhodes, 2nd Aden Lillas, 3rd Aaron Bright, 4th Josh Atkinson

Skateboard Beginner – 1st Nicholas Wild, 2nd Tommy Feichtinger, 3rd Jayce Blakers, 4th Savannah Parkinson, 5th Kokomi Shiina, 6th Riley Taylor

Skateboard Intermediate – 1st Zayle-Bay Straight, 2nd Lali Perroni, 3rd Phoenix Ross, 4th Jeremy Taylor, 5th Finn Roberts

Skateboard Open – 1st Jet White, 2nd Dominic Berezvai

BMX Beginners – 1st Bodhi Bradley, 2nd Calais Blakers, 3rd Luke Nelson, 4th Carl Pere

BMX Intermediate – 1st Oskar Thomas, 2nd Jake Welhan, 3rd Leighton Toyne, 4th Kyle Nelson, 5th Bailey Smith, 6th Jayce Blakers

BMX Open – 1st Joshua O’Neil, 2nd Aden Lillas, 3rd Jayen Blakers