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Groundswell Festival Rail Jam 2023 Unleashes Epic Tricks at Scarborough Beach Skatepark


The 2023 Groundswell festival Rail Jam took Scarborough Beach Skatepark by storm, and it was a spectacle of action sports to behold! With three adrenaline-packed jams spread across Saturday afternoon, BMX, scooter, and skateboard riders threw down their most insane tricks, competing in the Animal Bikes BMX Rail Jam, the Core/Grit Scooters Scooter Rail Jam, and the Modus Bearing Skateboard Rail Jam.
This was no ordinary competition; it was a technical showdown where riders showcased their skills on rails and stairs. The loose format added an element of spontaneity, allowed for creativity and kept the audience on the edge of their seats. With a 40-minute timeframe, competitors had the chance to unleash their best tricks, hoping to set a bar that no one else could surpass with the winner taking home $200 cash.
BMX, scooter, and skateboard riders went head-to-head within their respective disciplines, each determined to dominate the rail with their unmatched skills. The format was simple – send the best trick down or over the rail or stair. It was a back-and-forth battle of skills, with each competitor attempting to outdo the other. The rapid succession of tricks kept the energy high as riders threw down their best moves, hoping to leave an indelible mark on the judges. The rail remained alive with the rhythmic sounds of wheels, decks, and pedals against steel.
As the clock ticked away, the competition intensified. In the end, there could only be one final winner – the rider who would shut down the rail with the most awe-inspiring trick. The winners of the 2023 Groundswell Rail Jam were BMX: Alex Haim, Scooter: Koby Green, Skateboard: Luke Bourke.
The Groundswell Rail Jam was a showcase of the immense talent within Perth’s action sports community. Some of Perth’s best riders graced the rail, sending it with mind-bending tricks that left the crowd in disbelief. The rail became a canvas for their creativity, and the tricks were nothing short of crazy. Freestyle Now is stoked to have been part of this epic event, and we extend our thanks to everyone who made it possible. Until the next jam, keep rolling, shredding, and pushing the limits!


Ryan Aquilina rode the rail hard at the Groundswell Festival Animal Bikes rail jam. Double pegs up to Xup.



Ian from Brazil with a inward from the uprail at the Groundswell festival Core / Grit scooters rail jam.



The skaters smashed it hard at the Groundswell Festival Modus Bearings skateboard rail jam.


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Groundswell Festival 2022 – BMX scooter skateboard Rail Jam


The Groundswell festival was an epic event taking place at the ever so awesome Scarborough beach. The Groundswell festival is a 3 day event including many action sports and music. Its definitely an event you need to attend to feel the hype of the weekend. 2022 saw the inclusion of the rail jam event. BMX, scooter and skateboard athletes sending themselves down the rail at the Scarborough beach skatepark with the hopes of winning $200 cash and some of the prize products. It was a super rad and a loose format. The best trick down the rail, over the rail or on the stairs in the 60 minute jam session was the winner.  The Animal bikes BMX rail jam was won by BMX legend Dempsey winning $200 cash prize. Taking home the in the Urban Artt and Oath Components Scooter rail jam was Will Harrold. The Modus Bearing skateboard rail jam was won by Dani Campbell who was stoked to take home $200. Be sure to watch the below videos to see all the crazy radical action that took place and make it to the Groundswell festival in 2023

Clockwise from top left – Dempsey with a double peg grind up the rail to whip off – Will Harold winning $200 in the Urban Artt and Oath Components Scooter rail jam – Down the rail, over the rail or on the stairs, it didn’t matter as long it was the best trick – Good crowd turn out for the rail jam. Skateboard was the last to roll on the day. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here





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Rayment Rock N Ramps – bmx jump competition


New Years Eve is a time to party but for 2018 Freestyle Now decided to get rad. Freestyle Now teamed up with Whildfyre to set up Rayment Rock n Ramps. Local rock band Whildfyre are four young rocker who are on a mission to bring back rock music one rock song at a time. Freestyle Now took over Rayment Park and set up three jumps using our portable ramps. Riders came and were stoked on the set up, jump box, volcano spine finishing with a deck spine. The competition was easy and simple. There were two classes to enter, the good class and the great class. Three judges gave a score out of ten for each run. The riders had 6 runs each with the 3 lowest scores dropped, the remaining 3 scores were added together to form the points, highest points wins.
Between the classes Whildfyre played a killer set and then it was onto the great class. The day finished up with another set from Whildfyre before the results were given. It was great to have Freestyle Now squad member Jason Parker rock up and be one of the judges for the day. A big thanks to Local BMX for their support on the day. It defiantly was a fun way to end 2018. Freestyle Now will be keen to hold another Rayment Rock N Ramps for 2019. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where our next event will be taking place.

Josh Garwood goes high, like really high and when he goes high he goes big. It’s hard to pass up this big lucky dip (grabbing the seat through the handle bars) as one of his wining tricks.

Everyone loves a good x up and it was Zenith Riley who did one on this occasion, and took the win in the good class. More photos can be found on our facebook page here

Highlights from the awesome day. Thanks to everyone that came and got rad

Freestyle Now Rayment Rock n Ramps BMX jumping competition – 31st December 2018 – Official results

Good class – 1st Zenith Riley, 2nd Tyler Gayski, 3rd Jaxon May, 4th Keagnan Robertson, 5th Cody Steel, 6th Taj Hamilton, 7th Kingsley Mitchell, 8th Angus Lewis, 9th Campbell Wilson , 10th Cooper Morrow.

 Great class – 1st Josh Garwood, 2nd Dan Davis, 3rd Ryan Aqulina, 4th Jack Carwardine, 5th Adam “Kila” Lewis

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Freestyle Now in Japan video


In October 2018 Freestyle now headed to Japan to attend the legendary Flatark contest. With flight all book the contest was cancelled a few weeks prior the date, so it was still all systems go to head to Japan and go on a riding holiday. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis and Paul Chamberlain headed from both sides of Australia while Dez Maarsen traveled from his home in The Netherlands. Meeting them in Kobe was Freestyle Now recruits rider and Osaka resident Naotada Yamada. Shaun Jarvis documented the 10 day trip with making a video of each of the day’s activities and riding. It was an awesome time with so much riding going on almost every day. The video highlights the Spaceark jam that happened in Kobe which took place due to Flatark not happening, and the Freestyle Now jam that took place the day after at Nagai Park in Osaka. While in Japan and in Osaka Freestyle Now also added young shredder and good friend of Naotada, Jigin Omotehara to our recruits squad. So much great riding took place. Also there are many riders from around the world who also were riding in Japan as well as so many of the Japanese bmx flatland riders. Give it a watch to see some amazing bmx flatland.


Riders included in the video – Paul Chamberlain, Shaun Jarvis, Dez Maarsen, Naotada Yamada, Jigin Omotehara, Joel Schallhorn, Naoto Tamaru, Masato Ito, Dan Hennig, Benjamin Hudson, Jorrit van Drumpt, Minato Sato, York Uno

Freestyle now squad members L to R Paul Chamberlain, Dez Maarsen, Naotad Yamada and Shaun Jarvis

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ICEA classic – skateboard jam session


Freestyle Now hosted a skateboard jam session at the 2018 ICEA surf classic. On the day Freestyle Now brought in some of our portable skatepark for skateboard participants in the coaching sessions and the jam sessions to use. Cottesloe beach was a perfect location to set up the ramps and let the skateboarders roll out the rad. There was some great participation levels and lots of skaters won some rad prizes on the day. Good friends of Freestyle Now Brendon Cross and Aarron Winter were there to help other skateboards learn new skills and gain new levels of confidence. It was a great day had by all. Big thanks to the ICEA foundation for hosting the event and to all the crews who came down to skate.

It is refreshing to see some of this old style being displayed by the new generation of skaters. Go fast and grab on the rails.

Brendon Cross using the ramps for rolling out the rad and helping new skaters gain confidence. More photos can be found on our facebook page here.


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Freestyle Now bmx stunt show at Kwinana skatepark


The new Kwinana skatepark recently celebrated its first year. The old skatepark was torn down and a new one was built. Freestyle now had the pleasure of doing a skatepark stunt show and a jam session at the celebrations day. Freestyle Now squad members Dylan Schmidt, Matt Adkins, Jack Carwardine and Taj Hamilton were there to roll out the rad along with good friends Luke Tooze and Nathan Dobbie. It was a fun afternoon with lots of prizes given out to other bmx riders who participated in the jam sessions.
Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

Clockwise from top left – Matt Adkins spinning the bars while spinning the bike over the spine – Luke Tooze rides this bowl at Kwinana really really well and this x up at hight is proof – Dylan Schmidt supermans the jump box, which is more like a really fat deck spine as the landing is the same as the take off – Jamie was stoked to win some prizes from the jam sessions



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ICEA Classic – Skateboard best trick jam


The ICEA classic is a festival celebrating Noongar culture which is based around a larger surfing event. There is live music good food, great vibes and skateboarding. Held annually the ICEA Classic has become an iconic event in Western Australia’s calendar.
As part of the ICEA classic Freestyle Now hosted a skateboard best trick jam on our pop up skatepark equipment. There was a great turn out of young skaters for the day. Freestyle Now squad member Mitch Harris was in full effect on the judging duties for the best trick with the help of good friend Brendon Cross. It was a great day with lots of young skaters going home with many prizes and sore ankles. Be sure to check out our coming events page for all of the latest events that Freestyle Now has going, you don’t want to miss out on the radness.


There were four categories in the best trick jam, best quarter trick, best ramp to ramp trick, best ledge trick and best rail trick. These images show some of the highlights of some of the tricks that went down. More photos can be found on our facebook page here.

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Freestyle Now – Beenleigh bmx competition


Freestyle Now will hosting the Beenleigh bmx competition at the legendary Beenleigh skatepark in Queensland on the 29th August. Beenleigh skatepark has not seen a bmx competition for a few years so to fill that void Freestyle Now will be inviting bmx riders from around Australia to attend and let the radness flow. Beenleigh skatepark has had a long bmx history with lots of big competitions taking place the during the past 15 years with lots of famous bmx pro riders starting out as little kids riding in the competitions. This competition will also be a forerunner for what is hope to be the Australian bmx skatepark series taking place in 2016. The Beenleigh competition is supported by Colony BMX, Nightfall Bike co, X rated helmets, Pumped Industries, Ethereal Clothing, Sweet ride bmx , Kandy Box clothing and 34R bmx company . The competition will have a pro class and amateur class who can enter into either the skatepark or mini ramp competition. The under 13 class will just be competing on the skatepark. Registrations open at 10am with the competition under way by 12noon. To get all the info either check out the Facebook event page or download the judging criteria and competition format from here. See you and the rest of the Australian bmx scene at Beenleigh.Freestyle Now Beenleigh bmx competition August

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DownUnderGround – The Australian national bmx flatland contest series – round 1 series 7


DownUnderGround, the Australian national bmx flatland contest series is now moving into series 7, the contest series has been rolling since 2008. Freestyle Now is proud to have been supporting the contest series since then. Round 1 will take place this Saturday in Sydney at Waverly Park just up the hill from Bondi beach. Australia’s top bmx flatland riders will mix it up with international riders and all will converge on a flat piece of land and roll around in circles doing some radical stunts. The contest is open to all riders no matter what bmx they ride. Last year in Melbourne a street rider took out the beginners class for the win. There are three division for competitors to enter, beginners, advanced and pro with great prizes on offer from the contest supporters Freestyle Now, Colony bmx and Primary threads.

DownUnderGround Round 1 sydney january 2015

Colony have thrown in a on off prototype flatland to be raffled off on the day. The proceeds from the raffle will go towards a cash prize for the pro class and the winner of the raffle comes away with the frame. Check the flyer below for all info on how to enter, but the essential details are, $10AUD will buy you 5 tickets Entries can be accepted from anywhere in the world, but if you win and you’re outside of Australia then you will need to pay postage on the frame Payment can be made two ways, Paypal – or to arrange bank transfer, contact us directly here. Closing date for entries is 20 February, Tickets will be on offer on the day as well.

DownUnderGround colony frame raffle

Freestyle Now squad members Paul Chamberlain and Shaun Jarvis will be attending the contest and throwing down some good old radness. Below are their video contest submissions from 2014 round 2 the video round. If you’re in Sydney or on the east coast of Australia you should be attending

Paul Chamberlain

Shaun Jarvis

Check out last years Sydney contest video to get the vibe of what will be going down on Saturday 21st February for the start of series 7

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2015 Mandurah Action Sports Games


The 2015 Mandurah Action Sports Games will see Australia’s biggest skatepark competition take place at the Mandurah skatepark. Australia’s biggest Action Sports event is only a matter of weeks away. From the 13th – 15th March Mandurah in Western Australia will see some of the nation’s top pro competitors in skateboard, scooter and bmx all throw down some radness to try to win their share of the $20000 prize purse Australia’s largest skatepark competition and prize purse.

Action Sports Games 2014 - Jack Fahey 1st place BMX park

In 2014 Jack Fahey did a back flip superman on his way to 1st place  at the Mandurah Action Sports Games BMX park competition.

There will be two sides to the competition, the skatepark competition for bmx, skate and scooter and then the halfpipe battle jam for only BMX and skateboarders. This event will showcase some of the finest Scooter, Skateboarding and BMX talent in Australia.
On Friday 13th March the skatepark will come alive when the scooter qualifying rounds start with the top ten riders all earning a place in the Sunday finals and chasing the $3050 prize purse.
Saturday morning 14th March the skateboard and bmx qualifying starts. In the bmx competition the top ten riders will all receive a placing into the finals on Sunday and chase their share of the $4250 prize. The skateboard qualifying will be in a jam format in which the top 9 will again be ready for the skatepark finals on Sunday 15th March and share in the $4200 prize money.
The highlight for Saturday afternoon will be for spectators to witness the total chaos of pro skateboarders and BMXers shredding the mini vert ramp for the halfpipe battle jam. Each of these disciplines has a $4250 purse to share in. The battle jam is where competitors take turn on the halfpipe and throw down what they have got. With four rounds to get through it is going to be a tough to make it through to the end of the jam. The judges decide who is on the top of their game and at the end of each round and competitors are dropped with only the raddest remaining to battle on again until a winner is decided. This is mind blowing nonstop action as the competitors, the announcers and the spectators all play a role in the battle jam. This is something you don’t want to miss, are you going to be there?
On Sunday 15th March is finals day. With scooter, bmx and skateboard all rolling it out for the big bucks this day will be the ultimate day to see some of Australia’s top professionals lay it all on the line. This is Australia’s richest skatepark competition a weekend you don’t want to miss.

Download here the competition schedule, categories, competition format, judging criteria, prizes money information.

The Mandurah Action Sports Games also includes the Waterski & Wakeboard Federation [IWWF] World Cup with more than 150 of the world’s waterskiing and wakeboarding stars from 24 countries working their way through the competition to share in the $300,000 prize pool up for grabs. As well it also coincides with the annual Channel Seven Crab Fest, adding more vibrancy and excitement to the City of Mandurah. Tourism Western Australia and the Department of Regional Development and Lands are proud to support the Mandurah Action Sports Games through the Royalties for Regions – Regional Events Program, which is administrated by Eventscorp.

Check out last year’s competition webposts here, Scooter, Skateboard park, Skateboard halfpipe, Bmx park, Bmx halfpipe and videos below.

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