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In this age of complexity it is sometimes hard for the youth to see a clear path ahead and be focused. They have many distractions within easy reach. Who do they have in their lives that are real role models? Who can influence them with motivation and have a positive impact on their lives. The Freestyle Now  squad consists of pro BMX, scooter and skateboard riders who have experienced many of these life choices only to realize that it is their passion for BMX, scooter and skateboarding that has indeed saved them from many of the perils in life. We harness this passion and create a presentation that shows how if you can have passion for something you are able to achieve any goal you desire.

What makes the Freestyle Now school assembly presentation so real?  We are real people, on a level that the youth can relate to, not scripted speech writers. We share our real experiences to have a positive impact on the students of your school. The Freestyle Now presenters are pro BMX, scooter and skateboard riders who have made positive choices in life, enabling them to live their dream as pro athletes in their chosen action sport, but also putting them on the right path to success. It is this attitude and enthusiasm that the riders share with the students during our 40 minute school assembly presentation. A Freestyle Now school assembly presentation can be tailored to suite whatever message the school is currently delivering to its students, active engagement, bullying, effort reward, positive role models, mental health, safety or just to let the students have some fun.

Mt Lawley primary school



Mindarie senior collage


A Freestyle Now school presentation is a mix of awesome BMX, scooter and skateboard skills with positive messages and motivational speeches throughout the presentation to keep the students captivated and by doing this it opens up their minds to the presentation which helps for them to absorb the messages we promote. The physical presence of the Freestyle Now stunt squad jumping through the air with crazy stunts and spinning around in every which way on the ground will captivate not only the students but the teachers as well.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Freestyle Now today  for pricings and any relevant information you may require  for Freestyle Now to deliver to your school a great presentation.

“The Freestyle Now team came to Comet Bay College to present at our Year Group Assemblies, doing both a stunt show and a presentation.  Their presentation tapped into the school’s key message for Term 2, ‘E for Effort’, and the professional BMX, skateboard and scooter riders showcased many impressive skills to students.  Shaun Jarvis did an excellent job of connecting with and engaging our students. We appreciated Freestyle Now’s flexibility, professionalism and ability to deliver a key school message in a fresh and unique way.  The Freestyle Now team were also more than willing to talk with students during recess and lunch, and feedback from both staff and students about the event was overwhelmingly positive.  All students left the presentation with the message that working hard, whilst considering others, is the key to achieving dreams.” – Tristan Abbott, Dean of Positive Culture Team, Comet Bay College


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