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Helmet safety ain’t no joke – Be sure your helmet is a certified helmet for your safety


Helmets save lives. Wearing a helmet at the skatepark is vital. Wearing the proper helmet is vital. Wearing the helmet properly is vital. Shaun Jarvis runs through helmet information that can either give you a trip to the hospital, stop your riding session for the day, have someone wipe your bum and feed you for the rest of your life, give you a bit of a headache, or let you keep on riding for the day. There is no point wearing an ice cream container with padding, it’s not going to do much. Remember your choice can not only affect you but those around you in the moment and in the long term. Safety never takes a holiday so be sure you have the right helmet that fits right.



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The Freestyle Now jump box – it’s history, now ready for retirement


Freestyle Now started in 1986. In 1987 Freestyle Now built a small flat bank ramp also known as a kickturn ramp. It was used in a few shows but it did not last long as it got eaten by termites as it was stored in a bad location and all made from wood. After that ramp was destroyed Freestyle Now moved toward more bmx flatland type shows as the logistics of ramps posed many difficulties at the time. When Jason Parker joined Freestyle Now in early 2000 a small ramp was built that could be transported in the small trailer we had. Freestyle Now performed a few shows with this small ramp.

Left – Georg Molnar in 1987 on the first Freestyle Now ramp. Right – Shaun Jarvis and Jason Parker in early 2001 with double stalls on ramps made to fit in a small trailer.

After hosting the bmx jumping competition at the Joondalup festival in 2000 using a wooden take off ramp it was decided that it was time to build a metal ramp for stunt shows. So at the start of 2001 Freestyle Now had a quarter pipe build that could also be used as a jump ramp. The ramp was first used at the 2001 Joondalup festival bmx jumping competition in March which was also featured in Behind the Bars show 2. The first stunt with the ramp was in May at the Mirrabooka Family Fun Day that took place at the Mirrabooka high school. It was always planned to make a landing ramp so that Freestyle Now would have a jump box. So in early 2002 the landing ramp was made, with the first show being the Kalgoorlie Bolder Community Fair in March. The jump box was only small but the plan was to make and extension for the deck to make the jump bigger which was then added to the jump box for shows in late 2002. This was the final configuration of the jump box which has continually been used.

Left – Ben Clause at the Mirrabooka Family Fun in 2001. This was the first show the FN ramp was used at. The ramp was so new it was not even painted. Right – Adam Duncan with a no hander in early 2002 at the Kalgoorlie fair, the first show with the inclusion of a landing ramp on the FN ramp.

Clockwise from top left – The first show Kie Ashworth did with Freestyle Now waas at the Corrigin Agricultural show in 2005, notice no side panels or banners on the box jump – Jason Parker in Tom Price nose picking in 2007 – Shaun Jarvis and Jason Parker dueling handstands at the Kojonup agricultural show in 2008 – Kie Ashworth no hander over Shaun Jarvis at the Donnybrook family fun day in 2010

Tim Rose in 2009 at the Northampton agricultural show


Shaun Jarvis talks us through the FN bmx jump at the last show at the Beverley agricultural show in August 2019

Over its 18 year history, the FN box jump has seen many new layers of plywood applied to keep it fresh. There has even been some on site repairs and some modifications to keep it strong and working. It has severed Freestyle Now well. The FN box jump has been transported around to many stunt shows around the country. The jump box has seen many riders perform rad tricks in the air above it. Riders have done their first back flips and front flips over the FN box jump. Some riders have seen bmx for the first time at a Freestyle Now show with riders getting rad over the jump box.

One of the last shows with the FN box jump, the 2019 Perth sky show, Nathan Dobbie flairs while Shaun Jarvis balances.

The time has come, the landing ramp needs to be completely rebuilt to maintain the safety. The up ramp / take off/ quarter pipe (it has many labels) is in need of some repair to ensure its integrity, which sure can be done but what is really needed is a new jump ramp. Over the past 18 years the level of the tricks performed has increased and this needs a new level of jump box to accommodate these new amazing tricks that take place at Freestyle Now stunt shows. Freestyle Now is getting a new bigger and better jump ramp ready to make is stunt show debut. The old ramp was 1.5 meters tall with the new ramp being 2 meters tall. That half meter will make a big difference on the amount of radness the riders will be able to unleash. The landing will be an air bag style which will add a level of safety for the riders knowing that if they were to crash out of a bmx stunt their risk of injury will be minimized. For now the FN box jump will be put into semi retirement, a few repairs done and maybe a new down ramp, will it come out and be put into use again? Never say never but one thing to be sure of is to Freestyle Now…………. before it’s too late.


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Freestyle Now squad member Jason Parker York Jam America trip


Freestyle Now squad member Jason Parker recently fulfilled one of his long dreams and headed over to America to attend the York Jam in Pennsylvania in America. Jason has been an important member to Freestyle Now since he was enlisted on the squad in 1999 with performing bmx stunt shows around the nation and being heavily involved in the production of Behind the Bars with Shaun Jarvis. Jason sent through some good words about his trip and a few snaps so read on

“Well I guess ever since I started riding freestyle BMX way back in 1995, I came across a video called “Wheelies” That video had, and still has some of the best flatland riding caught on film. Ever since seeing that video, I have wanted to go to York Pennsylvania to ride at the annual event called ‘York Jam’.Earlier this year, while I was on Facebook, I saw an advertisement for the “25th anniversary of York Jam”. I decided just by seeing that ad, that if I was rostered off work, I was going! It was that easy. I looked up my roster and checked that I could go! All that was stopping it, was a decision of “was it worth it”? That was easy to decide. I had always dreamt of going to meet the best riders from the world, the riders who made flatland what it is now! So I said this is it, the Jam has rolled for 25 years, if I miss this one they may not have another! It was the easiest decision I have ever made. So next I was booking the flights and accommodation, car hire etc. Then I thought I would see if anyone wanted to come along. I ended up getting my friend Simon to join, he was stoked!

Simon and I had started riding together back in 1995. He knew the video and the people we were heading to go and hang out with. It was game on! We were booked and ready to go, next I received the worst news from Simon, “man I have broken my leg and torn an ACL and Ligament too”. Oh no way, I was like “so I guess you can’t go”? Simon was like “hell no, I’m going”! So despite the major setback Simon pushed through the pain barrier and discomfort and made it along for the ride.

Jason Parker York bmx Jam trip 2015 holiday snaps

Holiday snaps surrounding the epic bike bag pack up – clockwise from top – That’s LA in the background, The girls from York Jam, The 25th York Jam crew, Looking mean on the Harley Davidson factory tour, New York New York, The yellow Stang, Chillin at the York Jam, Riding at Santa Monica. Photos by Simon Johnston

We left Perth flying via Sydney and then flew onto Los Angeles. We saw Santa Monica Beach, Hollywood, and Huntington Beach. As fate would have it, when we left Huntington Beach Simon noticed a rider in the car park. I was like “No way! That looks like Gabe Weed”! We decided to go see who it was, Yep it sure was Gabe Weed, he was just about to have a ride. We had a yarn and rode some flatland for a bit. Simon and I could not believe it, what is the chance of meeting one of the best flatland riders like that. We then drove down to Las Vegas in a Ford Mustang. That is a must if you are ever going to go see Las Vegas, Simon drove most of the way. We went to Hoover dam then arrived at Los Vegas. After we were in Vegas for a few days we headed to the East coast landing at JFK airport, New York. We had made it to the big apple AKA New York. We did the tourist thing and saw Brooklyn Bridge, Empire state building, and the Statue of Liberty. We also ate the best Pizza ever!  NY is not my scene that’s for sure but the Pizza is so good. We got out of NY and headed to the place we had been waiting to ride since we started riding. The drive was awesome, we saw so much. Once we made it to York we got on the “Buffalo wings” and did a wall mart visit. Simon was loving it! He wanted to get a bike and ride at the jam.

So Friday 11th Sep 2015 the Pre jam day arrived. We headed out to find the spots that were on the advertisement. No one was there yet. We decided to do a Harley Davidson tour while we waited for the jam to start. The place is heaps cool. Interesting fact that Australia is the second biggest purchasers of Harley Davidson other than the US. So about 3.00pm I get a message from Brett Downs on Facebook, Saying “Let me know when you want to go ride”! So I replied “I’m at the Hidden Spot now”! So I was doing a manual and a car pulled up. It was Brett he was like” You want to come ride, with Kevin and me at the Pit”? I was like “Yeah that would be sweet”. So Simon and I followed Brett and we meet up with Chad, Ivan, Terry and Kevin. It was so cool to see Mr Jones ride in person. He cranked up a heap of speed put one foot over the bars and did the longest no handed nose wheelie I had ever seen! EPIC was about as good a word I can think of to describe it. The man is KING! I could not believe how lucky we were, to be able to hang out with these guys. The typical BMX crew, who I had never meet before, but felt like I had known them all of my life! So after hanging with the crew, we headed back to the Hidden spot and started to meet some of the people who also made the long journey to York P.A. Riders from all over the US and Canada had made the effort to be at the 25 year jam. It was so cool to be apart off. We rode until about 8.00pm then headed out with everyone!

Jason Parker York bmx Jam trip 2015

Clockwise from top left – Jason at Santa Monica Beach hitting up a decade – Meeting on Gabe Weed at Huntington Beach – Hanging out at the York jam undercover due to the rain with James McGraw – Meeting legendary flatland rider Kevin Jones

The day had come and after 3 months with no rain in York, the only thing that could ruin travelling over 18000 Km’s was RAIN! Yep it sure did “It pissed down all day”! But in typical flatland style we had plan B. Lucky the locals knew of the best spot in York for this 25 year jam to push on. We had a whole multilevel car park all to ourselves. Well unless the local authorities were to show up! Everyone headed, to go ride in the car park out of the rain, It was awesome I think at least 150 riders made it for this year’s jam. Also we had six girls show up to throw down some flat action, they were all awesome!!  The rest were “two tired”. No that was just a real bad joke! Mark Eaton was cranking tunes all day it was like being in the video “Wheelies” but it was real life. LOL some awesome riding was done and heaps of tricks were pulled. After a full day of flatland, we headed out yet again. We made heaps of new riding friends for life. After a huge night with Lincoln and Matt, everybody reunited and jammed again at the George st spot on Sunday. It was awesome getting to meet hero’s you never think you will ever get to meet in your entire life. So many good riders and the scene was like when I saw “Wheelies”. Thanks to Diggs and everyone who organized York jam. Simon and I left the next day we had 28 hrs of flights and 2 days of travel ahead of us. And then straight back to work for me.

For anyone who has a wish to or thought of an event that you have always wanted to attend, just go for it and make it happen, you will be so happy you made the effort.
As the saying goes Freestyle Now…….. Before it’s too late. Ride on!”

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2015 Mandurah Action Sports Games


The 2015 Mandurah Action Sports Games will see Australia’s biggest skatepark competition take place at the Mandurah skatepark. Australia’s biggest Action Sports event is only a matter of weeks away. From the 13th – 15th March Mandurah in Western Australia will see some of the nation’s top pro competitors in skateboard, scooter and bmx all throw down some radness to try to win their share of the $20000 prize purse Australia’s largest skatepark competition and prize purse.

Action Sports Games 2014 - Jack Fahey 1st place BMX park

In 2014 Jack Fahey did a back flip superman on his way to 1st place  at the Mandurah Action Sports Games BMX park competition.

There will be two sides to the competition, the skatepark competition for bmx, skate and scooter and then the halfpipe battle jam for only BMX and skateboarders. This event will showcase some of the finest Scooter, Skateboarding and BMX talent in Australia.
On Friday 13th March the skatepark will come alive when the scooter qualifying rounds start with the top ten riders all earning a place in the Sunday finals and chasing the $3050 prize purse.
Saturday morning 14th March the skateboard and bmx qualifying starts. In the bmx competition the top ten riders will all receive a placing into the finals on Sunday and chase their share of the $4250 prize. The skateboard qualifying will be in a jam format in which the top 9 will again be ready for the skatepark finals on Sunday 15th March and share in the $4200 prize money.
The highlight for Saturday afternoon will be for spectators to witness the total chaos of pro skateboarders and BMXers shredding the mini vert ramp for the halfpipe battle jam. Each of these disciplines has a $4250 purse to share in. The battle jam is where competitors take turn on the halfpipe and throw down what they have got. With four rounds to get through it is going to be a tough to make it through to the end of the jam. The judges decide who is on the top of their game and at the end of each round and competitors are dropped with only the raddest remaining to battle on again until a winner is decided. This is mind blowing nonstop action as the competitors, the announcers and the spectators all play a role in the battle jam. This is something you don’t want to miss, are you going to be there?
On Sunday 15th March is finals day. With scooter, bmx and skateboard all rolling it out for the big bucks this day will be the ultimate day to see some of Australia’s top professionals lay it all on the line. This is Australia’s richest skatepark competition a weekend you don’t want to miss.

Download here the competition schedule, categories, competition format, judging criteria, prizes money information.

The Mandurah Action Sports Games also includes the Waterski & Wakeboard Federation [IWWF] World Cup with more than 150 of the world’s waterskiing and wakeboarding stars from 24 countries working their way through the competition to share in the $300,000 prize pool up for grabs. As well it also coincides with the annual Channel Seven Crab Fest, adding more vibrancy and excitement to the City of Mandurah. Tourism Western Australia and the Department of Regional Development and Lands are proud to support the Mandurah Action Sports Games through the Royalties for Regions – Regional Events Program, which is administrated by Eventscorp.

Check out last year’s competition webposts here, Scooter, Skateboard park, Skateboard halfpipe, Bmx park, Bmx halfpipe and videos below.

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2014 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Final results


The 2014 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series (F.N.W.A.S.S.) has come to an end. There were 20 rounds in total covering most of Western Australia from Karratha in the north to Kalgoorlie in the east and several south west locations as well as the Perth metropolitan area. The point series is open to all participants that compete in the advanced class in bmx, skateboard and scooter disciplines at all of the designated skatepark competitions that Freestyle Now hosts. There were lots of competitors who entered the competitions during 2014 with each competitor receiving points for their placing. Points are awarded in the following way for each placing,
1st = 30 , 2nd = 25 , 3rd = 20 , 4th = 10 , 5th = 5 , 6th = 3 , 7th onwards = 1

A congratulations needs to go out to the competitors who competed and followed the series enough to keep their points up. This series dose not really dictate who it the best rider in the state but gives the competitors a series to follow to work on a yearend title. This is the fourth year the series has been running and it is now gaining momentum. The 2015 series is set to kick off with round 1 at Rockingham skatepark 24th of January and round 2 at Kwinana skatepark on the 13th February. Both of these competition are also intake competitions for the Rocky’s final fest invite only competition that is set to take place on the 11th April.  We will be in touch with the winners of the series to award them prizes for their efforts. A large thank you to our supporters for the competition series – Stowaway distribution, 4 skateboard co and Sacrifice scooters.

The 2014 F.N.W.A.S.S. competitions list.

Round 1 – 24th January – Rockingham skatepark
Round 2 – 26th January – Bunbury Skatepark
Round 3 – 31st January – Roleystone Skatepark
Round 4 – 15th February – Margaret River skatepark
Round 5 – 16th February – Dunsborough Skatepark
Round 6 – 30th March – Willetton skatepark
Round 7 – 12th April – Wonthella skatepark
Round 8 – 13th April – Kalgoorlie skatepark
Round 9 – 24th April – Golden Bay skatepark
Round 10 – 26th April – High Wycombe skatepark
Round 11 – 13th July – Rocky’s final fest invite only competition (double pointer)
Round 12 – 16th July – Cooloongup skatepark
Round 13 – 5th September – Port Kennedy skatepark
Round 14 – 7th September – Collie skatepark
Round 15 – 9th October – Singleton skatepark
Round 16 – 10th October – Willetton skatepark
Round 17 – 10th October – Kalgoorlie skatepark
Round 18 – 25th October – Kwinana skatepark
Round 19 – 8th November – Nickol West Karratha skatepark
Round 20 – 29th November – Golden Bay skatepark

rockingham comp january 2014 Dylan Schmidt

Dylan Schmidt at round 1 of the 2014 series in Rockingham with a large superman transfer. Dylan has take out 1st place in bmx for the 2014 F.N.W.A.S.S.

BMX – 2014 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series top 10
1st Dylan Schmidt
2nd Laurence Bakewell
3rd Regan Lothian
4th Brad South
5th Jesse Brown
6th Jacob DeAbru
7th Matt Vaia
8th Lee Kirkman
8th Mitchell Halse
10th Ty Drummond

Aden Lillas at golden bay skatepark competition2014

Aden Lillas at round 9 Golden Bay competition bar spinning, Aden has taken out the 1st place in the 2014 F.N.W.A.S.S. for scooters

SCOOTER – 2014 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series top 10
1st Aden Lillas
2nd Ethan McKenzie
2nd Billy Watts
4th Jiordan Giacoppo
5th Ben Thomas
6th Anarki Hunter
7th Morgan Avery
8th Cullen Webber
9th Jarod Colwell
9th Matty Ceravolo

rockingham finals fest 2014 skateboard Chonchoe Lasvendous 1st place

Chonchoe Lasvendous at the Rocky’s final fest with a hippy jump, he took out the 1st place in the 2014 F.N.W.A.S.S. in skateboard

SKATE – 2014 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series top 8
1st – Chonchoe Lasvendous
2nd – Mason Brown
3rd – Jake Beazley
4th – Shakur Paul-Crump
5th – Nars Walker
6th – Joel Pond
7th – Aden Lillas
8th – Jamie Pratten

Check the final standings in each of the three disciplines via the links to the PDF file.

BMX – 2014 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Final results

SCOOTER – 2014 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Final results

SKATEBOARD – 2014 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Final results

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DownUnderGround – The Australian national bmx flatland contest series – round 3 the finals


DownUnderGround has been rolling since 2008. Freestyle Now is proud to have been supporting the contest series since then. This latest series, series six is now coming to an end and the finals are now set. Round 3 the finals of DownUnderGround, the Australian national bmx flatland contest series will take place at the famous Melbourne Imax spot in Melbourne on the 29th November. The contest is open to pro, advanced and basic riders with Colony bmx once again supporting the contest.

DownUnderGround Round 3 the finals Melbourne November 2014

Check out the video from round 1 that took place in Sydney earlier this year.

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Waroona High school assembly


Recently Freestyle Now was invited to the Waroona High School for a school presentation. The focus behind the school presentations is to demonstrate and to educate what radness is all about but to also provide a motivational presentation to inspire others. The week that Freestyle Now visited Waroona High School it was in the middle of mental health week and the “R U OK” program was in full swing. Freestyle Now brought in a few of our ramps to the Waroona school and set about to put on a rad show. For the assembly presentation the younger students from the Waroona Primacy school also attended so it was super loud with lots of people screaming.  After the performance the primary students went back to class and our founder of Freestyle Now Shaun Jarvis gave a motivational presentation to the high school students on his past experience about “R U OK” and how it is important to have something in your life that you can turn to that is creative and constructive. For Shaun it has been BMX. At the end of the presentation the students got to hang out with the Freestyle Now squad and ask questions.
We got a few photos from the day and one of the teachers Jo Evans was rad to offer her video footage to us to post up.
R U OK is an important question to ask your friends, as sometime they are feeling the weight of problems and issues and a simple gesture of asking “R U OK” can be all they need to know you care and are willing to listen. If you feel you need assistance with any mental health issues get in touch with lifeline.

Freestyle Now Waroona school assembly presentation sep 2014 - Mitch Harris

Squad member Mitch Harris gets it done in front of a loud Waroona school crowd.

Freestyle Now Waroona school assembly presentation sep 2014

Clockwise from top left – Mitch Harris flips the maple – Matt Adkins down whips – John Manning and Mitch candid shot – Matt Adkins rotates in a vertical direction.

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Freestyle Now Kalgoorlie trip


Freestyle Now travels all around Australia rolling out the rad to many people in many different forms, stunt shows, skatepark competitions, coaching workshops as well as school presentations. In April squad members Shaun Jarvis, Brady Thomas and Hudson Goodchild headed out to Kalgoorlie to host round 8 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series. The guys got a little bit of riding done while on the trip, at the skatepark and at a rad local ditch and got some video clips along the way. Enjoy.

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Freestyle Now work experience guy


This week at Freestyle Now we have had the pleasure of having Oli Lane from Ellenbrook Christian collage attend our offices for his year 10 work experience.  He has been helping around the office with many tasks and working on getting the ramps for the Rockingham Invite Competition ready to shred on the day. Freestyle Now are happy to have school students in for work experience and teach the younger generation how to run a business and roll out the radness. Oli had this to say about his week with Freestyle Now

“I came from Bindoon just to do my work experience with Freestyle Now, I love what they do with the comps and demos and it’s awesome. It’s interesting to learn that things don’t just happen they take lots of planning!!! On Monday we went for a quick ride at Carine skatepark and I got a few little clips there with my gopro. I’ve spent my mornings in the office sorting out the invites for the Rockingham Invite Competition and trying to ride when I can. In the arvos I’ve been helping build ramps and painting them up, they’re a really nice size and look fun to ride can’t wait to try them.  This has been a hell of a good week filled with, jokes, coffee, work and… coffee all mixed into one, it has been a rad week at the Freestyle Now office but as they say all good things come to an end. Thanks for a good time.”

Oli Lane at Carine skatepark July 2014

Oli Lane at Carine skatepark.

Oli Lane work experiance at Freestyle Now July 2014

Oli Lane with his weekly tasks while on work experience at Freestyle Now

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Freestyle Now Dunsborough competition road trip


Back in February Freestyle Now went to Dunsborough to host round 5 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark series.
Squad member Brady Thomas was along for the trip and captured some video from the weekend. Like all road trips it was lots of fun. There are a few clips in the video of squad members Dylan Schmidt and Matt Adkins who were ripping it up at the comp. watch and enjoy and remember if it’s not fun don’t do it.

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