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RU OK day – Freestyle Now school assembly presentation


RU OK day is a great initiative that encourages people to meaningfully connect and support those struggling with life through conversation. Its ok to ask someone RU OK, sometimes that’s all it takes to help someone out of a bad situation. We all have got the ability to make a difference if we care to ask, listen, and just regularly look after each other.

Freestyle Now headed to the Waroona school once again to do a school assembly presentation based around RU OK day. It was the fourth time that Freestyle Now has attended the school for such a presentation. Freestyle Now moved the ramps into the undercover location due to the rain and proceeded to roll out the rad with a great positive message.

Freestyle Now can come to your school and bring a great positive message to the students using the medium of bmx, scooter and skateboard radness.

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Squad members Shaun Jarvis and Tyler Jennings also invited good friend Luke Tooze along to bring the message of positivity to the students during the school assembly presentation. Shaun spoke about the importance looking out for each other, as the signs of depression and mental illness are not always seen like other illnesses and sickness. He also spoke about how it’s the small things that you do that can have a large impact on other people’s lives and you would not know the importance that has played in that person’s life. The presentation was well received by all the students from all the grades. Question time followed after the presentation with the students asking many questions about riding and life in general, which was great to see.


Some of the action that went down on the day, the students loved it as you can tell with the amount of noise they were making.


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Welcome to the Freestyle Now reserves squad – Tyler Jennings


Freestyle Now would like to welcome our newest reserves squad member Tyler Jennings. Tyler has been progressing well over the last year. He has been in our sights as a potential squad members for a while now and he possesses all of the qualities that meet the requirements to be a Freestyle Now squad member which include – riding awesome, having an awesome attitude, being awesome when approached by others, maintaining an awesome presents at all events, thinking of awesome tricks, being respectful to others, helping others to become awesome, being inclusive and always ready to roll out the rad.
Tyler Jennings can ride a scooter really well, his main influence in his riding has been Freestyle Now squad member Ben Thomas who also rides at High Wycombe skatepark, Tyler’s local riding spot. You can tell that Tyler is willing to put in the effort to get better at scooter riding as he is always out there learning and practicing to refine his skills. Tyler is also on the Grit Scooters flow team.
Tyler recently attended the Australian Scooter Championships in Sydney where he competed in the under 16’s class. Tyler rode like he was on a mission with 2 flawless runs to take the 1st place and the Australian championship in the under 16’s.
Be sure to check out Tyler’s profile on the reserves squad page here. Welcome to the squad Tyler Jennings may the radness be with you.


Tyler Jennings at the Australian scooter championships and his winning runs in the under 16’s


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