Josh Garwood


Date of Birth – October 1996.

Current sponsorsFreestyle Now

Resides – Perth, Western Australia

Freestyle Now squad member since  –  May 2019

Started riding bmx – Always been around two wheels since I can remember but picked up the bmx a few years back.

Main type of riding – Skateparks and dirt but always fast and high

How did you get into riding? – I raced motocross at a young age and transferred from there

What was your first bike? – Diamondback

Who has influenced you the most in riding? – My parents and friends

What can you remember most about your first competition or stunt show? – My 1st competition was at Clarkson skatepark about 2012, and I came dead last but you gotta start somewhere.

Five things that matter most to you in no order – Family, friends, bmx, happiness, positivity

Five things that you dislike the most? – Negativity and hate I can’t really think of anything else

Do you like riding in shows or competitions? – I love riding shows

What do you do in your spare time? – Ride bmx and have fun with mates

To you what is beautiful? – My mother

Why do you ride? – I ride because it’s my favourite thing to do and it clears my mind

What has been your worst injury? – I would have to say broken collarbone and arm at the same time

Favourite riding spot? – Any good dirt jumps

Favourite Music – Drum and bass gets me going

If you were given a special pencil what would you do with it? – I would use it for paper work haha

Current bike set up

Frame – Tall order 315
Fork –  Colony dagger forks
Headset – Colony
Stem – Proper
Bars – Vocal
Grips – Proper
Seat post – Proper
Seat – Salt
Cranks – Odyssey thunderbolts
Pedals –  Animal
Bottom bracket – Colony
Sprocket – Delux
Chain – Shadow conspiracy
Front wheel
– Rim – Shadow conspiracy
– Hub – Shadow conspiracy
– Spokes – Shadow conspiracy
Rear wheel
– Rim – Shadow conspiracy
– Hub – Shadow conspiracy
– Spokes – Shadow conspiracy
Tires – Vault tires
Tubes – Definitely have





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