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Freestyle Now squad member Jason Parker York Jam America trip


Freestyle Now squad member Jason Parker recently fulfilled one of his long dreams and headed over to America to attend the York Jam in Pennsylvania in America. Jason has been an important member to Freestyle Now since he was enlisted on the squad in 1999 with performing bmx stunt shows around the nation and being heavily involved in the production of Behind the Bars with Shaun Jarvis. Jason sent through some good words about his trip and a few snaps so read on

“Well I guess ever since I started riding freestyle BMX way back in 1995, I came across a video called “Wheelies” That video had, and still has some of the best flatland riding caught on film. Ever since seeing that video, I have wanted to go to York Pennsylvania to ride at the annual event called ‘York Jam’.Earlier this year, while I was on Facebook, I saw an advertisement for the “25th anniversary of York Jam”. I decided just by seeing that ad, that if I was rostered off work, I was going! It was that easy. I looked up my roster and checked that I could go! All that was stopping it, was a decision of “was it worth it”? That was easy to decide. I had always dreamt of going to meet the best riders from the world, the riders who made flatland what it is now! So I said this is it, the Jam has rolled for 25 years, if I miss this one they may not have another! It was the easiest decision I have ever made. So next I was booking the flights and accommodation, car hire etc. Then I thought I would see if anyone wanted to come along. I ended up getting my friend Simon to join, he was stoked!

Simon and I had started riding together back in 1995. He knew the video and the people we were heading to go and hang out with. It was game on! We were booked and ready to go, next I received the worst news from Simon, “man I have broken my leg and torn an ACL and Ligament too”. Oh no way, I was like “so I guess you can’t go”? Simon was like “hell no, I’m going”! So despite the major setback Simon pushed through the pain barrier and discomfort and made it along for the ride.

Jason Parker York bmx Jam trip 2015 holiday snaps

Holiday snaps surrounding the epic bike bag pack up – clockwise from top – That’s LA in the background, The girls from York Jam, The 25th York Jam crew, Looking mean on the Harley Davidson factory tour, New York New York, The yellow Stang, Chillin at the York Jam, Riding at Santa Monica. Photos by Simon Johnston

We left Perth flying via Sydney and then flew onto Los Angeles. We saw Santa Monica Beach, Hollywood, and Huntington Beach. As fate would have it, when we left Huntington Beach Simon noticed a rider in the car park. I was like “No way! That looks like Gabe Weed”! We decided to go see who it was, Yep it sure was Gabe Weed, he was just about to have a ride. We had a yarn and rode some flatland for a bit. Simon and I could not believe it, what is the chance of meeting one of the best flatland riders like that. We then drove down to Las Vegas in a Ford Mustang. That is a must if you are ever going to go see Las Vegas, Simon drove most of the way. We went to Hoover dam then arrived at Los Vegas. After we were in Vegas for a few days we headed to the East coast landing at JFK airport, New York. We had made it to the big apple AKA New York. We did the tourist thing and saw Brooklyn Bridge, Empire state building, and the Statue of Liberty. We also ate the best Pizza ever!  NY is not my scene that’s for sure but the Pizza is so good. We got out of NY and headed to the place we had been waiting to ride since we started riding. The drive was awesome, we saw so much. Once we made it to York we got on the “Buffalo wings” and did a wall mart visit. Simon was loving it! He wanted to get a bike and ride at the jam.

So Friday 11th Sep 2015 the Pre jam day arrived. We headed out to find the spots that were on the advertisement. No one was there yet. We decided to do a Harley Davidson tour while we waited for the jam to start. The place is heaps cool. Interesting fact that Australia is the second biggest purchasers of Harley Davidson other than the US. So about 3.00pm I get a message from Brett Downs on Facebook, Saying “Let me know when you want to go ride”! So I replied “I’m at the Hidden Spot now”! So I was doing a manual and a car pulled up. It was Brett he was like” You want to come ride, with Kevin and me at the Pit”? I was like “Yeah that would be sweet”. So Simon and I followed Brett and we meet up with Chad, Ivan, Terry and Kevin. It was so cool to see Mr Jones ride in person. He cranked up a heap of speed put one foot over the bars and did the longest no handed nose wheelie I had ever seen! EPIC was about as good a word I can think of to describe it. The man is KING! I could not believe how lucky we were, to be able to hang out with these guys. The typical BMX crew, who I had never meet before, but felt like I had known them all of my life! So after hanging with the crew, we headed back to the Hidden spot and started to meet some of the people who also made the long journey to York P.A. Riders from all over the US and Canada had made the effort to be at the 25 year jam. It was so cool to be apart off. We rode until about 8.00pm then headed out with everyone!

Jason Parker York bmx Jam trip 2015

Clockwise from top left – Jason at Santa Monica Beach hitting up a decade – Meeting on Gabe Weed at Huntington Beach – Hanging out at the York jam undercover due to the rain with James McGraw – Meeting legendary flatland rider Kevin Jones

The day had come and after 3 months with no rain in York, the only thing that could ruin travelling over 18000 Km’s was RAIN! Yep it sure did “It pissed down all day”! But in typical flatland style we had plan B. Lucky the locals knew of the best spot in York for this 25 year jam to push on. We had a whole multilevel car park all to ourselves. Well unless the local authorities were to show up! Everyone headed, to go ride in the car park out of the rain, It was awesome I think at least 150 riders made it for this year’s jam. Also we had six girls show up to throw down some flat action, they were all awesome!!  The rest were “two tired”. No that was just a real bad joke! Mark Eaton was cranking tunes all day it was like being in the video “Wheelies” but it was real life. LOL some awesome riding was done and heaps of tricks were pulled. After a full day of flatland, we headed out yet again. We made heaps of new riding friends for life. After a huge night with Lincoln and Matt, everybody reunited and jammed again at the George st spot on Sunday. It was awesome getting to meet hero’s you never think you will ever get to meet in your entire life. So many good riders and the scene was like when I saw “Wheelies”. Thanks to Diggs and everyone who organized York jam. Simon and I left the next day we had 28 hrs of flights and 2 days of travel ahead of us. And then straight back to work for me.

For anyone who has a wish to or thought of an event that you have always wanted to attend, just go for it and make it happen, you will be so happy you made the effort.
As the saying goes Freestyle Now…….. Before it’s too late. Ride on!”

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Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Rally Cross Brisbane


Freestyle Now recently performed some bmx stunt shows at the Brisbane Rally Cross event. Rally Cross is car racing done on a combination of dirt and asphalt over huge jumps with up to 10 cars competing at the same time. Freestyle Now performed some bmx flatland and kicker ramp stunt shows to the crowds. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt show will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Flatland bmx - Brisbane Rally Cross September 2015

Clockwise from top left – Reece Jones hits the kicker and throws in a barspin – Paul Chamberlain rolling a hitchhiker – Lee Kirkman scuffs and spins for the crowds – Paul Chamberlain spinning.

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Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Perth Royal Show


The Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad performed 8 days of  bmx stunt show at the 2014 Perth Royal Show. There was a crazy mix of riding taking place over the 8 days. The squad members got to hang out and enjoy the company of others as well as perform in front of thousands of people on the two jump ramps day and night. The crowds were excited and got loud every day for the  bmx stunt show. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt show will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

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Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Jayco Herald Sun Tour


Freestyle Now was recently invited to perform some bmx stunt shows at the start of the Jayco Herald Sun Tour at Federation Square in Melbourne. The Jayco Herald Sun Tour is Australia’s oldest stage race (cycling road race) created by Australia’s largest daily newspaper, the Herald Sun. It is one of Australia’s heritage sporting events and for almost sixty years, the ‘Sun Tour’ has captured the attention of sports fans throughout Australia. Freestyle Now set up a mini ramp and threw down some bmx stunt performances. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt show will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

Freestyle Now Federation Square bmx stunt shows Greg Barnes February 2015

Greg Barnes get all rampy with a double peg stall in the sub box.

Freestyle Now Federation Square bmx stunt shows February 2015

Clockwise from top left – Tim Hutchinson cowboy disaster stall – Cal Egginton feeble stalls while Greg Barnes captures on film – Tim Hutchinson styles out a tabletop to disaster stall – Call Egginton rides the side of the sub box.

Check out the video showing some of the highlights from the day.

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Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows – Perth Royal Show day 5 and 6


Freestyle Now was once again at the Perth Royal Show performing some great entertaining bmx stunt shows. Teaming up with ASP FMX and Eljay entertainment, the Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad really threw down the radness and got the bmx stunts working for the large crowds. With a stunt show at lunch time with only one jump ramp and a stunt show in the evening with two jump ramps and 10 bmx riders the Perth Royal Show patrons truly were exposed to the amazing performances that Freestyle Now can put together for any venue and location. On night 6 the weather took a bit of a turn and the rain started to drizzle down, but the riders just wanted to keep riding. After the show Dylan Schmidt said, “They came for a show and we could not disappoint” it was crazy seeing the riders getting rad while you could see the light rain coming down. If you’re looking for some exciting entertainment then please contact Freestyle Now to discuss your requirements.

Perth royal show 2014 day 5 Dylan Schmidt super whip - freestyle now bmx stunt show

Dylan Schmidt was throwing large super whips at every show and this one on day five was one of the biggest.

Perth royal show 2014 day 5 - freestyle now bmx stunt show

Clockwise from top left – David Pinelli lets loose on day 5 with a dip 360 – Brady Thomas dipping a toboggan with style – Guest rider Lee Kirkman on jump 1 with a invert backflip – David on jump two with a turndown backflip (or that could be turnup backflip).

Perth royal show 2014 night 5 David Pinelli 360 tuck nohander - freestyle now bmx stunt show

David Pinelli is one of the raddest, large 360 tuck no hander over jump box two at the night time show on day 5.

Perth royal show 2014 day 6 - freestyle now bmx stunt show

Clockwise from top left – Guest rider Brad Mas stretching a super man on day 6 – David Pinelli get some cannonball action going during lunch time show – No foot cancan from Lee Kirkman on night 6 just as the light rain started to roll through the show – Laurence Bakewell loves to flair big, night 6.


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Freestyle Now work experience guy


This week at Freestyle Now we have had the pleasure of having Oli Lane from Ellenbrook Christian collage attend our offices for his year 10 work experience.  He has been helping around the office with many tasks and working on getting the ramps for the Rockingham Invite Competition ready to shred on the day. Freestyle Now are happy to have school students in for work experience and teach the younger generation how to run a business and roll out the radness. Oli had this to say about his week with Freestyle Now

“I came from Bindoon just to do my work experience with Freestyle Now, I love what they do with the comps and demos and it’s awesome. It’s interesting to learn that things don’t just happen they take lots of planning!!! On Monday we went for a quick ride at Carine skatepark and I got a few little clips there with my gopro. I’ve spent my mornings in the office sorting out the invites for the Rockingham Invite Competition and trying to ride when I can. In the arvos I’ve been helping build ramps and painting them up, they’re a really nice size and look fun to ride can’t wait to try them.  This has been a hell of a good week filled with, jokes, coffee, work and… coffee all mixed into one, it has been a rad week at the Freestyle Now office but as they say all good things come to an end. Thanks for a good time.”

Oli Lane at Carine skatepark July 2014

Oli Lane at Carine skatepark.

Oli Lane work experiance at Freestyle Now July 2014

Oli Lane with his weekly tasks while on work experience at Freestyle Now

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Freestyle Now bmx flatland stunt show – Federation Square


Freestyle Now recently entertained the masses with a bmx flatland show at The Light in Winter, winter solstice festival in Melbourne. Federation Square was a vibrant place with light displays and entertainment for many to see. Good friends and Melbourne radsters Grant Cruise and Shane Badman were there to throw down some good hi tech flatland riding and dazzle the big crowds with fast spins and crazy rolling tricks. It’s good to know that many unexpecting people got exposed to flatland bmx.

melbourne federation square freestyle now bmx stunt show 21 june 2014 - Shane badman cliffhanger

Shane Badman mid cliffhanger – photo Greg Barns.

melbourne federation square freestyle now bmx stunt show 21 june 2014 - Grant cruise decade

 Grant Cruise has his decades so dialled – photo Greg Barns.

melbourne federation square freestyle now bmx stunt show 21 june 2014

 Top Shane Badman spinning, bottom Grant Cruise in neon and for the crowds – photo Greg Barns

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Freestyle Now bmx flatland stunt show – Federation Square


Last weekend Freestyle Now performed a bmx flatland show at The Light in Winter event at Federation square in Melbourne. Freestyle Now invited good friends and total shredders Grant Cruise and Ben Moran along to the show to perform some crazy bmx flatland tricks to the roaming crowds. It’s Melbourne so of course it had been raining so the performance area was a bit damp but like the rad riders Ben and Grant are they did not disappoint the crowds. Freestyle Now will be at the Light in Winter event again on the 21st June to celebrate the winter solstice with local and international artists, performances and exhibitions. If you’re in the area make your way there and take in all the magnificent light displays along with all the performance.

Freestyle Now federation square bmx flatland stunt show June 2014 Ben Moran Light wheels - photo greg Barns

Ben Moran is captured by Greg Barns in amongst the amazing light displays.

Freestyle Now federation square bmx flatland stunt show June 2014 - Photo Greg Barns

The crowd and Cruise – Photos by Greg Barns.

Freestyle Now federation square bmx flatland stunt show June 2014 - Photo Tim Chuma Photography

Clockwise from top left – Ben Moran hitchhiker, Grant Cruise side squeeker, Ben Moran circle rolling, Grant Cruise mid cyclone – Photos by Tim Chuma Photography

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Shaun Jarvis – May 2014 travel video part 2


Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis is having a busy month of May. From heading to Canberra and Melbourne earlier in the month he has just got back from a trip to Brisbane and a long long drive out to Cunnamulla to host a coaching session session for the locals. This weekend Shaun along with squad members Hudson Goodchild and David Pinelli head to Exmouth to get rad with the locals and host another skatepark coaching session. Shaun sent in a few words about his Queensland trip and had put together another travel video.

“The trip out to Cunnamulla was one of the most fun and hectic trips I’ve ever been on. Hectic was the order of the weekend. With an 840kms drive out to Cunnamulla we had planned to set off early, haha plans what are they!!! Along for this trip was Brisbane locals Bradley Spann, Manuel Kovacs and Alex Haim. At 4am I got a phone call from Manuel saying he has a flat in his car and can I pick him up…. So much for leaving Brisbane at 5:30am. After picking up Alex 2 hours late we roll out at 7:30am. The drive was long and we got in to Cunnamulla at 7:30pm just in time to get dinner at the pub before it closed. The coaching session at the Cunnamulla skatepark was one of the raddest, with the youth there so receptive. It was a long day. Sunday morning came around and with not much sleep thanks to the other guests in the hotel we departed back to Brisbane. So about 30kms out of town we get a flat. Some travelers stopped to make sure we were all good, we were, and as they drove off they said have a good day, Brad replied “thanks it can’t get any worse”… wrong. After driving for just over an hour we realized we were not heading east but travelling north. North to Charleville, 200kms north. We did have a rad session at the skatepark though so it was kinda worth it. Arriving back in risbane and dropping off the other guys I got to my hotel at 1am, so Sunday was a long day. Coming back to Perth my flight was delayed so I got an earlier flight, via Sydney, which resulted in a mad rush to get my bike packed. Getting on the plane with only minutes to spare full of sweat form the mad rush.The trip its self was so much fun and Brad, Manuel and Alex were so much fun to hang with and they did such a rad job at the skatepark coaching sessions.  I made another trip video, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the weekend. Stay rad”.

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Shaun Jarvis – May 2014 travel video part 1


Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis is having a busy month of May. He recently came back from a 10 day trip to Canberra and Melbourne. With only two days in his home town of Perth he has ventured off to Brisbane where he is currently in the remote town of Cunnamulla some 840kms west of Brisbane. Next weekend Shaun along with Hudson Goodchild and David Pinelli will be travelling up to Exmouth in the northwest to host a coaching session. Shaun sent in a few words about his part 1 travel video for the month of may.

“Canberra was good fun. I headed out to Tumut about 200kms from Canberra to host a skatepark coaching session taking some Canberra shredders with me to assist with the session, was good to have Mike Ross, Troy Harradine and Jayden Poidevin along with me. It was so cold that it started to have light snow towards the end of the session. Spent a day just hanging in Canberra before heading to Melbourne where I spent a week just hanging out with friends and riding, it was cold but a great week. I always seem to film stuff with my good camera and never really edit the footage together so for the month of May I decided to film using my phone and edit it on the go with a phone edit app. The result is this video. It’s dodgey and raw but shows what I did and saw and rode with over my 10 day trip. For me it’s something I can look back on with fond memories. I’m working on my next one from my Cunnamulla trip and will also have one done from our Exmouth trip later next week. Stay rad and have fun.”


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