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Freestyle Now at Onslow skatepark activation


Freestyle Now recently travelled to Onslow to host some skatepark coaching workshops. Freestyle Now promotes inclusiveness at all of our skatepark activation sessions and Onslow was no different. The skatepark coaching sessions were open to all participants of any age for bmx, scooter and skateboard. Squad members Shaun Jarvis and Kieran Ramsay invited rad skater Adam Pacynko along for the journey. The trio played the “Game of life” on this trip, like on all trips, with Adam doing the most pushups. Lots of radness went down at the skatepark during the few days the trio was there. It is great to travel to remote areas and engage with skatepark users, getting them to learn new skills and help them roll out the rad. Freestyle Now hosts many skatepark activation sessions with bmx, skateboard and scooter skatepark coaching workshops, jam sessions and private sessions. If you want more information please contact Freestyle Now.


Shaun Jarvis nohanded fakie stall.

Freestyle Now squad members are always there to help skatepark users of any skill level and of any age. Inclusiveness is the key important factor for all Freestyle Now events.

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Freestyle Now in Port Hedland


Last month Freestyle Now travelled to Port Hedland once again to roll out the rad and engage with the skatepark users of South Hedland and Port Hedland skateparks. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis, Dylan Schmidt and Kieran Ramsay were there for 3 days for some skatepark coaching sessions and skatepark competition. The game of life was played on the trip with Kieran Ramsay being the winner. (if you say the word “mine” you have to drop and give 10 pushups)Watch the video for more information on this. It is always great to head back to Port Hedland and see the progress that the crew there are making.


Dylan Schmidt stretches out his arms for more lift in the air at the large South Hedland skatepark. Photo by Kieran Ramsay

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Australind skatepark opening day


Some people believe making a skatepark is easy and happens relatively quickly. How wrong they are. Back in June 2010 the seed was planted to upgrade the Australind skatepark. This was not an easy task. The Shire of Harvey wanted the community to raise $50000 to help build the park. Right away Freestyle Now was in there to help with attending fundraising days and getting donations at our events and matching dollar for dollar those donations. It was hard work for the community to really get this awesome skatepark built. After 6 years the final go ahead was give but some of the government agency funding had been cut from what was initially going to be given. So it was a quick retry on design to try to accommodate a $1.3 million park down to $900000. The final design and build works well. Construction started early this year, seven years after it was seed was planted.

Dylan Schmidt with a superman over the new jump box at Australind skatepark

Nigel Heidt who was 10 and Dwight Eckersley who was 11 at the time were not happy with the inadequate portable skatepark that was in Australind. Dwight and Nigel, along with Nigel’s mother Sabine Heidt, put together a petition which they presented to the Harvey council with more than 400 signatures. If you want something you need to go and get it, and that is what they did.

Freestyle Now was there at the opening day celebrations to roll out the rad but unfortunately so was the rain. When the rain stopped we dried up parts of the park and let the radness flow. It rain again and we did it all over again and again and again. Nothing was going to stop the flow of the radness from the Freestyle Now squad and the locals attending the opening day celebrations.

Squad member Shaun Jarvis had a radio interview on ABC South West about the skatepark and that interview provides the soundtrack to some of the opening day celebration video footage,  be sure to give it a listen and watch. Some photos of the day can also be found on our facebook page here

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Freestyle Now web play – June 2017


Freestyle Now has been rolling out the rad since 1986, that’s over 30 years of radness. Freestyle Now has had many squad members come and go over the years and our current squad roster is the raddest yet. This is our first full squad web video since 2013. The concept of the video is to show the riders and their everyday riding style. The Freestyle Now squad had a diverse range of squad members that cover many disciplines including BMX (park, street and flatland) scooter and skateboard. Inclusiveness and diversity are two of the main principals behind Freestyle Now. This Freestyle Now webplay features Freestyle now reserves squad members, Jack Carwardine, Jarrod Murfit, Kieran Ramsay and Mitch Harris with Freestyle Now squad members Jason Parker, David Pinelli, Lee Kirkman, Paul Chamberlain, Ben Thomas, Matt Adkins, Tanh Ga, Shaun Jarvis, Dez Maarsen and Dylan Schmidt. Give the video a watch to see all of our squad members in action doing what they love to do, rolling out the rad….

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Freestyle Now and GAIN Protection


Freestyle Now is now fully protected thanks to GAIN Protection. GAIN Protection is a new safety equipment company coming straight out of Australia and they have just sponsored the Freestyle Now stunt squad. GAIN Protection is a rider owned company established in Adelaide, South Australia. It is a fusion between Europe’s well-known high quality materials and rigorous standards combined with Australia’s designs and comfortable and practical implementations.

Gain protection safety equipment  freestyle nowGAIN Protection has a vision to create a line of products, which would be able to keep riders safe while they partake in their chosen radical sport. Forgetting to use appropriate protective gear most likely has happened to all of us at some point in our life. I’m sure all of us at some time have fallen off our bike or scooter, landed wrong or had a pedal or deck slap us in the shins. That stuff hurts. Especially if you’re learning new tricks.  Put your hand up if you have ever had to stop riding and head home due to big cuts or scrapes or getting swollen knee or even a swellbow. This is where GAIN protection steps in.
Being bmx rider designed you know that they have taken care of the finer details that other safety gear has not. GAIN Protection products are manufactured from soft perforated neoprene with antibacterial lining that prevents rashes and skin irritation and offers more protection against microbiological growth yet provides maximum breathability and sweat transmission. The Pro pads feature SAS-TEC foam – a viscoelastic polyurethane material with memory effect. After an impact or any kind of deformation the foam returns to its original shape quickly. The protector remains soft in case of slowly increasing forces, however when it comes to a fast heavy impact the resistance of the foam grows with increasing speed. Energy absorption keeps the impact forces to the critical areas at a minimal level. Some of the critical areas are covered with an extremely durable Cordura material called RipStop. Using this special fabric it is very unlikely to cut or tear a hole onto these areas which have to resist the most abuse.

GAIN Protection has all your limbs covered in many different combinations

Elbow sleeves – Great for light sessions or for a slimmer fit. (Perfect for youngsters to wear on knees)
Elbow pads – Best protection for hard session to give maximum protection (Perfect for youngsters to wear on knees)
Knee sleeves – Great for light sessions or for a slimmer fit.
Knee pads – Best protection for hard session to give maximum protection
Shin pads – Removable plastic inserts and EVA foam takes care of shock absorption
Ankle protector – Providing maximum protection without the protectors being bulky or in the way.
Ankle support – Perfect support for your ankle, if you are recovering from an ankle injury or want maximum protection.
Three different combo pads – Knee, shin, ankle – Knee and shinShin and ankle – Don’t want to have separate pads, a combination will solve that problem.

Freestyle Now squad members who are currently running the GAIN Protection pads are Shaun Jarvis, Dylan Schmidt, David Pinelli, Lee Kirkman and Ben Thomas. Freestyle Now reserves squad members Brady Thomas, Matt Adkins, Hudson Goodchild and Kieran Ramsay are also wearing the GAIN protection products. Recruits squad member Jack Carwardine has also got a hook up.

Shaun Jarvis concert hall bmx flatland march 2016 photoTimothy Sutherland

Shaun Jarvis – “I have always worn knee pads, I feel more confident when I’m wearing them. Not only for falling off and landing on my knees but for the support that they give me on my knees, just like a compression knee brace. The GAIN protection pads feel good, breathable and lighter. After a hard bmx session they don’t seem to be as sweaty. I really like the anti slip feature at the top of the knee sleeves that I’m using so they don’t slide down as much as the other pads I had been using.” Photo credit Timothy Sutherland

Dylan schmidt double tail whip at corymbia festival march 2016

Dylan Schmidt – “I am currently riding with the GAIN Protection knee shin combo pads as well as the ankle braces. I rode demos all day with them and I 100% recommend them. They are so comfy compared to my old shin and knee pads I was running. I used to get real bad pad rash with my old ones. Now I’m running the GAIN knee and shin pads I eliminated that problem. The ankle braces, It’s like clouds are strapped to my feet. I defiantly gained less hospital trips by wrapping myself up with GAIN Protection.”

Freestyle Now - Ben Thomas - no hander flair - february 2016  - scooter

Ben Thomas – “The new GAIN products are really well designed and thought out. Their technology is way past any other pads I have used. The anti rash material is awesome. They feel comfortable to wear as well as looking good, much better than previous pads I have worn in the past.”

Lee Kirkman Indian air at margaret river freestyle now bmx show

Lee Kirkman – “Really comfortable love the GAIN Protection leg combo can’t believe didn’t have them earlier less time to pad up because it’s all in one and it seems to hold everything in place no knee pad sliding down and not sitting right or vice versa shin pad slipping away from knee and causing a gap and you don’t realize until you hit in that exact spot. Overall really good pads got my vote.”

Jack Carwardine at High Wycombe feb 2016 - Freestyle Now

Jack Carwardine – “The GAIN pads are amazing I’ve been riding them for a while now. Compared  to the ones I use to wear the GAIN pads protect me a lot better and the shin knee combo works great,  protects your hole leg. I don’t think I would ride with any other brand pads now.”

GAIN Protection offer  some of the products in very small kids’ sizes (starting from the age of 4) and the whole range of goods will soon be available for kids under 10 years of age – you can’t get high quality safety gear for the young athletes elsewhere.
GAIN Protection also proudly sponsors and supports some of the best Australian action sports athletes – Alex Hiam and Ryan Lloyd (BMX), Craig Tierney (MTB), Ben Thomas and Benny Lukacs (scooter) and the Freestyle Now stunt squad. GAIN Protection are stoked to have all these legendary riders of the nation on the team and appreciate their help to emphasize the importance of wearing safety gear.

The GAIN Protection products are being rolled out into shops all over Australia. If you need to you can visit their web store via the GAIN Protection web site. Check them out on Facebook Give them a follow on Instagram

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Butler skatepark competition – Round 2 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series


Round 2 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series went down at the Butler skatepark. The northern suburbs skatepark saw some rad action taking place between the competitors with real close competition in the intermediate scooter class with points being very tight between all the competitors. At all of the Freestyle Now skatepark competitions there are three classes for competitors to enter, beginners (younger and still learning), intermediates (competitors with some good skills) and the open class (consistent and dials tricks) in the three disciplines scooter, skateboard and bmx. A big thank you to all the competitors who rolled out the rad at the Butler skatepark competition. We would also like to thank our supporters, Local BMXColony bmxSacrifice scootersEthereal Clothing and 4 skateboard Co as well as City of Wanneroo and their great youth team.

Butler skatepark competition 29th January - bmx scooter skateboard - freestyle now

Clockwise from top left – Christian Martinez is one rad dude, he took out the 2nd place in the 2015 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series and took the 1st place at Butler skatepark competition in the open skateboard class – Kieran Ramsay was stoked to take the win in the open scooter class at Butler, his local park – Kody Law rewind over the spine and taking home the 1st place in the intermediate scooter class – Like Tooze 360 over the box and a 1st place in bmx intermediate

More photos can be found on the facebook page here

Butler skatepark competition – 29th January 2016 – Round 2 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Jackson Jones, 2nd Ryan Clark, 3rd Trent Manglesdorf, 4th Akway Nyor, 5th Ethan Jones, 6th Leeam Utton, 6th Jack Williams, 8th Coner Meaney

Scooter intermediate – 1st Kody Law, 2nd Ethan Price, 3rd Jakob Wells, 4th Jye Dyyno, 5th Jacob Flavelle, 6th Sebastian Stevens, 7th Byron Utton, 8th Corey Sloss, 9th Bailey Marshall, 10th David Lowery, 11th Josh Elder, 12th Dominic Burns, 13th Daniel Morgan, 14th Tylar Norton, 15th Steon Crawford, 16th Oliver Bowering, 17th Ethan Rowland, 18th Kya Nurse

Scooter open – 1st Kieran Ramsey, 2nd Calymn Brandt, 3rd Joel Robinson, 4th Caleb Pratt, 5th Aden Lillas, 6th Brody Groth

Skate beginner – 1st Byron Timmons, 2nd Ethan Rowland, 3rd Noah Vanderwiel

Skate open – 1st Christian Martinez, 2nd Sam Robinson

Bmx beginner – 1st Denam Coster, 2nd Sophee Oakes, 3rd Brodee Oakes

Bmx intermediate – 1st Luke Tooze, 2nd Kieran Ramsey

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Welcome Kieran Ramsay – Freestyle Now reserves squad member


Freestyle Now would like to welcome Kieran Ramsay to the reserves squad. Kieran bring to the reserves squad a good attitude and some rad riding. These are the most important things when Freestyle now looks for new squad members. Kieran has been attending a few of the skatepark coaching sessions as a scooter coach and so we have been able to see his ability to interact with younger scooter riders and his coaching technique. Qualities that are important. Kieran is also a shredder and rides well and is always focused on progression. You can check out this Freestyle Now profile on the reserves page. A fact many did not know was that  Kieran also used to race bmx and only stopped a year ago to focus more on his scooter riding. Welcome Kieran Ramsay stoked you are here to help roll out the rad.

Kieran Ramsey front scooter whip february 2016

Kieran Ramsay getting his whip front scooter game on at his local, Kinross skatepark

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