Dez Maarsen

dez-maarsen-180-body-varial-photo-bram berkien

Date of Birth – December 1988

Current sponsors – Freestyle Now

Resides – Haarlem, The Netherlands

Freestyle Now squad member since  –  December 2015

Specialty – Flatland bmx

Started riding bmx – 2003

Main type of riding – Flatland

Dez Maarsen - BMX flatland World Championship hosted by the IBMXFF at the NASS festival

How did you get into riding? A friend from mine down the street got a BMX bike at a local bike shop and I just needed to have one! I remember BMX was popping up on sport channels, music video clips, TV shows and video games back then here in Holland. So after saving up all my cash from my paper round and birthday I bought my first BMX.

What was your first bike? A GT Performer

Who has influenced you the most in riding? Several guys where a big influence. Viki Gomez, Alex Jumelin, Simon O’Brien and Yanmar.

What can you remember most about your first competition or demo? The first event I went to was Flatground 2003. I didn’t compete then since I just got my bike! It was an amazing experience to just get in to riding and seeing all the best pro riders in one place! It’s was definitely a privilege to have an event like that so close to home. The first contest I entered was a Dutch action sport contest a few months later. I trained really hard to get everything dialed and eventually won the amateur class.

Five things that matter most to you in no order? BMX ,Food, Traveling, Friends, Family

Five things that you dislike the most? Waking up early, Rain, Not riding, A dysfunctional bike, Being sick

Do you like riding in shows or competitions? Yes I love both!

What do you do in your spare time? Cooking, Watch tv shows,  Hang out with friends,  Go to a party once in while,  Reading

dez-maarsen-spinning-lardyard-photo-bram berkien-bmx-flatland-freestyle-now

To you what is beautiful? Life

Why do you ride? So many reasons! Manly it makes me feel free, special and different. It’s something that satisfy me on many levels. I can express myself, be creative and do things that haven’t been done before. And at the end of a session I always feel good!

What has been your worst injury? No worst injury’s luckily!

Favourite riding spot? My batcave aka flatland dojo aka the flatclub

Favourite Music? Bass music

If you were given a special pencil what would you do with it? Design some awesome BMX parts.


Current bike set up

Frame – St Martin
Fork – St Martin
Headset – Colony
Stem – Colony Exon Stem
Bars – Colony Exon Bars
Grips – Tennis grips
Seat post – Odyssey
Seat – KHE watanabe
Cranks – Colony Exon flatland cranks
Pedals – Welgo
Bottom bracket – Colony Sprocket – Colony
Chain – KHE tang
Rims – sun envy rims
Spokes – primo
Hubs – (front)Ares boo (back)KGB runkai Pegs – Colony Exon pegs
Tires – Ares a class 1.9
Tubes – tubes
Any modifications – Made my KHE watanabe seat into pivotal



Dez Maarsen is amazing to watch riding flatland and you can see this in some of his videos below. It’s easy to see why he is one of the world’s top flatland bmx riders.




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