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Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Perth Sky Show


On Australia day in Perth Freestyle Now performed some awesome bmx stunt shows at the City of Perth Sky Show. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis, Dylan Schmidt and David Pinelli along with reserves squad member Jack Carwardine and new recruits squad member Taj Hamilton in his first stunt show, were all there to roll out the rad. We also invited good friend Luke Tooze to join in displaying the radness. During the afternoon Langley Park was slowly filling up with spectators for the Sky Show. As the afternoon moved on more and more people filled the fence line to see the show. Freestyle Now performed some awesome bmx stunt shows. The crowds were loving it and getting into the shows with great crowd interaction. When asked they made lots of noise to get the Freestyle Now bmx stunt show performers pumped and ready to hit up the large tricks. Freestyle Now performed some radical bmx stunt shows for the families that had gathered and attended the City of Perth Sky Show. Be sure to check out our coming events page to see where and when Freestyle now will be rolling out the rad next.

Be sure to give Freestyle Now a contact if you would like this type of entertainment at your next event.

Dylan Schmidt back flips over while Shaun Jarvis balances on his bike in a Norie stand.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - 2 Perth Sky show 2018

Clockwise from left – Dylan Schmidt with a massive superman seat grab – David Pinelli with a massive Indian air seat grab was right behind Dylan who has just landed his superman seat grab (see previous photo) – David with a large 360 table top – Our new recruits squad member Taj Hamilton gets his can can going on.

Clockwise from left – Luke Tooze rotating upside down – Jack Carwardine has some rad turndown style – Dylan Schmidt again this time with a superman tail whip – David Pinelli has the 360 variations like this no hander.

David Pinelli is a 360 king, almost every jump is a different 360 variation, like this 360 tabletop. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here


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Freestyle Now recently performed some bmx stunt shows at St Norbert College. Freestyle Now squad members David Pinelli, Dylan Schmidt and Matt Adkins were joined by our new reserves squad member Jack Carwardine. Freestyle Now performed some great entertaining bmx stunt shows for the students. The St Norbert college students got to see some awesome bmx stunts like back flips, tail whips, flairs and 360’s. It is with these incredible stunts that we hope to inspire other people to take up bmx riding or at least go out and be active. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event or school please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

Clockwise from top left – Jack Carwardine got to roll out the rad at his own school on this day – Dylan Schmidt has the most awesome supermans – David Pinelli with a 360 toboggan – Dylan Schmidt with a 360 vertical rotational pull (a.k.a. back flip)

Short video highlights from the Freestyle Now stunt shows at St Norberts college.

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Freestyle Now web play – June 2017


Freestyle Now has been rolling out the rad since 1986, that’s over 30 years of radness. Freestyle Now has had many squad members come and go over the years and our current squad roster is the raddest yet. This is our first full squad web video since 2013. The concept of the video is to show the riders and their everyday riding style. The Freestyle Now squad had a diverse range of squad members that cover many disciplines including BMX (park, street and flatland) scooter and skateboard. Inclusiveness and diversity are two of the main principals behind Freestyle Now. This Freestyle Now webplay features Freestyle now reserves squad members, Jack Carwardine, Jarrod Murfit, Kieran Ramsay and Mitch Harris with Freestyle Now squad members Jason Parker, David Pinelli, Lee Kirkman, Paul Chamberlain, Ben Thomas, Matt Adkins, Tanh Ga, Shaun Jarvis, Dez Maarsen and Dylan Schmidt. Give the video a watch to see all of our squad members in action doing what they love to do, rolling out the rad….

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Jack Carwardine moves up to the reserves squad


Jack Carwardine moves up to the Freestyle Now reserves squad. Jack Carwardine joined the Freestyle Now recruits back in December 2015. Back then we saw that he was a progressive rider that had what it takes to maybe one day join the Freestyle Now full squadron. After 18 months as a recruit squad member, Jack Carwardine has he had now been moved up to the reserves. His progression in his riding has been constant and with more time it can only keep getting better. Please check out his profile on the reserves squad page for more information on who Jack Carwardine is. Congratulations Jack, keep rolling out the rad.

Jack Carwardine at the Bassendean skatepark competition back in February 2017 with a awesome indian air seat grab, stoked to have him move up to the reserves.

Jack has some great turndowns and this one is a fine example during the Corymbia festival bmx stunt show recently.

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