High-Flying Action at Balga Skatepark Competition


The Balga Skatepark Competition on 20 April 2024 was a day to remember! The energy was electric as riders and skaters from across the region came together to showcase their skills and push their limits. Thanks to the incredible support from the City of Stirling, this event was an absolute blast and a true celebration of action sports.

Clockwise from top left – Aleyah Payne representing the younger talent in the inline category – Tayah Payne who we have been seeing quite a lot of recently, awesome to see her style evolve with each competition – Jayce Blakers flaring well above the coping, we love seeing this trick – Ryan Aquilina making use of the whole park on his BMX – Find more photos in the album on our facebook page here

In the Scooter Beginner category, Noah Gillam rode to victory with style and confidence, claiming the top spot. Bodhi Bradley followed closely in second place, showing off his impressive skills. The Scooter Intermediate division saw Jayce Blakers taking the crown with a series of smooth and consistent runs. Josh Atkinson snagged second place, while Jake Welhan landed in third with some rad tricks.In the Scooter Open category, Hayden Brewer was on fire, taking first place with his phenomenal performance. Aden Lillas came in second, putting up a fierce competition, and Ian Tsuzuki Botta took third with his impressive runs, sad to see Ian go as he makes his way back to his home country, Brazil.

In Skateboard Beginner Cab Constantin dominated, earning first place with a flawless display of skills, Cab was extremely proud of himself and very excited to celebrate with the other victors.. Elena Riley took second place, while Scarlett Harrington secured third, showcasing the young talent in the scene. Tayah Payne emerged victorious in the Skateboard Intermediate category, demonstrating remarkable consistency and creativity. Locky Obrien took second place, and Terry Rivers grabbed third with his solid performance. In the Skateboard Open division, Boadie Meldrum was untouchable, claiming the top spot. John Mang followed in second place with some slick moves, and Joel Emanuel Mirabito rounded out the top three.

In the BMX Beginners category Liam Rhodes led the charge, taking first place with a stellar performance. Bodhi Bradley continued to impress, securing second place, and Luke Nelson finished strong in third. Jake Welhan topped the BMX Intermediate division, showcasing his skills and earning first place. Bailey Smith followed in second place, with Archie Welten coming in third. The BMX Open division was fierce, with Joshua O’Neil taking the top spot with an incredible display of talent. Daniel Cowell snagged second place, it was fantastic as always to have Ryan Aquilina competing and he managed to come away in third, making it a tight competition.

The Inline division was a thrill to watch, with Jacob Burro claiming first place with his smooth and stylish runs. Petre Ion Gruescu took second, and Ariana Waters finished in third, showcasing the versatility and talent in the inline scene.

Special mention to Jake Whelan and Jayce Blakers, these riders competed in all three divisions showcasing their talent with a trifecta showdown. Adding the points from each division, the competition was extremely close but Jake Whelan came away as the multidisciplinary champion.

This competition at Balga Skatepark showcased the incredible talent and passion within the action sports community. The competitors brought their A-game, and the crowd’s energy was contagious, making it an unforgettable event. A massive shout out to the City of Stirling for helping to make this competition happen. Stay tuned for more epic action sports events from Freestyle Now!

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