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The Freestyle Now jump box – it’s history, now ready for retirement


Freestyle Now started in 1986. In 1987 Freestyle Now built a small flat bank ramp also known as a kickturn ramp. It was used in a few shows but it did not last long as it got eaten by termites as it was stored in a bad location and all made from wood. After that ramp was destroyed Freestyle Now moved toward more bmx flatland type shows as the logistics of ramps posed many difficulties at the time. When Jason Parker joined Freestyle Now in early 2000 a small ramp was built that could be transported in the small trailer we had. Freestyle Now performed a few shows with this small ramp.

Left – Georg Molnar in 1987 on the first Freestyle Now ramp. Right – Shaun Jarvis and Jason Parker in early 2001 with double stalls on ramps made to fit in a small trailer.

After hosting the bmx jumping competition at the Joondalup festival in 2000 using a wooden take off ramp it was decided that it was time to build a metal ramp for stunt shows. So at the start of 2001 Freestyle Now had a quarter pipe build that could also be used as a jump ramp. The ramp was first used at the 2001 Joondalup festival bmx jumping competition in March which was also featured in Behind the Bars show 2. The first stunt with the ramp was in May at the Mirrabooka Family Fun Day that took place at the Mirrabooka high school. It was always planned to make a landing ramp so that Freestyle Now would have a jump box. So in early 2002 the landing ramp was made, with the first show being the Kalgoorlie Bolder Community Fair in March. The jump box was only small but the plan was to make and extension for the deck to make the jump bigger which was then added to the jump box for shows in late 2002. This was the final configuration of the jump box which has continually been used.

Left – Ben Clause at the Mirrabooka Family Fun in 2001. This was the first show the FN ramp was used at. The ramp was so new it was not even painted. Right – Adam Duncan with a no hander in early 2002 at the Kalgoorlie fair, the first show with the inclusion of a landing ramp on the FN ramp.

Clockwise from top left – The first show Kie Ashworth did with Freestyle Now waas at the Corrigin Agricultural show in 2005, notice no side panels or banners on the box jump – Jason Parker in Tom Price nose picking in 2007 – Shaun Jarvis and Jason Parker dueling handstands at the Kojonup agricultural show in 2008 – Kie Ashworth no hander over Shaun Jarvis at the Donnybrook family fun day in 2010

Tim Rose in 2009 at the Northampton agricultural show


Shaun Jarvis talks us through the FN bmx jump at the last show at the Beverley agricultural show in August 2019

Over its 18 year history, the FN box jump has seen many new layers of plywood applied to keep it fresh. There has even been some on site repairs and some modifications to keep it strong and working. It has severed Freestyle Now well. The FN box jump has been transported around to many stunt shows around the country. The jump box has seen many riders perform rad tricks in the air above it. Riders have done their first back flips and front flips over the FN box jump. Some riders have seen bmx for the first time at a Freestyle Now show with riders getting rad over the jump box.

One of the last shows with the FN box jump, the 2019 Perth sky show, Nathan Dobbie flairs while Shaun Jarvis balances.

The time has come, the landing ramp needs to be completely rebuilt to maintain the safety. The up ramp / take off/ quarter pipe (it has many labels) is in need of some repair to ensure its integrity, which sure can be done but what is really needed is a new jump ramp. Over the past 18 years the level of the tricks performed has increased and this needs a new level of jump box to accommodate these new amazing tricks that take place at Freestyle Now stunt shows. Freestyle Now is getting a new bigger and better jump ramp ready to make is stunt show debut. The old ramp was 1.5 meters tall with the new ramp being 2 meters tall. That half meter will make a big difference on the amount of radness the riders will be able to unleash. The landing will be an air bag style which will add a level of safety for the riders knowing that if they were to crash out of a bmx stunt their risk of injury will be minimized. For now the FN box jump will be put into semi retirement, a few repairs done and maybe a new down ramp, will it come out and be put into use again? Never say never but one thing to be sure of is to Freestyle Now…………. before it’s too late.


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Kie Ashworth moves onto the Veterans


Kie Ashworth has been a member of the Freestyle Now squad since 2005. His first ever stunt shows was out in Corrigin in August 2005. A whole lot of rad has taken place since then. Freestyle Now has grown and so has Kie, from a young 17 year old to a fully grown man who is still a kid at heart. Kie’s ability on his bike is unbelievable. A natural raw talent with such power and ability that it is a pleasure to watch him ride. Kie was one of the first Australian riders to be sponsored directly by American bmx companies FBM and Animal without being into the American competition scene. Kie does not ride as much as he did due to other life commitments which happens but there was no way we wanted him to leave the Freestyle Now squad as he has helped us grow and given so much rad to the people. Kie Ashworth is a deserving member of the veterans squad.
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Kie Ashworth Icepick chink the bouy at Fremantle Skatepark August 2014

Kie Ashworth ice chinking the top of the buoy at Fremantle skatepark. This is massive.

Kie Ashworth bmx stunt shows 2005 - 2007

Clockwise from top left – Kie at his first Freestyle Now bmx stunt show in Corrigin 2005 with a 360 over the box – Kie at Corrigin again with a phone snap of this massive turndown, Kie always goes high – Kie in Coolgardie in 2006 – Backflip turndown at the Albany Show in 2007.

gidgegannup show 2010 kie boost

Kie can boost high, this one from the Gidgegannup show in 2010 shows just how high Kie can go.

Kie Ashworth lookback the hip at Fremantle Skatepark August 2014

One of the last photo shoots from last year we had with Kie at Fremantle skatepark.

Kie Ashworth was featured in the ground breaking video out of Western Australia How Hard Is It. Kie has the opening section to the video and even though it was released in 2006 it is still an amazing section to watch and gives credit to Kie’s bmx skills

Kie Ashworth was sponsored by the FBM bike co for many years. This is a video edit dome for FBM in mid 2010

Kie Ashworth was sponsored by Stowaway Distribution for many years and this is one of the video edits that Kie did for Animal.

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Kie Ashworth lost America video


Kie Ashworth has been riding bmx a long time. Kie started out racing bmx before he progressed to freestyle riding in his teens and taking a spot on the Freestyle Now squad in 2005. Traveling around Australia with Freestyle Now was the start of his bmx travel lifestyle. Since then he has moved on to larger travel plans including China and multiple trips to America. Last year Kie went to America with some good friends and rode some great spots and had some good times. Kie has only just recovered from a torn out shoulder he suffered from a rail gone wrong earlier this year. Kie recently found some video footage from his trip to America last year, video footage he forgot where it was. We are glad that it was not lost as there is some rad clips in this below raw edit. Give it a watch and let the radness flow.

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Kie Ashworth update


Freestyle Now squad member Kie Ashworth is truly an Australian legend. His ability on a bike is amazing, it’s like watching water flowing down a stream, so smooth and fluid. Kie has been on the Freestyle Now squad roster for 9 years now, we are proud to have him repping. Kie spends his time now working to earn enough money to go traveling. This is his passion to travel with his bike and ride. Kie is living the bmx lifestyle. Recently Kie took a rather large fall from a rail and ended up with a bad shoulder injury and a few months off his bike. As soon as he was given the all clear from the doctors he was back at it and riding hard. His first call out, straight back from injury was to icepick chink the top of the buoy at the Fremantle skatepark. We caught up with Kie earlier this week to capture his radness. Kie also send in a few words so read on and then proceed to be inspired. Go check out Kie profile page and scope out his bike set up and some of his videos.

Kie Ashworth Icepick chink the bouy at Fremantle Skatepark August 2014

“I want to icepick chink the top of the buoy” – Kie Ashworth. After a few goes the buoy rings with the help of Kie’s peg.

“So after doing my AC joint in my left shoulder it has been like 3 months in a sling. Was a long recovery for me but finally have had the all clear to return to normal again just taking it easy on the shoulder, have been back at the gym doing light weights and trying to get full range of movement back.. Since that it feels that recovery has become faster which is good.. So I have been riding again for a couple weeks now, can still count how many rides I’ve had on one hand but none the less it’s been amazing to be back on the bike and I couldn’t be happier. So far some sessions are cut short as the left arm starts to give way but it won’t be long until that’s back to par.. Pretty excited to get back to some work and start doing some trips again. The time off has definitely sparked some motivation for me and I’m just all round happy to be back on a bike.” 

Kie Ashworth lookback the hip at Fremantle Skatepark August 2014

Kie clicks a lookback at the new Fremantle skatepark bowl hip.

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Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Kellerberrin Agricultural show


Kellerberrin is a small town about 200kms east of Perth. Recently they had their annual agricultural show and the Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad were there on the day to perform some bmx stunt shows. Kie Ashworth had returned from his travels and took no time to get into the swing of the shows, along with David Pinelli and Shaun Jarvis they were also joined by reserve squad member Laurence Bakewell. The four riders put on an entertaining bmx stunt show for Kellerberrin and they were not disappointed. Some great riding went down, Laurence Bakewell seemed to be on fire during the show and pushed out some new tricks not done in shows before, even landing a 360 backflip of the two foot high flipper kicker. The Kellerberrin Show crowds were stoked.

Kellerberrin bmx stunt shows 2013 1

David Pinelli and Laurence Bakewell get their timing down perfect for this double flip.

Kellerberrin bmx stunt shows 2013 3

Clockwise from top left – David Pinelli 360 lookback – Kie Ashworth 360 turndown, these two guys were getting their 360 rad on during the shows – Laurence Bakewell throwing in some new tricks into the show like this decade – Kie Ashworth flips over Shaun Jarvis while David get set to do the same.

Kellerberrin bmx stunt shows 2013 2

Clockwise from top left – Laurence mid 360 backflip of the flipper kicker – David Pinelli massive 360 tuck no hander – David with is signature dipped bombed 360 – Kie and Shaun assaulting the ramp in unison.

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The adventures of Kashman continue


Freestyle Now squad member and full on radster Kie Ashworth has just been travelling in America for the past few months with good friends. He is now finishing up his time in China. Scope out this great interview over on Animal Bikes about his time in America. You can also check out The Nurries Life blog that Kie throws alot of photos up on.

Kie Ashworth nose bonk august 2013

Kie Ashworth nose bonking in America – Photo thanks to The Nurries Life

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The adventures of Cash man continues


Freestyle Now long time squad member Kie Ashworth is currently over in America with a few friends traveling around and just enjoying the bmx lifestyle. Kie also attended Tim Rose’s wedding. Kie lives for the travel that comes with the bmx lifestyle and has put up two short videos of some of the spots he has been riding. Save your money, travel and live.

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Broome North West Expo bmx stunt shows


At the beginning of May Freestyle Now had the pleasure of travelling to Broome to attend Australia’s North West expo to perform some great bmx stunt shows. Freestyle Now squad members Kie Ashworth, Shaun Jarvis, Dylan Schmidt as well as reserves squad member Laurence Bakewell made the journey, all were ready to throw down some of the radness that Freestyle Now hits at all of the stunt shows. The crowds at the expo were not disappointed.
On the Friday the squad members hosted a skatepark coaching session at the Broome skatepark. It was a long day for all as it was super hot, in the top 30’s, but the participants of the day really got a lot out of the sessions. Many young people in the town were buzzing after the day as they all had learnt some new skills. Later in the afternoon it was time to hit the famous Cable Beach for some swimming. The beach in Broome is so good.

The beach in Broome is so good and the sunsets fantastic.

These four guys left to right Kie Ashworth, Shaun Jarvis, Laurence Bakewell, and Dylan Schmidt.

As the Saturday rolled around it was set up and get on with the job of entertaining the crowds. Again it was super hot about 37 degrees. The squad got down to business and laid down some great performances and the crowds reacted with some noise and after each of the shows was a large poster signing session. As Saturday drew to a close and the shows were done it was time to hit the beach once again and get ready to do it all over again. As sunrise came on Sunday morning it was hot at 9am for the first show. The temperature only went up from there. The Freestyle Now stunt squad again hit all the right moves and put on a great performance of some amazing stunts. With the close of the day the pack up was hard, after 6 shows in the heat of Broome the riders were all feeling it, but as the last bits were packed and done the beach and sunset was calling.

Kie Ashworth clicks a super clean 360 turndown.

Clockwise from top left – Laurence Bakewell at the Broome skatepark during the afternoon coaching sessions – Shaun Jarvis, no handed swivel at sunset – Poster signing time after the shows – Dylan boosting over Shaun.

As Monday came it was time to take in some well earned rest and relaxation. And when in Broome the only place to do that is at the beach. The guys also visited many of the sights around the town. The squad had a blast in Broome and met stacks of new people. Freestyle Now would like to thank the North West Expo, the Billi for the great accommodation, could not have asked for anything better, Broome Broome car hire as well as all the people who came to the coaching sessions and the shows. We hope to be back again in 2014.

Dylan Schmidt was throwing down super whips like this all weekend in every show. He had this to say about the time up in Broome. “It was a great experience and good times we had, but it’s also so good to travel around Australia with some real close mates! The weather was crazy, 39 degree heat, but still got to throw down in the demos for the hundreds that were in the crowd watching. The trip was mad”

Clockwise from top left – Dylan super whip – Kie tuck no hander – Laurence get his flip on – Is Dylan superman.

Clockwise from top left – Dylan tail whip at height – Laurence mid double tail whip – Dylan 360 tail whip – Kie no foot can can.

Check our Facebook page for more photos from the trip

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Port Bound youth festival 2013


At the beginning of April Freestyle Now squad members Dylan Schmidt, Tim Rose, Shaun Jarvis and Kie Ashworth headed to the northwest of Australia. Port Hedland was the first stop to host a skatepark coaching session and to perform some bmx stunt shows at the Port Bound youth festival. On the Friday the squad was at the South Hedland skatepark for come coaching sessions with the locals. The Saturday was show time at the festival with some great entertainment going down throughout the day. The Port Bound festival is always a great day out for many, and this year the festival was packed. It was a bit slow to start with, but that is to be expected due to the overwhelming heat of the day. Later in the afternoon it picked up with one of the best turnout the festival has seen. On the Sunday the squad drove over to Karratha to host a skatepark competition. On the Monday it was time to return to home but not before hitting up some of the Karratha locals dirt jumps. Shaun Jarvis had this to say about the trip. “The 4 days seemed like a week. We did so much it was straight up another amazing trip. So good to travel with a great crew, it was fun and we had an amazing time. Being on the road getting out there and meeting new people is the best. Travelling with this crew is great, couldn’t ask for a better lot of guys to be travelling with and performing shows. Good times forever”

Tim Rose is wild on a bike.

Clockwise from top left – South Hedland skatepark will be rebuilt soon with a new park going up. Dylan Schmidt mad flair – Tim Rose in flyout nothing mode – Shaun Jarvis style – Kie Ashworth looks while tooth picking

Clockwise from top left – Dylan Schmidt – Tim Rose – Kie Ashworth – Tim Rose – Port Bound festival stunt shows.

Dylan Schmidt hits an extended superman at the final show at the Port Bound festival. The crowd was loud as the night is dark. Headlights lighting up the up ramp.

From left the crew, Kie, Dylan, Shaun and Tim.

Kie Ashworth has a photo blog, The Nurries Life. These photos have been taken from the blog. Clockwise from top left – Kie barspin at the pipe – Kie at the Karratha trails – Dylan whips second jump in Karratha – Tim’s nac nac are rad.

Kie Ashworth no foot can can, he has the best.

Tim Rose can flow anything, and these trails in Karratha were no exception.

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Broome North West Expo 2013


This weekend the Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad will be in Broome, Western Australia for the 2013 North West Expo. The massive two day event showcases more than 160 of the regions best in business, industry, employment and training to over 7500+ visitors across one weekend. The event also hosts many other attractions including the Motor & Outdoor Adventure Show, Fishing & Boating Show, Family Fun Zone, and the Employment & Training Pavilion. The best part of the two day expo is that the Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad will be hitting it hard and getting rad. Expect to see Kie Ashworth, Shaun Jarvis, Laurence Bakewell and Dylan Schmidt performing some great bmx stunt shows on the Saturday and Sunday. On the Friday the squad will be at the Broome skatepark for a full day of coaching workshops. More information can be found on our coming events page.

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