Freestyle Now back at Batlow engaging the community with coaching and an action packed stunt show


Freestyle Now, Australia’s premier action sports entertainment company, recently revisited the picturesque town of Batlow in New South Wales. We were thrilled to conduct another skatepark engagement session brimming with coaching, fun games, and an electrifying BMX and scooter stunt show. The event, organized in collaboration with Starting Fresh Batlow and Anglicare, was an overwhelming success, leaving the community buzzing with excitement once again. The small skatepark in Batlow transformed into a vibrant hub of energy and creativity as Freestyle Now rolled into town with our portable ramps. The session kicked off with our experienced riders, Shaun Jarvis, Samuel Grace (joining us off the back of his win at the Australian Freestyle BMX Championships), and Matty Ceravolo providing coaching to participants of all skill levels. Our talented team shared their expertise, offering guidance and support to help riders progress their skills and build confidence on their skateboards, BMX bikes, and scooters.

Clockwise from top left – Samuel Grace airing over Shaun jarvis – Shaun showing Batlow his freestyle skills – Matty Ceravalo joined us once again and you can see him here hitting a seamless flare – Sam with a huge 360 no hander – Find more photos on our facebook page here

However, the engagement session was not solely about coaching; it was a celebration of action sports and community spirit. Fun games and challenges were organized, fostering a lively and inclusive atmosphere. Laughter and cheers filled the air as riders of all ages showcased their tricks and competed in friendly competitions. The highlight of the day was the BMX and scooter stunt show on our portable ramps. Spectators were treated to a jaw-dropping display of aerial acrobatics, high-speed maneuvers, and gravity-defying tricks. The combination of technical skill, fearless riding, and showmanship left the crowd in awe, inspiring both young and old to embrace the world of action sports.

Freestyle Now would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Starting Fresh Batlow and Anglicare for their invaluable support in making this event possible. Their commitment to community engagement and providing opportunities for young people is truly commendable. We are incredibly grateful for the warm reception and enthusiasm shown by the Batlow community. Your participation and support fuel our passion to continue bringing action sports to towns and communities across Australia. Together, we can create memorable experiences that inspire and motivate the next generation of riders.

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