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RU OK day – Freestyle Now school assembly presentation


RU OK day is a great initiative that encourages people to meaningfully connect and support those struggling with life through conversation. Its ok to ask someone RU OK, sometimes that’s all it takes to help someone out of a bad situation. We all have got the ability to make a difference if we care to ask, listen, and just regularly look after each other.

Freestyle Now headed to the Waroona school once again to do a school assembly presentation based around RU OK day. It was the fourth time that Freestyle Now has attended the school for such a presentation. Freestyle Now moved the ramps into the undercover location due to the rain and proceeded to roll out the rad with a great positive message.

Freestyle Now can come to your school and bring a great positive message to the students using the medium of bmx, scooter and skateboard radness.

Contact Freestyle Now for more information

Squad members Shaun Jarvis and Tyler Jennings also invited good friend Luke Tooze along to bring the message of positivity to the students during the school assembly presentation. Shaun spoke about the importance looking out for each other, as the signs of depression and mental illness are not always seen like other illnesses and sickness. He also spoke about how it’s the small things that you do that can have a large impact on other people’s lives and you would not know the importance that has played in that person’s life. The presentation was well received by all the students from all the grades. Question time followed after the presentation with the students asking many questions about riding and life in general, which was great to see.


Some of the action that went down on the day, the students loved it as you can tell with the amount of noise they were making.


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Freestyle Now northwest skatepark activation sessions


Freestyle Now in the Northwest Australia 2018

Back in June Freestyle Now spent a week in the northwest of Australia to activate several skateparks. Pannawonica, Paraburdoo, Tom Price and Onslow were the target locations. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis and Ben Thomas invited super skateboard guy Dylan Recce along for the trip to help roll out the rad to all of the locations.

Clockwise from top left – The outback roads are awesome – Tom Price winners are stoked – Jackson was stoked to win some new bars in Paraburdoo – some of the Onslow crew.
More photos can be found on our facebook page here

Flying into Onslow on the Tuesday morning the first stop was Pannawonica only a few hours drive away. A great session with the local skatepark users, learning new skills and winning some rad prizes, it was a nice fun park to ride for sure. Wednesday morning the 6 hour drive began to Paraburdoo. Driving through the northwest of Australia is beautiful, so much colour and beauty. Arriving at the Parraburdoo skatepark to see lots of skatepark users all keen to get involved in some of the coaching and mini comps. Another fantastic session was had with a long bunnyhop session taking place with Jackson winning a set of Grit scooter handle bars. Jason had moved to Paraburdoo from Mt Isa in Queensland and had remembers the Freestyle Now comps a few years ago that we did in Mt Isa. Thursday morning was a short 1 hour drive to Tom Price. Tom Price park is rad with a good halfpipe. Again in the afternoon we held another skatepark activation session with some skatepark coaching workshops and mini comps. Returning to these skatepark on a regular basis is great when you chat to the riders and they show you their progress they have achieved form the skill development you gave them last time. On Friday after a 5 hour drive Onslow was the next stop. Freestyle Now had been attending Onslow on a semi regular bases over the last few months as part of an ongoing activation session with the community. Friday afternoon was a skatepark coaching session at the awesome Onslow skatepark with the level of skills starting to take hold with the participants. Saturday another activation session took place in the afternoon with a large cache of prizes to be given out. It was great to see the participation level very high with lots of people partaking in multiple disciplines all eager to win some of the rad prizes. Sunday morning was our final session with some more skills being taught and shown to the skatepark participants. Roll on Monday morning and it was the flight out of Onslow to return to Perth. Seven days in the north west was a rad time. Lots of skatepark participants got to win some rad prizes, get autographs and learn new skills, a great success. We would like to thank the Shire of Ashburton, BHP for their support and to all of the people who came to the skateparks to hang out and engage. Check the video below of the trip to know what took place and how the radness was rolled out.


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Freestyle Now – Comet Bay College – school assembly presentation


When you put in the effort you get to see the reward.

Ben Thomas and Dylan Schmidt put in the effort to get this double flair for the year 9’s at Comet Bay College.

Freestyle Now was invited to attend the Comet Bay College and host a school assembly presentation. The focus of the presentation was “E for effort” Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis, Dylan Schmidt and Ben Thomas and recruits squad member Karee Funeyvall were also joined by good friend Brendon Cross to show the students how putting in effort into your life can give you positive rewards. Being involved in BMX, Scooter and skateboarding required you to put in effort to learn new tricks. Sometimes these tricks can be an easy learn and not requiring too much effort and sometimes the tricks require so much effort to reach the goal of achievement. Landing a new trick after putting in so much effort is an amazing feeling. Learning new tricks and putting in effort is the same principle in all parts of your life. If you want something you need to put in the effort to get the reward.

Brendon Cross flying, hitting up the gap from spine to small flat bank


Freestyle Now did four sessions, each to the years 7, 8, 9 and 10. During the school assembly presentation Freestyle Now performed lots of different BMX, scooter and skateboard tricks on the portable Freestyle Now ramps. Then at the mid way point Shaun Jarvis spoke to the students about how putting in effort give you the rewards you are seeking. Shaun also spoke about how putting effort into being kind has lots of positive effects to help have a kinder more accepting world. Some people don’t put effort into relating to other people which is a shame. Treating others with courtesy and respect also take effort. The students were encouraged to ask questions, with Shaun and the other Freestyle Now riders giving back some great answers on why they got into skateboarding, scooters and BMX. After discussion time it was back to rolling out the rad and letting the students see how putting in the effort in gets you the rewards you are seeking.

During the day there was a free period after lunch where a select number of students got to interact with the Freestyle now riders in a more personal way, hanging out, talking about life experience and how their efforts have given them rewards like contest success, international travel and great life memories. Positive role models with a positive message.

If you would like this type school presentation at your school please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

Dylan Schmidt back flips the spine for the Comet Bay College presentation.

The Freestyle Now team came to Comet Bay College to present at our Year Group Assemblies, doing both a stunt show and a presentation.  Their presentation tapped into the school’s key message for Term 2, ‘E for Effort’, and the professional BMX, skateboard and scooter riders showcased many impressive skills to students.  Shaun Jarvis did an excellent job of connecting with and engaging our students. We appreciated Freestyle Now’s flexibility, professionalism and ability to deliver a key school message in a fresh and unique way.  The Freestyle Now team were also more than willing to talk with students during recess and lunch, and feedback from both staff and students about the event was overwhelmingly positive.  All students left the presentation with the message that working hard, whilst considering others, is the key to achieving dreams.
Tristan Abbott – Dean of Positive Culture Team – Comet Bay College

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Welcome to the Freestyle Now reserves squad – Tyler Jennings


Freestyle Now would like to welcome our newest reserves squad member Tyler Jennings. Tyler has been progressing well over the last year. He has been in our sights as a potential squad members for a while now and he possesses all of the qualities that meet the requirements to be a Freestyle Now squad member which include – riding awesome, having an awesome attitude, being awesome when approached by others, maintaining an awesome presents at all events, thinking of awesome tricks, being respectful to others, helping others to become awesome, being inclusive and always ready to roll out the rad.
Tyler Jennings can ride a scooter really well, his main influence in his riding has been Freestyle Now squad member Ben Thomas who also rides at High Wycombe skatepark, Tyler’s local riding spot. You can tell that Tyler is willing to put in the effort to get better at scooter riding as he is always out there learning and practicing to refine his skills. Tyler is also on the Grit Scooters flow team.
Tyler recently attended the Australian Scooter Championships in Sydney where he competed in the under 16’s class. Tyler rode like he was on a mission with 2 flawless runs to take the 1st place and the Australian championship in the under 16’s.
Be sure to check out Tyler’s profile on the reserves squad page here. Welcome to the squad Tyler Jennings may the radness be with you.


Tyler Jennings at the Australian scooter championships and his winning runs in the under 16’s


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Norseman skatepark competition April 2018  


Norseman is a small town 2 hours south of Kalgoorle in the gold fields of Western Australia. Norseman has a small but old skatepark and Freestyle Now journeyed out to Norseman to host some skatepark activation sessions. On the Friday there was a skatepark coaching session followed by a skatepark competition on the Saturday. It was a great fun time for the participants who got to learn new skills and then were able to put them new skills into place in a competition. The competition held was a small one but still rad. Its good seeing the progress of the riders in the remote areas and how keen they are to get out and learn new tricks and compete against each other in a competition. A big thank you to the Shire of Dundas and also to our supporters Kickass BMXThe 4 skateboard companyModus BearingsGrit scooter. Be sure to check our coming events page for more info.

Jarrah Turner took out the 1st place

Norseman skatepark competition  28th April 2018 – Official results

Scooter Boys – 1st Jarrah Turner, 2nd Tyron Ware, 3rd Lachlan Buszan, 4th Hayden Morgan, 5th Chaise Miniter, 6th Dalton Preece, 7th Conor Wing

Scooter Girls – 1st Shakira Carlsen, 2nd Molly Clark

BMX – 1st Jayden Cugini

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Welcome to the Freestyle now recruits squad – Ethan Rowland


Freestyle Now would like to welcome young Ethan Rowland onto the Freestyle Now recruits squad. 12 ½ year old Ethan has been riding scooters for about 3 years and is a total shredder. Last year Ethan took the 1st place in the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series in the intermediate class and made to move to the open class for 2018. He is currently sitting at the top of the point’s ladder in the open class for the 2018 series. Freestyle Now has been rolling out the rad since 1986 and started out with only 3 squad members and over the last 32 years many people have come and gone but one thing has always remained and that is the need for our squad members to always be wanting to roll out the rad. Be sure to check Ethan’s profile out on our recruits squad page here. Welcome to the recruits Ethan.

Ethan at the recent Collie skatepark competition

The Freestyle Now recruits squad is designed to teach young radsters about how a sponsorship works. So many young shredders say they want to be sponsored but none really understand what then means. Sponsorship is a two way deal, the rider promotes the brand, and the brand helps the rider. Too many young guns think that they just get product and that’s it, they don’t understand how the sponsorship treadmill works. For Freestyle Now, the recruit’s squad is the chance to help out young shredders but also to help them educate others what sponsorship is all about. Every young radster must start somewhere. The recruits is just that place. Younger shredders who show the potential to roll out the rad, being inclusive, show the potential to be good role models and the ability to progress up the ladder of radness, one day could become a full Freestyle Now squad member

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South Hedland skatepark competition April 2018  


Freestyle Now travels all over Australia to roll out the rad. On this occasion Freestyle now returned to the South Hedland skatepark to host some skatepark coaching sessions and a skatepark competition. South Hedland had a new skatepark opened 3 years ago. The skatepark is one of the biggest in Australia with lots room to get the radness rolling. The competition held was a small one but still rad. Its good seeing the progress of the riders in the remote areas and how keen they are to get out and learn new tricks and compete against each other in a competition. A big thank you to the Town of Port Hedland and the local police for their support and also to our supporters Kickass BMXThe 4 skateboard companyModus BearingsGrit scooter. Be sure to check our coming events page for more info.

 It’s great to see the local police being actively involved with the youth in South Hedland. Officer Grant is really keen to help out and be involved with the youth. Some of the crew looking over some of the prizes to be given out after the skatepark competition.


South Hedland skatepark competition 14th April 2018 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Montell Pickett, 2nd Darren Roebuck, 3rd Alleron Hill, 4th Darren Carson.

Scooter intermediate – 1st Aiden Atkinson, 2nd Kelson Charles, 3rd Simmaron Scott, 4th Kale Atkinson, 5th Brenton Kerrod, 6th Billy- Bob Kelly, 7th Tremaine Armstrong.

Scooter open – 1st Johan Councillor, 2nd Kyron Dhu


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Pinjarra skatepark competition BMX Scooter skateboard – Round 4 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark series


Round 4 of the 2018 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark competition series took place at the Pinjarra Skatepark. The turnout was rad with a great equal number of competitors spread out over all the disciplines and classes. It was great to see the bmx class growing in numbers. The riding at the competition was as always off the hook with competitors pushing themselves to get their tricks done in the runs. A big thank you to the Shire of Murray for their support and also to our supporters Kickass BMXThe 4 skateboard companyModus BearingsGrit scooter. Round 5 takes place in Bridgetown so be sure to check our coming events page for more info.

 The Pinjarra comp was a solid turn out. Pre competition warm ups.


 A little bit of random video form the competition

Pinjarra skatepark competition – Round 4 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark competition series – 14th April 2018 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Heath Williams, 2nd Dylan Munson, 3rd Jaxon Jefferys, 4th Billy Sutherland, 5th Brayden Little, 6th Sam Cross, 7th Callum Dale, 8th Ruben Law, 9th Seamus Verdon

Scooter intermediate – 1st Josh King, 2nd Conor Gale, 3rd Nathan O’Farrell, 4th Shannon Allen, 5th Arden Rowe, 6th Ty Macqueen, 7th Charlie Sutherland, 8th Balin Cooke

Scooter open – 1st Tyson Carroll, 2nd Brayden McGlenchy, 3rd Jayden Stirling, 4th Wilder Rowe, 5th Bayley Rod

Skateboard beginner – 1st Vai Evans, 2nd Cruz Evans, 3rd Marcus Stirling, 4th Zen Evans, 5th Jared Hickman, 6th Bryce Hickman

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Lily Henry

Skateboard open – 1st Mitchell Green, 2nd Samuel Manning, 3rd Jesse Meeres

BMX beginner – 1st Vai Evans, 2nd Campbell Wilson, 3rd Nicholan Russell, 4th Cooper Morrow, 5th Kalani Daymon, 6th Riley Morrow

BMX intermediate – 1st Fabio Canetti, 2nd Jayden Cugini, 3rd Ben Targett, 4th Kobe Barnes, 5th Josh Weaven, 6th Taj Hamilton, 7th Bailey Jokic, 8th Jeremy Wilson, 9th Brayden McGlenchy

BMX open – 1st Daniel Davis, 2nd Jay Roadley, 3rd Jack Carwardine, 4th Leon Vermey, 5th Josh Reynolds, 6th Nathan Dobbie

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Ben Thomas – His Scooter Journey


Freestyle Now squad member Ben Thomas has been on the squad roster for just over two years now. Always a motivated person on many levels. His energy at all Freestyle now events is always 110%. Ben has been riding scooters for about 10 years now and has been on Grit scooters for the past four years. Ben is one of the top respected scooter riders in the world,  having placed top 5 at the world scooter titles in 2012 – 2016. But Ben is more than just tricks on a scooter, he is also a very competitive person always striving to achieve. These qualities are what makes Ben a stand out within the scooter sport. The below video gives you a bit more insight in where Ben Thomas has come from and his journey to the present. Enjoy.  


Ben has the best handplants in the business, captured by Andy Fortini at Port Hedland skatepark


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Collie skatepark competition BMX scooter skateboard – Round 3 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark series


Round 3 of the 2018 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark competition series took place at the Collie skatepark. Freestyle Now has held a skatepark competition there every year for the past few and with each competition they get better and better with more competitors and more progression. There was a great turn out this year with a good amount of skatepark competitors in all groups and classes. It is great to see many competitors travelling to enter the competitions, this is great as it brings many different groups of riders together that not necessarily would get a chance to meet or see others ride. With 53 competitors at the Collie skatepark competition it was one of our larger competitions.  But as normal Freestyle Now got the skatepark competition done without effort and done smoothly. We would also like to thank our supporters Kickass BMXThe 4 skateboard companyModus BearingsGrit scooter, and the Shire of Collie. Round 4 takes place in Pinjarra so be sure to check our coming events page for more info.

Clockwise from top left – Jack Forman won the open skateboard class. After 2 runs both he and Adam Pacyanko were equal points. So it was a mad run off in the bowl, 30 seconds each back and forth until one fell off. Paper scissors rock and it was Adam who went first, run 1 they were good but in run 2 Adam bailed, jack was the winner and went home with the glory and a new 4 skateboard Co. deck – Daniel David whip hopping of the ledge into the bank, Daniel took out the win in the BMX open class but Luke Tooze was keeping the pressure on. Ethan Rowland won the intermediate year end title in 2017 and made the move to the open class. When the young 12 year old is firing he has the move and consistency. A win in Collie was good for him – Best trick of the comp would have to be Jack Carwardine and his no footed bar twist. So rad. More photos can be found on facebook here.

Collie skatepark competition – Round 2 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark competition series – 10th March 2018 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Reeve Gooch, 2nd Jye Smith, 3rd Jack Storen, 4th Ben Wilmot, 5th Tyler Elam, 6th Corbin Tehaara, 7th Rowan Cosh, 8th Blake Hoff, 9th Mitch Simpson, 10th Jet Watts, 11th Denver Riches, 12th Kane Donovan, 13th Jesse Howarth

Scooter intermediate – 1st Shadow McClarty, 2nd Billy Bebbington, 3rd Kye Mayo, 4th Cody Pearson, 5th Jack Bateman, 6th Brody Atwell, 7th Jacob Giles, 8th Luke Gorey, 9th Mitchell Robins

Scooter open – 1st Ethan Rowland, 2nd Kieran Ramsay

Skateboard beginner – 1st Hunter McGil, 2nd Koltyn Tehaara, 3rd Cody Daley, 4th Rowan Cosh, 5th Aarlen Tehaara.

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Ethan Hadfield, 2nd Lachlan Dean, 3rd Ryan Sutton, 4th Matai leef

Skateboard open – 1st Jack Foreman, 2nd Adam Pacyanko

BMX beginner – 1st Bruno Canetti, 2nd Cody Daley, 3rd Kalani Daymon, 4th Matthew Ewing

BMX intermediate – 1st Fabio Canetti, 2nd Jayden Cugini, 3rd Sean Myles, 4th Benjamin Targett, 5th Craig Leverington, 6th Jeremy Wilson, 7th Roan Cosh, 8th Taj Hamilton

BMX open – 1st Daniel Davis, 2nd Luke Tooze, 3rd Lachlan Sims, 4th Jack Carwardine, 5th Leon Vermey, 6th Brody Lake


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