Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Michelin Australian Moto Grand Prix


Freestyle Now recently performed some bmx stunt shows at the Michelin Australian Moto Grand Prix, one of the biggest motor sport events taking place in Australia.

David Pinelli rotates a 360 no hander for the Australian Moto Grand Prix crowd.

The Michelin Australian Moto Grand Prix takes place in Victoria on Phillip Island. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis and David Pinelli were also joined by guest riders Brock Horneman and Dean Anderson. Veteran squad member Georg Molnar was also there to handle some of the announcing duties. George has not announced a Freestyle Now bmx stunt show for almost 30 years so it was great to hear his voice over the P.A. once again calling the tricks and amping up the crowd. Freestyle now performed bmx stunt shows over the 3 days at the Michelin Australian Moto Grand Prix. The weather was not show friendly over the 3 days. The first day there were clear skies but strong winds and day two and three the rain decided to play games. Throughout the 3 days and 12 bmx stunt shows Freestyle Now were able to perform all 12 shows. We dodged the rain the best we could with some shows starting in the dry only to be called off halfway through and other shows were striped back to the minimum due to the ramps being wet. Whatever the case it shows the true professionalism of Freestyle Now plus Brock said “We cant disappoint the crowds, they came to see a show a show is what they will see”. The crowds were stoked to see the bmx stunt shows for sure. Be sure to check out our coming events page to see where and when Freestyle now will be rolling out the rad next.

Some raw video footage of the Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows at the Michelin Australian Moto Grand Prix.

Clockwise from top left – Brock Horneman captured in mid double tailwhip while the rain clouds start to approach – Shaun Jarvis took to some stationary flatland skills when the ramps became too wet to ride. Chickenhook on wet grass – Dean Anderson was smashing the tricks out like this backflip all weekend – Freestyle now had to move show locations in the afternoon on day 1 and 2 to the camp grounds for a late afternoon bmx stunt show, David Pinelli with a big turndown backflip. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

Brock Horneman posted on his video channel a video from his time at the Michelin Australian Moto Grand Prix with Freestyle Now