David Pinelli

Date of Birth – May 1991

Current sponsors – Freestyle NowGain Protection, Local BMX, Colony

Resides – Perth

Freestyle Now squad member since – Reserves squad 2009 – Full squad 2012

Specialty – Mad 360 skills, crazy jumping action, maximum chill ability.

Started riding BMX – Not sure, year 2000 maybe? On and off

Main type of riding – Anything, mainly park and trails

How did you get into riding? – My older brother got a BMX bike and I started riding it and loved it

What was your first bike? – Haro xo! After taxing my brothers chrome diamondback pretty much

Who has influenced you the most in riding? – My mates. Without them I probably wouldn’t be riding to this day. Travelling keeps me stoked also

What can you remember most about your first competition or demo? – Nerves, sweaty hands and slippery grips, haha

Five things that matter most to you in no order – Family, BMX, Good times, Good people, Food!

Five things that you dislike the most – Scooter rats, Arrogance, Injuries, Hangovers, Having to work.

Do you like riding in shows or competitions – Comps can definitely be fun, but seeing people psyched on watching you ride a demo is rad.

What do you do in your spare time? – Chill out with mates, Fishing can be fun

To you what is beautiful? – Blonde, big boobs? hahaha nah, sunrise/dawn over an amazing set of trails with some rad people!?

Why do you ride? – It’s all about FUN.

What has been your worst injury? – I’ve been pretty lucky so far, only broken fingers/hands and a wrecked ankle.

Favourite riding spot – Definitely trails, can’t really say I have one particular spot as of yet

Favourite Music – Lots, just depends how I’m feeling at the time

If you were given a special pencil what would you do with it? – Depends how special.

Current bike set up

Frame – Colony Monash
Fork – Colony sweet tooth
Headset – Colony
Stem – Colony squareback topload
Bars – Colony teddy
Grips – Animal edwins
Seat – Colony cc post combo
Cranks – Colony 22s
Pedals – Colony fantastic
Bottom bracket – Colony mid
Sprocket – Colony cc 25 tooth
Chain – a silver one
Front wheel
– Rim – Colony pinnacle
– Hub – Colony wasp
– Spokes – black ones
Rear wheel
– Rim – Colony pintour
– Hub – Colony wasp
– Spokes – black ones
Pegs – Colony anyway
Tyres – Maxxis grifter and S&M trackmark
Tubes – Rubber






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