Kareece Furneyvall

Date of birth – January 2000

Current sponsors – Freestyle Now

Resides – Perth

Freestyle Now squad member since – Recruits August 2017 – Reserves December 2018 – Full squad October 2021

Specialty – Scooters, Awesome coach, Manuals, skateboarding

Started riding scooter – 2009

Main type of riding – Technical and anything requiring balance.

How did you get into riding? – I had scooters growing up and by the time I was in primary school I would ride my scooter to school. I watched a video of Ryan Williams in 2009 and started riding my foldable at the skatepark. Near the end of the year, I got my first MGP scooter! I had two local skate parks in 2010 and would always be riding after school and on the weekends, I’ve always found a way to ride since!

What was your first scooter? – Besides my first foldables, my first trick designed scooter was the 2009 MGP pro.

Who has influenced you the most in riding? – Shaun Jarvis and Reece Jones

What can you remember most about your first competition or demo? – Being nervous, but excited!

Five things that matter most to you in no order – My family, Having fun, Expressing myself, The now, Riding!!!

Five things that you dislike the most in no order – Having to write what I dislike, Disliking things, Frogs, Not being able to ride!, No seriously frogs,

Do you like riding in shows or competitions – Defiantly shows! The way I ride in a show is similar to the way I ride in competitions. I like to be able to show what I can do in a small run!

What do you do in your spare time? – I like playing the guitar, piano and saxophone! I also like switching up old scooter parts and riding!

To you what is beautiful – Creative expression, nature, compassion, my friends and family, and a lot of other stuff too.

Why do you ride? – I like the feeling of riding, building up balance overtime, and the feeling of accomplishment after being creative and achieving something after patience and dedication. I like the focus, and the occasional fear that pushes you into the now.

What has been your worst injury? – Breaking my collarbone, took me about 6 months to get my mojo back! My welcome to full squad status video was filmed through a lot of that recovery journey.

Favourite riding spot – Kalgoorlie skatepark and the street spots there, as well as my local skatepark Mills Park.

Favourite music – I like listening to a lot of different music, my favourite at the moment though is Greentea Peng’s music!

If you were given a special pencil, what would you do with it? – Put it in a special pencil case.





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