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Freestyle Now skatepark coaching and competition in Karratha


For the past several years Freestyle Now has been returning to the Pilbara and the City of Karratha to run some skatepark coaching sessions and skatepark competitions. We have met many skatepark participants over the years and we have watched them grow, progress and achieve. When you see that moment when a first trick is pulled or a goal has been achieved for the first time it is an amazing thing to witness. Although it may be very basic for the more advanced rider, it was a time that you too were just like that mastering the basics. This is one of the joys of hosting skatepark coaching sessions.

Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis, Mitch Harris and Hudson Goodchild were sent on the task to roll out in the City of Karratha. The trio visited Dampier, Wickham, Roebourne and Karratha skateparks for some skatepark coaching workshops and Nichol West skatepark to host round 11 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark competition series. this video highlights some of the moments when the skatepark participants achieved their first time goals as well as some skatepark action from Shaun, Mitch and Hudson. A big thank you to the Youth Shed crew in Karratha.

Shaun Jarvis at Dampier skatepark


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Freestyle Now web play – June 2017


Freestyle Now has been rolling out the rad since 1986, that’s over 30 years of radness. Freestyle Now has had many squad members come and go over the years and our current squad roster is the raddest yet. This is our first full squad web video since 2013. The concept of the video is to show the riders and their everyday riding style. The Freestyle Now squad had a diverse range of squad members that cover many disciplines including BMX (park, street and flatland) scooter and skateboard. Inclusiveness and diversity are two of the main principals behind Freestyle Now. This Freestyle Now webplay features Freestyle now reserves squad members, Jack Carwardine, Jarrod Murfit, Kieran Ramsay and Mitch Harris with Freestyle Now squad members Jason Parker, David Pinelli, Lee Kirkman, Paul Chamberlain, Ben Thomas, Matt Adkins, Tanh Ga, Shaun Jarvis, Dez Maarsen and Dylan Schmidt. Give the video a watch to see all of our squad members in action doing what they love to do, rolling out the rad….

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Freestyle Now North West skatepark coaching sessions tour


The Freestyle Now North West skatepark coaching sessions tour was five days of good times and great skatepark coaching sessions. In February Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis, Ben Thomas and Mitch Harris fly into Paraburdoo and got ready for the 4 hour drive to Onslow. Onslow had just had a fantastic new skatepark built and their opening day celebrations taking place and what better way to help celebrate than by having some skatepark coaching workshop sessions taking place.

Freestyle Now - shaun jarvis bmx onslow skatepark feb 2017

Shaun Jarvis gets all tucked in as the storm passes Onslow.

Thursday afternoon was the first low key session with the official opening taking place on the Friday. During this session Freestyle Now hoisted a few mini competitions and fun activities and gave out some rad prizes. On the Saturday it was a long 5 hour drive inland to Tom Price to host another skatepark coaching workshop session. Again some mini competitions and fun activities took place and the participants at the skatepark all had a great time. On the Sunday Shaun, Ben and Mitch managed to do a bit of sightseeing to Karijini National Park before heading back to Paraburdoo to host another skatepark coaching workshop session. The north west can be forever changing and on this day the weather decided to change rapidly with a sudden downpour of rain and strong winds. It lasted for about 20 minutes but long enough to soak the skatepark, though it did dry out just as the session was ending. On the Monday the squad headed back to Perth for some relaxation time and to escape the heat. Till next time a big thank you to the Shire of Ashburton and to all the skatepark users that got to interact with Shaun, Ben and Mitch. Check the video below of the trip to know what took place and how the radness was rolled out.


Freestyle Now - north west australia trip feb 2017

Top – Mitch Harris carving the wall at Paraburdoo as well as relaxing at Karijini
Bottom – Lack of animals


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Freestyle Now – Tom Price skatepark coaching workshop


Freestyle Now recently headed to Tom Price for the Nameless festival to host a skatepark coaching workshop session. Freestyle Now squad members Ben Thomas, Mitch Harris and Jarrod Murfit did an amazing job helping the workshop participants learn new skills and skatepark etiquette. The participants also got to be involved in some skatepark games and mini competitions to win prizes. Ben, Mitch and Jarrod, also dropped into the Paraburdoo skatepark for a quick roll before flying back to Perth. Freestyle Now hosts many skatepark coaching workshop at many various skateparks, be sure to check our coming events page to see where the next one is you can attend. The below video was put together by Jarrod Murfit. Give it a watch to see the squad rolling out the rad.

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Freestyle Now skatepark coaching workshop sessions in Karratha


In early November Freestyle Now hosted a series of skatepark coaching workshops sessions and a skatepark competition in and around Karratha, in the northwest of Western Australia. Freestyle Now squad members Kim Bloodson, Mitch Harris and John Manning we in charge of bringing the radness to the locals of Roebourne, Wickham, Dampier, Nickol West and Karratha. It was an awesome trip from all accounts with the 3 squad members really getting in with the locals, interacting with them and assisting them with some great skill sets. We got Kim, Mitch and John to sending a few words about their experience from Karratha.

Freestyle Now Karratha skatapark coaching workshops 2014 - Kim Bloodson

Kim Bloodson overlooking the town he grew up in and pointing to where he wrestled his last shark.

Kim Bloodson
As I stepped off the plane in Karatha I instantly regretted only owning black clothes, you have to physically push through the wall off heat to get to the terminal, I’m sure we are all going to melt to death. Me Mitch and John are greeted by a lovely lady asking if we are the freestyle guys and we are all like “aaawww yyeeaaahhh” high fives n cool handshakes n stuff. We start doing backflips n flairs n junk in the terminal, you know just being rad guys. We are given a rental car and head into the inferno to find the hotel. I get a private room cause I’m the most freestyle while John n Mitch begin the fight for wifi in their shared room, suckers. First job on this trip is Roebourne. Its new park is the mostest epic goodness I’ve seen in a long time. The locals are super keen to ride our stuff as they have none of their own, so we have a lovely afternoon of hangs and laughs with some pretty wild kids, man it was the best. Driving the 30km back to Karatha we are greeted with a breath taking sunset, it’s so moving we put on a Celine Dion CD and cry like little woman at the majesty of the Pilbara. Dinner at the tavern, yes please, found fifty bucks, good night. Day 2 begins. It’s Wickham today and its only 1000000 degrees so it should be a casual one. Wickham only has a small park but it’s got huge attitude, or raditude. The kids there are amazing cool crew and many tricky tricks where learnt by the whipper snappers, cool tunes and a feast for the masses to boot. Lovely drive home past the prison and back to the air con hotel. Day 3 is at the new Karatha park in town. It’s a nibble fest of goodness and fun fun, the lovely youth workers cook more food for the humans and we just be like the coolest guys around ever, cool handshakes n stuff, so cool. I grew up {hahahaha} in this town so it’s amazing for me to be back here doing what I did here 20 years ago. I’m constantly asking locals about old spots and long lost ramps but they look at me like I’m speaking another language??Generation gap? Day 4 is Dampier. We head out early and scope out the town, it’s so beautiful. We play the Celine Dion CD again and just cry heaps. We then proceeded to do the most manly thing one can do in the Pilbara apart from kicking a football at a V8,,,,WE OPEN OUR FIRST COCNUT. High fives and backflips happen. Dampier park is my most fav, cass vibes on the cuteset little PA and met some awesome crew, best crew up there, so nice seeing these isolated guys skating so hard. Day 5 is comp day in Karatha Nickol West skatepark, huge turnout in the most hotness since hotness was a thing. We melt and yell and laugh and eat and hang and make new friends all day to a banging soundtrack supplied by a DJ. Really was an amazing comp. So with that our trip is at an end but not before we spend the night dancing at the local night club, ouch, good times. I hope I get the chance to do this again next year cause I felt like we really did a good thing up there. I would like to thank Sophie for looking after us so well and all the other old and new friends for being rad….
PS no Celine Dion was actually played on this trip but we did buy a Nelly CD….It’s getting hot in here so Freestyle Now…………. before it’s too late…..bbyyeee blood.xox

Freestyle Now Karratha skatapark coaching workshops 2014 - John Manning and Mitch Harris

John Manning and Mitch Harris with red dog on the way into Dampier.

John Manning
The recent Karatha trip was a really good time, despite the heat, checking out the five parks that we held coaching workshop sessions at during the week was my favourite part of the trip. Roebourne park in particular was a really fun park and had some really interesting features to it. I’d love to go back to that park one day to get a proper ride of it. The kids that participated in the coaching sessions and the comp were all nice kids and fairly well behaved. Overall it was a fun time and all the events we held went smoothly. Thanks to Freestyle Now for the trip!

Freestyle Now Karratha skatapark coaching workshops 2014 A

Clockwise from top left – Bloodson making the Wickham locals stoked – Mitch and a local at Wickham getting some skate skills on – Sun set at Karratha skatepark while J-Love in the white shirt looks on – John helping a Dampier local with some scooter skills.

Mitch Harris
The opportunity to travel to the Pilbara to run coaching workshop sessions and a competition was recently presented to Freestyle Now by the City of Karratha. Bloodson, John and I found ourselves lucky enough to be flying north to run these events. The blast of heat and humidity received while getting off the air-conditioned cabin of the plane was a unique welcome to apart of Australia I’d never had the chance to see before.
After checking in to our accommodation J-Love (John) and I were given a VIP tour of Karratha by Blood, who had grown up here and was interested to see how things had changed and capture some feelings of nostalgia. Highlights of the tour included guided views of roofing of some of Karratha’s commercial and residential properties accompanied by Blood’s catchphrase/future pick-up line: “I did the roof on that”. Blood also pointed out some spots that he used to ride and skate back in the day, “make do with what you have” perfectly labels the curbs, sets and sketchy drains that were around.
Coaching clinics started with Roebourne, definitely one of the most well-constructed and designed parks seen while up there. The heat didn’t seem to deter anyone from having a shot on John’s bike and scooter or my board. Wickham was next and with weather to match the day before it was again surprising to me how enthusiastic most kids were to be out in the unforgiving sun. Savior came in the form of a youth worker whose generous gift of icy-poles provided a cool respite.
Coaching at the Shed was a nice break-up of the week, with a later start time in the cooler part of the day and evening everybody was a lot more energetic and willing to commit. Free sausage sizzle was rad too (too bad for Bloodson who is a vegan). Coaching clinics finished in Dampier which was an excellent place to hang out beforehand. Coconuts, palms and beaches with a cool breeze made me question whether I was really working. With cheap frozen cokes, a decent skatepark, and scenic views this place seemed like paradise. There was a really good turn-out for skaters in Dampier with a good range of skill and age, excellent to see a decent scene in such a remote place.
The trip ended with the competition at Nickol West. In what seemed like weather conditions reserved for the ninth circle of Hell we helped set up and got under way. Free stuff will make a person do crazy things, evidenced by the amount of kids who showed up to ride and skate in the heat. The free water was essential as you seemed to sweat your body weight whether you were moving or not, regardless the day was successful with everybody receiving a prize for their efforts and minimal injuries (except for that guy who burnt himself on his friend’s home-made moped/death-trap, but that had nothing to do with the comp).
In summary, a fantastic trip that all three of us agreed we’d love to do again. Hopefully see you next year Karratha.

Freestyle Now Karratha skatapark coaching workshops 2014 B

Clockwise from top left – John looking over some of the Dampier skatepark – Mitch helping a Dampier local with some ledge skills – The crew, Kim, John and Mitch at the Nickol West comp – Sun set at Dampier skatepark.

 To see more photos from the trip check out face book page here.

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Waroona High school assembly


Recently Freestyle Now was invited to the Waroona High School for a school presentation. The focus behind the school presentations is to demonstrate and to educate what radness is all about but to also provide a motivational presentation to inspire others. The week that Freestyle Now visited Waroona High School it was in the middle of mental health week and the “R U OK” program was in full swing. Freestyle Now brought in a few of our ramps to the Waroona school and set about to put on a rad show. For the assembly presentation the younger students from the Waroona Primacy school also attended so it was super loud with lots of people screaming.  After the performance the primary students went back to class and our founder of Freestyle Now Shaun Jarvis gave a motivational presentation to the high school students on his past experience about “R U OK” and how it is important to have something in your life that you can turn to that is creative and constructive. For Shaun it has been BMX. At the end of the presentation the students got to hang out with the Freestyle Now squad and ask questions.
We got a few photos from the day and one of the teachers Jo Evans was rad to offer her video footage to us to post up.
R U OK is an important question to ask your friends, as sometime they are feeling the weight of problems and issues and a simple gesture of asking “R U OK” can be all they need to know you care and are willing to listen. If you feel you need assistance with any mental health issues get in touch with lifeline.

Freestyle Now Waroona school assembly presentation sep 2014 - Mitch Harris

Squad member Mitch Harris gets it done in front of a loud Waroona school crowd.

Freestyle Now Waroona school assembly presentation sep 2014

Clockwise from top left – Mitch Harris flips the maple – Matt Adkins down whips – John Manning and Mitch candid shot – Matt Adkins rotates in a vertical direction.

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Mitchell Harris Freestyle Now video


Mitch Harris Freestyle Now Bunbury skatepark skateboard - Photo Andy FortiniFreestyle Now reserves squad member Mitch Harris was added to the squad officially in April this year. Mitch is Freestyle Now’s skateboard radster. Not only does Mitch possess much skateboard skill but he has recently completed his bachelor’s degree in psychology at university. Squad member Andy Fortini got behind the camera and filmed some casual clips of Mitch over the past few months to put together his welcome to Freestyle now video. Squad member Kim Bloodson grabbed his guitars and looped together the sound track to the video. A real Freestyle Now collaboration. Mitch is always out finding new spots to session or skating his local, Manning skatepark on a regular basis. If you want to get some great skating tips off Mitch then attend one of Freestyle Now’s skatepark coaching sessions, Mitch is always down to help the young crew.  

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Mitch Harris – New Freestyle Now reserves squad member


Since its inception in 1986 Freestyle Now has always been progressing. With this progression, new squad members are required. It’s not easy to find new squad members. The right qualities are required, a good vibe and attitude, the will to progress and not hell bent on being sponsored, and an overall ability to interact with our participants and skatepark competitions and coaching sessions. We would like to welcome our newest squad member added to our reserves squad, Mitch Harris. Mitch has been assisting Freestyle Now at many competitions and coaching sessions over the past few months and has been a great asset to our programs. Mitch can skate well and is always down to hit up a ledge session or street roll. He is currently studying psychology at university and can juggle both worlds of skate and study and excel in both. Welcome to the squad Mitch.

Mitch Harris Freestyle Now Armadale skatepark skateboard

 Mitch at Armadale skatepark.

Mitch Harris Freestyle Now Bunbury skatepark skateboard - Photo Andy Fortini

Mitch has soul and not only just on his shoes – Bunbury skatepark – Photo Andy Fortini.

Mitch Harris Freestyle Now Willetton skatepark skateboard

Mitch Harris  Nollie flip at Willetton skatepark.

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