Busselton Skatepark Competition 2024: Thrills and Skills on Display 


The Busselton Skatepark was the place to be on April 27th, 2024, as riders from all over came together to showcase their talents and compete in various action sports disciplines. Thanks to the support of the City of Busselton, the event was a massive success, filled with impressive tricks, fierce competition, and an enthusiastic crowd. Although it was a smaller turnout, we still had a fantastic day.

Clockwise from top left – Max Fuller showing us how it’s done and managing to come away with 4th place in the scooter open – Ryan Aquilina who traveled all the way down from Perth and managed to come away with 1st place in  BMX open  – Beau Ritchie who came out in 4th place in the scooter intermediate division – John Grahamm is an OG in the BMX scene so it was awesome to have him participate in this competition and also take away 4th place – Find the full album of photos on our facebook page here

The Scooter Beginner division kicked off the day with Weylin Phillips taking first place, followed by Treycer Brayshaw in second. Both riders displayed great potential and set the tone for the day’s events.

In the Scooter Intermediate category, Jonathan Maiwald took out the top spot with a remarkable performance. Hunter Crouch came in second, closely followed by Mallakai Watson in third. The competition was tight, with Beau Ritchi and Coby Hudson rounding out the top five.

The Scooter Open division was a highlight of the day, with Daniel Kim emerging victorious. Bodie Elam secured second place, and Kody Strong took third. Max Fuller and James Davis also put on strong performances, finishing fourth and fifth respectively.

The BMX Open division brought the heat, with Ryan Aquilina taking first place after a series of breathtaking runs. Joshua O’Neil finished second, while Kody Strong rounded out the podium in third. Jon Grahamm and Rupert Ensor also delivered standout performances, finishing fourth and fifth.

The Busselton Skatepark Competition really showed the incredible talent and dedication within the action sports community. Congratulations to all the competitors for their amazing efforts and thanks to everyone who came out to support and enjoy the event. Stay tuned for more exciting competitions and events from Freestyle Now!

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Busselton skatepark competition official results April 27th 2024

Scooter beginner– 1st Weylin Phillips, 2nd Treycer Brayshaw

Scooter Intermediate – 1st Jonathan Maiwald, 2nd Hunter Crouch, 3rd Mallakai Watson, 4th Beau Ritchi, 5th Coby Hudson, 6th Alex Davis, 7th Cooper Whareaite, 8th Vijay Thorn

Scooter Open – 1st Daniel Kim, 2nd Bodie Elam, 3rd Kody Strong, 4th Max Fuller, 5th James Davis, 6th Jack Brown, 7th Joshua O’Neil

BMX Open – 1st Ryan Aquilina, 2nd Joshua O’Neil, 3rd Kody Strong, 4th Jon Grahamm, 5th Rupert Ensor, 6th Russell forrest, 7th William Smith