Epic Competition at Cooloongup Skatepark!


Freestyle Now was stoked to roll into Cooloongup Skatepark for another rad competition on April 12th, 2024. Big shoutout to the City of Rockingham for their invaluable support in making this event happen. The vibes were high, the tricks were insane, and the crowd was absolutely pumped!

The BMX Beginners kicked off the day with some serious heat. Liam Rhodes rode like a champ, taking the top spot, with Dexter Pearce and Aaron Murray pushing hard to snag second and third. Archie Welten totally owned the BMX Intermediate category, showing off his skills and leaving the competition behind.

Over in the Skateboard divisions, Kai Radicioni led the pack in the Beginners, with Scarlett and Opal Harrington close behind. Madison Brown was on fire in the Skateboard Intermediate, taking first place and setting the bar high, followed by Lali Perroni and Zara Jones.

The Scooter events brought the stoke to another level. In the Beginners category, Thomas Holl rode to victory, with Zane Morey and Stanley Pearce rounding out the podium. Eli Stokes dominated the Scooter Intermediate division, with Noah Ladhams and Shaun Tateishi not far behind. The Scooter Open was a fierce battle, but Ian Tsuzuki Botta took the win, with Brandon Black coming in a strong second.

The Cooloongup Skatepark competition was a massive success, thanks to the incredible talent of all the riders and the fantastic support from the City of Rockingham. The energy from the crowd fueled the competitors, making it an unforgettable day of action sports. Stay tuned for more epic events from Freestyle Now!

Clockwise from top left – Ian Tsuzuki Botta, Scooter champion, boosting off the extension – Kai Radicioni, First place Skateboard Beginner, rocking out in the bowl – Dexter Pearce showing us how he nails a no hander – Maddison Brown who came away with 1st place in the Skateboard Intermediate – More photos can be found on our facebook page here

Cooloongup Skatepark Competition Official Results 12 April 2024 

BMX Beginner – 1st Liam Rhodes, 2nd Dexter Pearce, 3rd Aaron Murray, 4th Zack Ballantyne, 5th Arthur Pearce, 6th Max, 7th Thomas Holl, 8th Malachi James Hofer, 9th Eli Welten, 9th David Donald

BMX Intermediate – 1st Archie Welten

Skateboard Beginner – 1st Kai Radicioni, 2nd Scarlett Harrington, 3rd Opal Harrington, 4th Liam Phizacklea

Skateboard Intermediate – 1st Madison Brown, 2nd Lali Perroni, 3rd Zara Jones

Scooter Beginner – 1st Thomas Holl, 2nd Zane Morey, 3rd Stanley Pearce, 4th Arthur Pearce, 5th Levi, 6th Dylan Green, 7th Kyran Nannup Edmonds, 8th Mason Shaw, 9th Declan Green, 10th Malachi Hofer, 11th Henry Pearce, 12th Noah Sargent

Scooter Intermediate – 1st Eli Stokes, 2nd Noah Ladhams, 3rd Shaun Tateishi, 4th Rhyder Howard

Scooter Open – 1st Ian Tsuzuki Botta, 2nd Brandon Black