Sasha Berg

Name –  Sasha Kate Berg (Sash)

Date of Birth – May 1998

Started riding roller skates – February 2020

Main type of skating – Transition

How did you get into skating – An old friend of mine used to do roller derby and had some old skates, we came across some videos on youtube from Fantom Media and Moxi Rollerkates and realised what was actually possible in the skatepark. I became so inspired and went down to Bibra Lake and Fremantle skatepark for long skates (3-5 hours) multiple times a week. I think in my first 1.5 years of skating (covid lockdowns aside) I skated on average 20+ hours a week. 

 What were your first roller skates – My very first roller skates were Impala Skates. These skates are quite basic and not perfect for skateparks but for anyone looking to try it out before investing, they’re definitely a good place to start. My full set up now costs over $2000 so it’s certainly something you need to invest in over time. Impala’s start at around $150 for a basic set up, over time you can add various components to make them more skatepark friendly but if skatepark is your jam you will need to upgrade to sturdier skates once you know you’re passionate about the sport.  

 Who has influenced you the most in rollerskating – One of my biggest influencers has been Isobel Wise, Izzy is a local Fremantle roller skater who has serious flow when it comes to skating the EYP bowl. I remember being in my first year of skating and seeing her around and being in awe/wanting to be friends. These days I refer to her as my skatemum and bowl model and we have had many great sessions and both EYP and the Henderson ramp. I learnt so much from Izzy in regard to flowing around a bowl, which really is the foundation of transition skating.

 What can you remember most about your first competition or demo – My first ever competition was in Bridgetown, this was the first ever involvement of rollerskates in a Skatepark Competition with Freestyle Now. What I remember most about this day was the turnout, Bridgetown has an amazing community of skatepark roller skaters and they managed to outdo the turn out of any Perth competition we have had since. 

 Five things that matter most to you in no order – Family, Skating, Justice, Delicious food, Connection 

 Five things that you dislike the most – Snakes(in skatepark), Spiders (in wild), The societal norm of working 40 hours/week, Not knowing why or how we exist, Coriander 

 Do you like skating in shows or competitions – I prefer Shows/Demos

 What do you do in your spare time – SKATE!!! Play board/card games with friends, listen to music, hike, cook/bake. 

 To you what is beautiful – It’s nice to reflect on this, as I definitely don’t acknowledge how full of beauty our existence is, enough. I find beauty in the corner of someone’s eye when the wrinkles show because they’re laughing, in the way my crew make me feel a sense of belonging and make space for me and accept me for who i am. In gradients of setting suns as a backdrop for silhouettes of trees and the glimmers of sunlight on moving bodies of water, to name a few.

 Why do you roller skate – I roller skate to clear my mind and connect with my community. 

 What has been your worst injury – My worst injury would be hyperextension of my knee, Subi bowls spine was the culprit. I was out for 3 weeks and skated on it waaaay before I should have. I still have nerve damage in this knee and some pain when walking up stairs. I do ATG exercises in the gym to counter this but it doesn’t affect me when skating.

 Favourite skating spot – Leedy for the community, Freo for the facilities 

 Favourite Music – D&B, Soul, House

 If you were given a special pencil what would you do with it – Write a letter to the dead

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