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Bunbury Action Sports Games returns for 2020


Action Sports Games presented by Drug Aware is a multi-action sports event combing BMX, Skate, Scooter and Freestyle Motocross, and an international Pro Wakeboard competition. The event is proudly sponsored by Tourism WA Regional Events Scheme, Drug Aware through Healthway and The City of Bunbury. Event partners: GWN 7, HitFM, Nautique West, Island Apparel, Bayview Bar and Restaurant, Salon Express.


The Action Sports Games presented by Drug Aware,now in its third year, is set to return to the vibrant City of Bunbury, Western Australia. Bunbury is one of the few major cities in the world that can boast to having amazing beaches on its doorstep, flanked by an array of beautiful inland waterways. With a vibrant city lifestyle, fine restaurants, a world-class café strip and plenty of accommodation options, Bunbury is the perfect setting for major sporting events, such as the Action Sports Games. Combining wakeboarding, freestyle motocross, skateboarding, BMX and scooter, this action-packed sports event will attract some of Australia’s best action sports stars to Bunbury to compete for a whopping $20,000 in cash and prizes. Koombana Bay will host the world-class wakeboard tournament and Shota Tezuka from Japan, currently ranked 5th in the world, will be back to defend his title.

Early March is prime seasonal weather conditions for the Southwest of Australia, and many of the world’s best wakeboarders, Freestyle Moto X riders, Skateboarders and BMX riders are set to call Bunbury home for the weekend of competition.
Action Sports Games Event Director Tim Thirsk “We are fortunate to receive funding from the State Government through Tourism Western Australia and Royalties for Regions, Drug Aware through Healthway and the City of Bunbury to keep this awesome event on track. We also have amazing support from other event partners, such as the Bayview Bar and Restaurant, GWN7, Nautique West, Island Apparel and a Salon Express.”

On Saturday 29th February, Bunbury will host a major Skateboard, BMX and Scooter skatepark competition with over 120 competitors from all over WA coming down to compete for over $4000 in cash and prizes. The skatepark competition is one of the highlights on the competition circuit with lots of competitors so excited to compete in such a fun and energetic skatepark competition. The day will kick off at 9am with the skateboard competition for beginners, intermediate and open divisions. After a quick lunch break it will then move into the scooter and bmx competition which is expected to finish at 7pm. It will be a long day of thrills and spills.
Freestyle Now head judge and competition announcer Shaun Jarvis “The Bunbury Action Sports games is such a rad competition. So much radenss takes place. Last year was epic, like the 3 way tie in scooter open. It’s such a hard competition to judge as the riding is so diverse and on an insane level. We are looking forward to rolling out the rad once again in Bunbury. Freestyle Now has been managing the Action Sport Games skatepark competitions since they started back in 2011. If your not in Bunbury to compete or to watch then you’re missing out on history in the making.”

Be sure to check the skatepark competition information on our coming events page to get the latest competition schedule and registration information. The skatepark competition is supported by Colony bmx, Root industries, Modus bearings, The 4 skateboard co, Striker scooters, Grit scooters, Crisp scooters, District scooters.

On Sunday 1st March, Koombana Bay will come alive with the Freestyle Moto X exhibition along with the international wakeboard tournament, the Summer Food Truck Festival and DJ’s all happening on one big action-packed day.

The Action Sports Games is a free event, and will no doubt attract a big crowd down to Bunbury for the weekend. Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said he was excited that a high calibre event such as the Action Sports Games was held in Bunbury. “Events that bring such a diverse mix of sports and activities to our City are important for the social and economic fabric of our community,” Mr Brennan said “Bunbury is rapidly becoming a location of choice for major events, which has been a major focus for the City, and we are sure everyone will welcome the competitors and spectators with open arms.”

Be sure to head to Bunbury and experience all of the Action at the Action Sports games

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Kalgoorlie skatepark competition – bmx scooter skateboard competition – November 2019


Freestyle Now once again returned to Kalgoorlie to host a skatepark coaching session and skatepark competition for scooter skateboard and bmx. When Freestyle Now hosts a skatepark competition we always make sure that all disciplines are involved so no participants miss out on rolling out the rad. Freestyle Now has had a long history of holding competitions in Kalgoorlie since 2005. Made famous from the gold rush days Kalgoorlie is 600kms east from Perth. They have one of the best skateparks in Western Australia and it’s always a pleasure to get to ride it. A great community turn out on the day was good to see. Crowd participation at skatepark competitions are important and competitors get amped up when the cowed is cheering and screaming, it makes the competitors want to throw down more. A big thank you to the youth team at the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder for their support and also to our supporters Colony bmxGrit Scooter and 4 skateboard Company as well as. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on all of our coming events.

Clockwise from top left – Reilly Fowler winning the skate open –  Jaden Oram is super rad and this inward down the stair is all the proof you need – Everyone like to win prizes – Lincon Trinidad midway thru his run to winning the bmx intermediates class – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

Be sure to check the video from Brian Ebbs Productions below

Kalgoorlie skatepark competition – 23rd November 2019 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Retief Vlasich, 2nd Cam Aldrick, 3rd Kelly Maisey, 4th Jarryd Kirkwood, 5th Mason Kinninmont, 6th Levi Wells, 7th Sam Bowie, 8th Chase Raseta, 8th Memphis Kearns, 10th Ben Tiefenbacher, 11th Alekai Hillman, 12th Harper Newsome, 13th Clifford D Cruize, 14th Hugo Silvester.

Scooter intermediate – 1st Kye Myer-Shore, 2nd Nate Higgins, 3rd Tarmieka Smyth, 4th Nick Shaw, 5th Martin Close

Scooter open – 1st Jaden Oram, 2nd Ash France, 3rd Hugh Strowger

Skate beginners 1st Oliver Kildare, 2nd Bradley Carling

Skate open 1st Reilly Fowler, 2nd Akira Erata

Bmx beginners – 1st Tarmieka Smyth, 2nd Cam Aldrick, 3rd Sam Harkins, 4th Vincent Tomson-Tamakaha, 5th Jack Muller, 6th Nixon Silvester, 7th Ivy Muller

Bmx intermediate – 1st Lincon Trinidad, 2nd Dylan Burridge, 3rd Jayden Tomati-Iles, 4th Staceson Mulligan, 5th Nick Shaw


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Freestyle Now Meekatharra skatepark activation road trip


Josh Garwood getting it flat in the pool

Freestyle Now recently headed out to Meekatharra for a skatepark activation session. On the trip was Freestyle now boss man Shaun Jarvis, Josh Garwood who was just getting back into riding after his fractured vertebrates 9 weeks before the trip after the doctor gave the all clear to go and scooter radster Tyler Jennings. Guest skateboard shredder Sam Orme was also invited on the trip. The first day was taken up by the 9 hour drive out to Meekatharra. Day two was the opening of the skatepark and a skatepark activation coaching session. The Freestyle Now helped the locals learn new skills and gain more confidence in bmx, scooter and skateboard activities, so they can have more fun at the skatepark. Day three was another skatepark activation coaching  session with more skills being taken up. On day four it was the long journey home again. Definitely was a great trip full of good times and much radness. The local skatepark participants out in Meekatharra were stoked as were the Freestyle Now crew. On the trip the crew even managed to find an old pool on the trip that Josh and Sam got to roll in, definitely a highlight of the trip. The Meekatharra skatepark is great and if you are ever travelling the 770kms out that was into the remote Western Australian outback be sure to stop and have a roll.


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South Hedland skatepark competition – bmx scooter skateboard competition – July 2019


South Hedland has one of the best skateparks in Australia. It is very large with lots of good lines throughout, a big bowl an open combi bowl and a nice plaza section. Freestyle Now hosted another skatepark competition at the South Hedland skatepark. When Freestyle Now hosts a skatepark competition we always make sure that all disciplines are involved so no participants miss out on rolling out the rad. Inclusiveness is important. The participants all had a great time and it’s good to see young participants progressing well. A big thank you to the youth team at the Town of Port Hadland for their support and also to our supporters Colony bmx, Grit Scooter and 4 skateboard Company as well as. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on all of our coming events.

Clockwise from top left – Leo Drage jumping the gap to get 1st in beginner scooter, A rad Xup from Beau McSweeney to take 1st in scooter intermediate, Cruz Evans was visiting South Hedland to see family. He came all the way from Perth and just happed to be there for the comp and took out 1st in the skateboard class, Ethan Semark got some bmx action happening and got the first place. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

South Hedland skatepark competition – 5th July 2019 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Leo Drage, 2nd Tana Ramsay, 3rd Shari lemon, 4th Lake Ramsay, 5th Lieyton Kevenhoff, 6th River Smith, 7th Charlie Murdoch, 8th Bailey Shinners.

Scooter intermediate – 1st Beau McSweeney, 2nd Ryan Diver, 3rd Aiden Bagwell, 4th Keegan Lemon

Skate – 1st Cruz Evans, 2nd Via Evans, 3rd Zen Evans

Bmx – 1st Ethan Semark, 2nd Tahj Kroczek, 3rd Bradley Brahim, 4th River Smith


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Ramp It Up – High Wycombe skatepark competition – bmx scooter skateboard competition – May 2019


The Ramp It Up skatepark competition made a return to High Wycombe skatepark for 2019. This is always a highlight on the skatepark competition scene and the turnout is always good, and the level of skill during completion is on another level. The City of Kalamunda always puts in the extra effort for the Ramp It Up skatepark competition and the crowds always are keen to make noise. Crowd participation at skatepark competitions are important an competitors get amped up when the crowed is cheering and screaming, it makes the competitors want to throw down more. With 63 competitors it was going to be a rad afternoon of competition. It was great to see a good representation of all the disciplines in the skatepark competition. A big thank you to the youth team at the City of Kalamunda for their support and also to our supporters Colony bmx, Grit Scooter and 4 skateboard Company as well as Mad Orse industries. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on all of our coming events.

Josh Garwood has recently been added to the Freestyle Now squad and rightly so, this was the gap of the day, tyre grab over the bowl. Thats right he jumped over the bowl !!!!

Clockwise from top left – Jared Kitson showed some awesome skills on the rubber wheeled machine like this toboggan and took out the 1st place in the intermediate bmx class – Tyler Jennings like to fly and has his arms reshaped to help him sore even higher. A first place in the open scooters at his home skatepark – Hunter McGill is an awesome name to have if you are a skateboarder and in this case Hunter McGill is a skateboarder and a good one at that. A first place in the intermediate class for the guy who travelled over 200kms just to skate at the competition – Levi Rehbeck is a rad scooter rider and we hope to see him in the open class soon. Mad skills displayed at the High Wycombe skatepark competition from Levi like this 360 helpd him take the win. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

Ramp It Up – High Wycombe skatepark competition – 11th May 2019 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Coen Gibson, 2nd Tait Moffatt, 3rd Brenten Waddingham, 4th Jayce Tayor, 5th Cody Morgani, 6th Austin Hatton, 7th Josh Schnierer, 8th Ryder Gibson, 9th Jensen Shaw, 10th Brodie Camil, 11th Lochy Argyle, 11th Trevor Bailey, 13th Ethan Seale, 13th Lee Reiner, 13th Santhi Arya, 13th Zach Kelly, 17th Albie Livesley, 17th Jake Lynch-Blosse, 17th Angus Lynch, 20th Jax Hannah

Scooter intermediate – 1st Levi Rehbeck, 2nd Callan Mansfield, 3rd Austin Cooper, 4th Jacob Stockdale, 5th Ryan Hall, 6th Corey Price, 7th Jack Moss, 8th Ayden Graham, 9th Tyson Gordon, 10th Tate Hatton, 10th Jacob Horgan.

Scooter open – 1st Tyler Jennings, 2nd Corey VanDam, 3rd Ash Carter

Skate beginner – 1st Coen Gibson, 2nd Billy Bartlett, 3rd Filip Utjesinovic, 4th Ryder Gibson

Skate intermediate – 1st Hunter McGill, 2nd Rhys Leigh, 3rd Jordan Mills, 4th Daniel London, 5th Beauen Dyson, 6th Nicholas London, 7th CJ Martinez

BMX beginner – 1st Campbell Wilson, 2nd Albie Livesley, 3rd Brenton Waddingham, 4th Lee Reiner

Bmx intermediate – 1st Jared Kitson, 2nd Zenith Riley, 3rd Taj Hamilton, 4th Jeremy Mills, 5th Callum Sharp, 5th Nathan Garbin, 7th Nathan Wilson

Bmx open – 1st Josh Garwood, 2nd Dan Davis, 3rd Jack Carwardine, 4th Jaden Roadley, 5th Nathan Joson, 6th Ben Targett, 7th Tyler Gayski, 8th Tyler Jennings.

Below is a rad video of highlights thanks to Mad Orse industries and Do Re Media

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Karratha skatepark – bmx scooter skateboard – skatepark competition – May 2019


Freestyle Now spent a few days at the beginning of May in the City of Karratha to host some skatepark coaching workshops and skatepark competition at the Nickol West skatepark. Karratha is a city in the north west of Western Australia and has five skateparks in and around in the other close towns. The turnout was great at the Nickol West skatepark competition with some awesome tricks being thrown down but the competitors. A big thank you to the youth team at the City of Karratha for their support and also to our supporters Colony bmxGrit Scooters and 4 skateboard Company. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on all of our coming events.

Clockwise from top left – Jack Colfer took out the first place in the scooter intermediate class with some rad moves like this bri – Louis Vastel travelled all the way from France just to compete at the Nickol West skatepark competiton, we that sounds like a rad story so we will run with it. But Louis is from France – Olly Karolyi took out the first place in the bmx beginners class in Karratha following on from his win as the last skatepark competition we held in Pinjarra a few weeks before – Corey Wilson went the highest of all the competitors and also took home the first place in scooter beginners. More photos can be found on our facebook page here.


Nickol West  skatepark competition – 4th May 2019 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Corey Wilson, 2nd Flynn Armstrong, 3rd Thomas Pike, 4th Tahj Kirkwood, 5th Mitch Wilson, 6th Ashley Schut, 7th Tyrece Thompson, 8th Elisha Bailey, 9th Keira Bailey.

Scooter intermediate – 1st Jack Colfer, 2nd Shannon Hann, 3rd Joshua Featherstone, 4th Beau Bailey, 5th Kai Kirkwood, 6th Lochlan Rodd.

Skate intermediate – 1st Michael Bailey, 2nd Louis Vastel.

BMX beginner – 1st Olly Karolyi, 2nd Conner Craig, 3rd Tahn Simmons.


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Pinjarra skatepark bmx scooter skateboard competition – April 2019


Freestyle Now hosted a skatepark competition at the Pinjarra skatepark. The locals there shred the park well. The Shire of Murray always make the skatepark event something special with the town with lots of parents and spectators attending along with the youth in Pinjarra to partake in the other activities taking place around the skatepark. Lots of good riding went down and many riders were stoked on their runs. A big thank you to the Shire of Murray for their support and also to our supporters Colony bmx, Grit Scooters and 4 skateboard Company. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on all of our coming events.

Clockwise from top left – Lily Henry entered the skateboard beginner class and she shredded all the way to 1st place – Nathan Jones travelled from Merredin all the way to Pinjarra to enter the scooter open class and take the win, was good to see him roll – Cruz Evens is a little kid who skates big. Taking the first in skateboard intermediate this bowl pump to launch was so rad he did it twice, awesome – Zenith Riley came to Pinjarra to win the bmx intermediate class and that is what he did, must have been the Freestyle Now rad dude shirt that helped him. More photos can be found on our facebook page here.

 Pinjarra skatepark competition – 13th April 2019 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Sam Nottle, 2nd Harry Rowley, 3rd Vaughn Jones, 4th Dylan Edmunds, 5th Ben Duncan, 6th Blake Carey, 7th Indi Harrison

Scooter intermediate – 1st Marcus Stirling, 2nd Jayden Rehd, 3rd Tom Nottle, 4th Tyler Divitini, 5th Austin Hatton, 6th Jayce Taylor

Scooter Open – 1st Nathan Jones, 2nd Jordan Caswell, 3rd Brayden McGlenchy, 4th Jayden Stirling, 5th Adam Puffler.

Skate beginner – 1st Lily Henry, 2nd Zen Evans, 3rd Blake Edmunds, 4th Harry Rowley, 5th Xavier Bell

Skate intermediate – 1st Cruz Evans, 2nd Vai Evans

BMX beginner – 1st Olly Karolyi, 2nd Campbell Wilson, 3rd Kyle Street, 4th Xavier Bell.

BMX intermediate – 1st Zenith John Riley, 2nd Vai Evans, 3rd Jeremy Wilson.


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Bunbury Action Sports Games – skateboard scooter bmx competition


The Bunbury Action Sports Games was another rad competition. One of the biggest scooter, skateboard and bmx skatepark competition held in Western Australia it had an awesome turn out. With a prize purse of $2500 up for grabs, first place winning $500 in the open class and $3000 worth of prizes plenty of competitors were keen. With an early 9:30am start for the beginners class it was going to be a long day. The beginner class had some great riding and good number of competitors. The bmx class had 11 competitors which was great to see. Roary O’Donnell took the win in the scooter beginner class and also took home a brand new complete scooter thanks to Grit scooters.

The intermediate class was large with a total of 31 competitors. Again it was the bmx class that had the largest numbers with 14 riders all willing to get rad and win prizes. Kieran Ramsay who has made the move from scooters to bmx took out the win in the bmx intermediate class and taking home a nice new colony sweet took frame for the win. It was great to see Jayden Cugini taking the 2nd place. 3rd place went to Chris Efi in his 2nd ever competition. The intermediate bmx class was awesome to watch so much great riding. Levi Pound was the guy who skated well enough to take the win in the intermediate skateboard class. Watch for him to up it in the next few years. Scooter intermediate was all about Kash Toft. He rode well and consistent. A good range of tricks helps with getting more points and thanks to Root Industries he took home a brand new complete scooter.

Left to right – A three way tie for first in scooter open,  Tyler Jennings, Kody Law and Jakob Wells the level of riding was off the hook.

The open class was insane, so much awesome riding went down. In the open scooter it was a three way tie for first between Jakob Wells, Kody Law and Tyler Jennings. The riders decided that they would just split the winning prize purse between them instead of having a final run off. With each judge having three categories to judge from, difficulty, diversity and consistency and then each rider having two runs and then with three judges it’s a lot of numbers to add up and for there to be a three way tie is crazy. That’s how insane the riding was.

In skate open is was Steve Murray all the way, although Jack Foreman was chasing him. Steve hit all the ramps with power and speed, his flow was on point so much so that he had to vomit after each of his runs, he was that sick at skating. Jack Foreman has been skating for a while now and it’s great to see how much progress he has had. Bmx open was going to be a tough competition. Fabio Canettii was on fire in his first run and it looked like he was going to be the man to beat, but something happened in his second run and he dint seem to have the same fire, which brought his points down. Luke Tooze gave Dylan Schmidt a run for his money but it was competition experience that prevailed for Dylan to take the win and the $500 cash first place. Luke his some great lines but just could not get the same smoothness as Dylan through the park. Jayden Roadley his some crazy tech lines through the park but his consistency was just a bit off, great riding from Jayden though.

Steven Murry took the win at the 2019 Bunbury Action Sports Games in the open skateboard division.

All up the Bunbury Action Sports Games was a great success. With 61 competitors and about 300 spectators the day was long and rad. We need to give a big shout out to the competition supporters, Colony BMX, Modus Bearings, The 4 skateboard company, Root Industries, Grit Scooters, Rip N Dip, Death Lens and of course the Action Sports Games. Our next bmx, skateboard and scooter skatepark competition takes place at the Pinjarra skatepark 13th April 2019, more info can be found on our coming events page.

Dylan Schmidt in the middle of a double whip and taking the win in the open bmx class and $500.

More photos can be found on our facebook page here

Bunbury Action Sports Games skatepark competition – 17th March 2019 – Official results

Scooter Open – 1st Jakob Wells, 1st Kody Law, 1st Tyler Jennings, 4th Adam Puffler, 5th Jesse Fontana, 6th Bryce Kenny

Skate open – 1st Steve Murray, 2nd Jack Foreman, 3rd Dylan Tomlinson, 4th Hudson Cleaver, 5th Robbie Balfour

BMX open – 1st Dylan Schmidt, 2nd Luke Tooze, 3rd Jayden Roadley, 4th Fabio Canettii, 5th Daniel Davis, 6th Jack Carwardine, 7th Steven Heuer.

Scooter intermediate – 1st Kash Toft, 2nd Dre Bartosch, 3rd Blake Edwards, 4th Zech Bowman, 5th Harry Doust, 6th Cody Pearson, 7th Kray Reeves, 8th Zac Watkins, 9th Enryn Wood, 10th Jake Budgie, 11th Tom Nottle, 12th Dylan Munson

Skate intermediate – 1st Levi Pound, 2nd Michael Warwick, 3rd Kevin Johnson, 4th Rohan Guy, 5th Austin Teede

BMX intermediate – 1st Kieran Ramsay, 2nd Jayden Cugini, 3rd Chris Efi, 4th Jeremy Wilson, 5th Tyler Gayski, 6th Jaxon May, 7th Bohden Hildred, 8th Dylan Gayski, 9th Rowan Cosh, 10th Adam Lewis, 11th Darby Wray, 12th Taj Hamilton, 13th Kaeghan Robertson, 14th Benny Asa

Scooter beginner – 1st Roary O’Donnell, 2nd Sam Tottle, 3rd Rowan Cosh, 4th Tyler Webb, 5th Jake Lueders, 6th Franco Santella, 7th Chase Nortley, 8th Albie Livesley

Skate beginner – 1st Austin Teede

BMX beginner – 1st Oliver Brightman, 2nd Rohan Guy, 3rd Aaron Mckie, 4th Nick Russell, 5th Albie Livesley, 6th Cody Steel, 7th Campbell Wilson, 8th Angus Lewis, 9th Matthew Ewing, 10th Kobie Rakich, 11th Kobie Hampton.

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Drouin skatepark – skatepark competition bmx scooter skateboard


Freestyle Now was recently at the Ficifolia Festival in Drouin Victoria to manage a bmx, scooter and skateboard skatepark competition. Drouin is a town in the West Gippsland region about 90 kilometres east of Melbourne. The Ficifolia Festival was a great event with a massive street parade lots of entertainment and stalls. With $800 prize money up for grabs thanks to the event sponsors, the competition was on in the open class to win some of that cash. Drouin Cycles gave out some rad prizes for the afternoon competition as well with all competitors taking home prizes. Freestyle Now squad member Lee Kirkman entered into the competition and took home the 3rd place, his first skatepark competition in about 4 years, so it was great to see him shred the park. There was only a short time frame to run the competition in the afternoon to fit within the Ficifolia Festival schedule but in true professional manner Freestyle Now got the competition done in time with great accolades from the competitors, festival organizers and parents. It was great to see the Drouin skatepark competition building in participation levels with many new competitors coming to help roll out the rad. There was a great turnout from the town at the competition with one head count at 400 spectators. Work is underway for the 2020 Drouin skatepark competition so don’t miss it as once again its going to be a rad time. Thank you to the event sponsors Bendigo and Districts Bank, Drouin Cycles, McDonald’s Drouin, The Committee for Drouin and Michael Robinson Photography.

Clockwise from top left – Open bmx rider Jai Bradley came to Drouin with a winning look in his eye and left Drouin with $200 and a gold medal – Drouin local Justin Brebner knows how to skate his local park. He knows also how to take the win in the open skateboard class –   Tom Green rode his scooter so well and did awesome tricks like the flip on the hip. the judges gave him the win and the $200 – Olly Ferguson threading the needle and locking in the rad Xup. Olly went home with the win in the bmx intermediate class.

Freestyle Now squad member Lee Kirkman getting his flair on at the Drouin skatepark competition for the 3rd place. The kids face says it all.

More photos can be found on our Facebook page here

More photos can be found on the Michael Robinson Photography web page here

Drouin skatepark competition – 16th February 2019 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st David Espie, 2nd Seth Hill, 3rd Rory Cross, 4th Chase Gregory, 5th Nate Joiner, 6th Brodie Beechey, 7th Zavier Hollier, 8th Radd Kight, 9th Krue Knight, 10th Beau Beechey.

Scooter intermediate – 1st Jack Cross, 2nd Ash Stanfield, 3rd Cameron Mann, 4th Wyatt Price, 5th Brandon James, 6th Wil Trewin, 7th Kaide Perry. 8th Ben Stanfield.

Scooter Open – 1st Tom Green, 2nd Dylan Arldt, 3rd Jeremy Merin, 4th Jac Cassar

Skate open – 1st Justin Brebner, 2nd Zac Hall, 3rd Phil Bone

BMX beginner – 1st Joel Kovac, 2nd Zavier Hollier

BMX intermediate – 1st Olly Ferguson, 2nd Dalon Jeffery-Molow, 3rd Brendan Alexander, 4th Wil Trewin

BMX open – 1st Jai Bradley, 2nd Jess Cini, 3rd Lee Kirkman, 4th Rosco Rosco


Below is a video from Drouin local Blake Cann , be sure to give it a watch to see some of the action from the Drouin skatepark competition


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Bassendean Gravit8 festival – skatepark competition bmx scooter skateboard


The 2019 Bassendean Gravit8 festival was an awesome event. For about 7 years now the Gravit8 festival has been a highlight on the events calendar, if you have never been you defiantly have been missing out. The Bassendean youth services team really put 100% into organizing the event. The sound system is amazing with the DJ really working the tunes. The timing schedule on the skatepark competition is really important with only four hours to get through fifty competitors. As always Freestyle Now managed the night in true professionalism and got through the competitors as well as hosting jam sessions between the competition rounds, it was a jam packed night without a doubt. The energy from the night defiantly helps the skatepark competition participants be more hyped up to go harder in their competition runs. So much great riding went down. A few stand outs were Freestyle Now newest reserves squad member Dylan Reese taking the win in skateboard open but also showing how talented he is by taking the win in bmx intermediate as well. It was also great to see Freestyle Now recruits squad member CJ Martinez skating and taking the second in skateboard intermediate. Jack Graham Arho who has only been to a few Freestyle Now skatepark coaching sessions took the win in skateboard  beginner ad won a new skateboard deck from The 4 skateboard co, he was so stoked and left that night with a massive smile on his face. Chris Coglais had entered into bmx intermediate in what was his first competition but as soon as he dropped in we could tell he defiantly needed to move up to the open class which he did and took home the 2nd place. When 2020 comes around and you see the Gravit8 festival scheduled in make sure you attend even just as a spectator as the energy and vibe at the event is nothing but pure radness.
A big thank you to the Town of Bassendean for making it happen and also to our supporters Colony BMX , The 4 skateboard co, Modus bearings and grit scooters. Our next skatepark competition takes place in Bunbury as part of the Action Sports Games on the 17th march so be sure to check our coming events page for more info.

 Be sure to check the video form the 2019 Gravit8 such a rad vibe.

Luke Tooze getting his barspin on for a first in open bmx, was such a treat to see him destroy the skatepark with his unique style. Jack Graham Arho is still smiling thanks to winning skateboard beginner and a new skate deck. More photos of the competition can be found on our Facebook page here.

Bassendean skatepark competition – 8th February 2019 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Darcy Criddle, 2nd Joel Sowden, 3rd Jhett Ugle, 4th Jayce Taylor, 5th Tyler Jefferies, 6th Jack Graham Arho, 7th Samara Lawford

Scooter intermediate – 1st Jaxon Flecther, 2nd Karee Funeyvall, 3rd Alexander Tolcon, 4th Alec Fearn, 5th Levi Riebeck, 6th Jacob Stockdlae, 7th Chris Prince, 8th Brody Lawford

Scooter Open – 1st Will Harold, 2nd Jasen Rhodes, 3rd Tyler Jennings, 4th Cameron Harapeet, 5th    Elian Luevas, 6th Aden Lillas

Skate beginner – 1st Jack Graham Arho, 2nd Eli Caporn-Bennett, 3rd Riley Morrow, 4th Mason Egan

Skate intermediate – 1st Robert Sinclair, 2nd CJ Martinez, 3rd Kyle Bridgeland, 4th John Manny

Skate open – 1st Dylan Reece, 2nd Sam Orme, 3rd Noval Lang

BMX beginner – 1st Mason Egan, 2nd Cacey Harvey Hill, 3rd Cooper Morrow, 4th Campbell Wilson, 5th Matt Bertone, 6th Albie Livesley.

BMX intermediate – 1st Dylan Recce, 2nd Taj Hamilton, 3rd Zenith John Riley, 4th Jeremy Wilson, 5th Callum Sharp, 6th Tyler Jennings, 7th Keaghan Robertson, 8th Dylan Gayski

BMX open – 1st Luke Tooze, 2nd Chris Coglais, 3rd Aaron Newman, 4th Jack Hooper

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