Matt Adkins

Matt Adkins duncraig high school freestyle now bmx stunt show June 2016

Date of Birth – June 1999

Current sponsors – Freestyle Now, Sweet ride bmx, GAIN Protection

Resides – Perth, Western Australia

Freestyle Now squad member since – Reserves March 2014 – Full squad April 2017

Specialty – BMX park jumping skills

Started riding – 2012

How did you get into riding? Used to always build dirt jumps at my house but then I started wanting to try something different so I started going to skateparks and that pretty much got me into riding. I made a foam pit at my house in 2013 and learnt backflips pretty quickly and just went from there haha


What was your first bike? A blue mirraco

Main type of riding – Skatepark

Who has influenced you the most in riding? Pretty much the boys I ride with and the boys from the Gold Coast because I always love watching there Insta vids

What can you remember most about your first competition or demo? Being  really nervous and hoping I wasn’t going to stuff any tricks up haha

Five things that matter most to you in no order – family, friends, riding and not sure about the other 2.

Five things that you dislike the most – I dislike nothing.

Do you like riding in shows or competitions –  Competitions because they get me more pumped to ride but with shows its good as it isn’t as much pressure

What do you do in your spare time? Hang with friends

To you what is beautiful? Me 😉

Why do you ride? Love doing it and it’s something to do

What has been your worst injury? Probably just breaking my ankles and doing the ligaments in them

Favourite riding spot? Depends what mood I’m in but would have to say Bayswater skatepark because I’m learnt so much there!

Favourite Music? Depends what mood I’m in

If you were given a special pencil what would you do with it? I have no idea haha

Current bike set up

Frame – total hangover
Fork – 34r
Headset – 34r
Stem – 34r topload
Bars – 34r berto
Grips – odi longnecks
Brakes – none
Seat – total bmx
Cranks – 34r
Pedals – colony plastic
Bottom bracket – 34r
Sprocket – 34r orto
Chain – not sure what brand it is
Front wheel
– Rim – alienation
– Hub – profile minis
– Spokes – stainless
Rear wheel
– Rim – 7ka odyssey
– Hub – profile minis
– Spokes – stainless
Pegs – none
Tires – maxxis
Tubes – Kmart ones haha
Any modifications – nope




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