Freestyle Now Delivers Thrilling BMX and Scooter Stunt Shows at Craigieburn Festival!


Andrew Ahumada doing a 360 over Shaun Jarvis doing a Nourie hand stand

Freestyle Now brought the excitement and adrenaline of action sports to the Craigieburn Festival in Melbourne with a series of breathtaking BMX and scooter stunt shows. The event showcased an incredible lineup of talent, featuring BMX riders Sam Grace, Brodie Quick, Andrew Ahumada, and scooter riders Billy Watts, Matt Ceravolo, along with Freestyle Now co-founder Shaun Jarvis. The Craigieburn Festival provided the perfect backdrop for these high-energy performances, with crowds eagerly gathering to witness the jaw-dropping stunts and intricate tricks performed by the Freestyle Now team. The BMX riders pushed the limits of what is possible on two wheels, delivering mind-blowing aerial maneuvers and gravity-defying flips that left the audience in awe.

Not to be outdone, the scooter riders brought their own brand of excitement to the festival. Billy Watts and Matt Ceravolo showcased their incredible skills with precision and flair, executing complex tricks and smooth transitions that had the crowd cheering for more. Shaun Jarvis, a veteran of the action sports scene, added his own unique style and experience to the mix, making for a truly unforgettable show. Sam Grace was fresh off his Australian BMX freestyle title win in the elite class, while Brodie Quick had just taken 2nd place at the Australian titles in the Amateur class. Additionally, young 6-year-old Arlo was invited into the performance for his first stunt show experience, adding a touch of future talent to the event.

Throughout the event, the interaction between the performers and the audience was electric. The more noise the crowd makes, the more hyped the riders get. The enthusiasm and energy of the crowd fueled the riders, inspiring them to push their limits and deliver even more spectacular stunts. This dynamic exchange created an exhilarating atmosphere that was felt by everyone in attendance. The Craigieburn Festival was a huge success, and Freestyle Now was thrilled to be a part of it. The team’s commitment to showcasing the best of BMX and scooter riding, combined with their dedication to engaging with the community, made for an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

Clockwise from top left – Billy Watts coming in hot with a front flip – Samuel Grace wowing the crown with a huge 360 downwhip – Brodie Quick tuck no hander – Matt Ceravollo with a textbook flare – More photos on our facebook page here 

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