Ben Thomas

Date of Birth – September 1995

Current sponsors – Freestyle Now, Grit Scooters, Gain Protection, Tortoise Pads

Resides – Perth

Freestyle Now squad member since – February 2016

Specialty – Professional Freestyle scooter rider

Started riding scooters – when I was 12, 2008

Main type of riding – Park

How did you get into riding? Couple of friends got scooters and we started riding them to school for transport, then started at the skatepark and took off from there.

What was your first scooter? First scooter would have been a Blade.

Who has influenced you the most in riding? Ryan Williams for sure, always sending it and making the sport get big.

What can you remember most about your first competition or demo? Not a whole lot, was nervous for sure. Just had fun riding with my mates.

Five things that matter most to you in no order – Family, Friends, Scootering, Gym, Xbox.

Five things that you dislike the most – Bullying, negative people, when people take a long time to do things that takes little time haha. I don’t really have any other to be honest.

Do you like riding in shows or competitions – I like riding in shows and competitions, I am a very competitive person in nature so I enjoy it sometimes. And showing people what we can do with our sport in shows is great, helps get a lot of coverage for the sport.

What do you do in your spare time? Exercise, Xbox, exercise, friends

To you what is beautiful? Everything, hahah, no I think a lot of things are beautiful as to put it but defiantly people that have good hearts and that can treat others with the same respect is a good thing to see. If only the world could just work together in every situation it would be a much better place.

Why do you ride? For self enjoyment mostly and to show people what scootering really is, an extreme sport. Also to ride with friends and enjoy ourselves.

What has been your worst injury? Split my chin open

Favourite riding spot – High Wycombe skatepark / Fremantle skatepark

Favourite Music – Rap

If you were given a special pencil what would you do with it? Depends what it could do?? Hahah

Current scooter set up

Deck – Grit ( Ben Thomas Signature )
Fork – Grit fork
Headset – Neco
Bars – Grit ( Ben Thomas Signature )
Grips – ODI Longnecks
Brakes – Grit Flex Fender
Wheels – Grit Team wheels



Ben Thomas and a mid 2015 edit

Ben Thomas and his signature deck and bars check

Ben Thomas a day at High Wycombe

Ben Thomas and his welcome To Grit Scooters

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