Jason Parker

Date of BirthAugust 1980

Current sponsorsFreestyle Now

ResidesPerth and parts of the North West of Australia.

Freestyle Now squad member since  –  March 1999

Specialty Flatland skills – Being an awesome dude

Started riding bmxWhen i was 5. But started freestyle at 15 years old. yeah boi !

Main type of ridingFlatland.

How did you get into riding?My cousin showed me the best bmx movie ever made “RAD”

What was your first bike?A Diamond back Woody Itson Strike Zone He is a sick rider.

Who has influenced you the most in riding? –  Well the Kevin Jones, Chase, Jesse Puente, Stumpy, Shaun Jarvis, Aaron Bandy. My cousin Rob and my nephews, Gary Miller just everyone who I have ever watched and had a chance to meet and ride with. Their is mountains of names who have inspired me all the W.A crew and australian scene. My latest Idles Ben Moran and Todd Meyn and not to forget the one and only “Jonesy” Yeah Boi. Also another fav is Warren “decade air ” McVitte along with Ben Clause,  Ben Higgs and old Lucas and Morris , the list goes on and on. What about the Deluxe Adam Duncan and Dempsey. Dam tooo many to thank.

What can you remember most about your first competition or demo?My first demo was insane. I remember the Girls the Money nah not really ummm, It was at Denmark in the south west. Yeah that made me want to get better so we could get girls and money. lol But none of the later ever came about lol. But seriously my first comp was gnarly everyone was ripping. I remember Gave Collins and Joe Morris shredding the Craigie ramps along with Ben Clause who later rode in our shows who now fly’s for Qantas, blasting massive airs it was sick Trent was doing crazy hard flat as well.

Five things that matter most to you in no orderFamily, Friends , My health , Food, Riding

Five things that you dislike the mostFlying to work, JHA’s, my bike being broken, running out of time to catch up with people and scooters at skate parks.

Do you like riding in shows or competitions? That’s hard. I hate riding in both because I just want to ride for the feeling and fun I get from riding. But yes I do like shows and comps because if I don’t do a show or ride a comp then someone else may never get an interest in our sport. That’s what makes me happy is to know someone is happy to see riding that they may never have known existed. I feel happy for doing a comp or show then because it’s inspired someone else to get the same enjoyment that i did when i was like that person.

What do you do in your spare time?ha ha Spare time ….. Well do other riding like ….. flat ,park , Try to fly my model Heli but mostly fixing it more than air time ha ha

To you what is beautiful?What type of Question is this ???? Beautiful is when I see most bicycles.

Why do you ride? –  I ride cause my friends keep me interested in the sport and also Once you get to a level it’s something you can’t stop doing you may stop for a week a year or ten years but there is always a desire.

What has been your worst injury? –  A fractured wrist at vertigo back in the day.

Favourite riding spotBelmont sk8 park

Favourite MusicPoison

If you were given a special pencil what would you do with it?Fly with it

Current bike set up

Frame – S&M Intrikat 19.5 TT
Fork – Colony DeJaVu  minimal offset
Headset – United
Stem – Magic Fruit
Bars – Colony Jam Circle
Grips – Animal
Leavers – Odyssey M2
Cables – Odyssey
Brakes – Colony – Transformer front and back
Seat post – S&M
Seat – S&M
Cranks – Primo
Pedals – Animal Steve Hamilton
Bottom bracket – United
Sprocket – Profile 28T
Chain – Izumi
Front Wheel
– rim – Colony – Contour 36 hole
– hub – Colony – Clone
– spokes – stainless
Rear Wheel
– Rim – Colony – Contour 36 hole
– hub – Colony Freecoaster
– spokes – stainless
Pegs – ABD plastic
Tires – United
Tubes – rubber






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