Freestyle Now bmx scooter skateboard stunt show – CMEFU family picnic day


Freestyle Now recently performed some awesome stunt shows at the CMEFU family picnic day. Taking place at the Melbourne show grounds the set up was indoors. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis and Lee Kirkman were there onn the day to roll out the rad along with good friends Jai Bradley and Dean Anderson (bmx), Matty Cerovolo and Billy Watts (scooter) and Josh Dunstone (skateboard). The weather on the day was a very wintery day in the middle of summer with rain coming down in buckets. It was great to have such a perfect indoor location to perform in. the crowds were loving it and getting into the shows with great crowd interaction.

Lee Kirkman has the best no foot Indian air seat grab in the business.

When the last jumps were performed in the stunt show the crowd erupted in so much noise, seeing the riders hit the jump box in a series of back flips, front flips, back flips, front flips and back flips. This was defiantly a crowd pleaser. Freestyle Now performed some radical stunt shows for the families that had gathered and attended the CMEFU family picnic day. Be sure to check out our coming events page to see where and when Freestyle now will be rolling out the rad next.

Freestyle Now stunt shows at the Melbourne show grounds had some awesome riding and great crowd interaction

Clockwise from left – Matt Cerovolo taking to the air over the jump box tail whipping – Josh Dunstone displaying his skateboard trickery to the crowd – Jai Bradley 360 tailwhip just before the crowd makes some noise – Billy Watts is a powerfull scooter rider and this no hander is just the start of his tricks.

Dean Anderson barspins over Shaun Jarvis while the crowd at the stunt show look on.

More photos can be found on our facebook page here

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Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Kelmscott agricultural show


Freestyle Now recently performed some bmx stunt shows at the Kelmscott agricultural show. Freestyle Now squad members Dylan Schmidt, Matt Adkins and Kim Bloodson were joined by guest riders Luke Tooze and Nathan Dobbie to roll out the rad to the patrons of the Kelmscott agricultural show. Freestyle Now performed some radical bmx stunt shows over the afternoon and evening. With Kim Bloodson on the microphone amping up the crowed during the bmx stunt shows the riders let it roll at show time with some crazy bmx stunt riding. Dylan Schmidt was throwing down some crazy superman tailwhips with Matt Adkins hitting some of the cleanest front flips we have ever seen. Guest rider Nathan Dobbie was successful on his 4th attempt to land a bike flip. A bike flip has never been done over the Freestyle Now jump box so a big bmx stunt show first to Nathan. Luke Tooze is a rad up and comer bmxer and he came so close pulling of his first front flip. The crowd at the Kelmscott show defiantly got a great performance. Be sure to check out our coming events page to see where and when Freestyle now will be rolling out the rad next.

Dylan Schmidt mid backflip at the Kelmscott agricultural show

Nathan Dobbie lands his first bike flip.

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The 2017 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series (F.N.W.A.S.S.) has come to an end. There were 14 rounds in total, covering most of Western Australia from Karratha and Port Hedland in the north to Esperance and Caple in the south as well as the Perth metropolitan area. The point series is open to all participants that compete in the intermediate and open classes in bmx, skateboard and scooter disciplines at all of the designated skatepark competitions that Freestyle Now hosts. There were lots of competitors who entered the competitions during 2017 with each competitor receiving points for their placing. Points are awarded in the following way for each placing, 1st = 30 , 2nd = 25 , 3rd = 20 , 4th = 10 , 5th = 15 , 6th = 5 , 7th onwards = 3

A congratulations goes out to the competitors who competed and followed the series enough to keep their points up. This series doesn’t really dictate who it the best rider in the state but gives the competitors a series to follow to work on a year end title. The 2018 series is set to kick off with round 1 at the Bassendean skatepark on the 16th of February and round 2 will be at the Action Sports Games at the Bunbury skatepark on the 3rd March. To see all of Freestyle Now coming events be sure to check our coming events page. We will be in touch with the winners of the series to award them prizes for their efforts.

For the 2018 series only the top 10 place getters from each competition will get points allocated to the year end series. The winners in open classes will win an away trip with Freestyle now to one of our away events as a guest squad member for the event. All travel costs, accommodation, meals will be taken care of as well as being paid for their services. Other prizes will be awarded to top 3 in all classes. To be eligible to receive prize competitors must compete in no less than 5 competitions. All competitions in the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series will be held at skateparks within a 300km radius of Perth.

Left Bailey Portman won the skateboard intermediate – Right Jack Forman won first place in open skateboard

Top 3 skateboard intermediate
1st Bailey Portman 80 points, 2nd Zach Brown 70 points 3rd CJ Martinez 60 points
Full results chart here

Top 3 skateboard open
1st Jack Forman 60 points, 2nd Brandon Kilroy 55 points, 3rd Don Howley 46 points
Full results chart here

Left Ethan Rowland won the scooter intermediate – Right Jiordan Giacoppo won first place in open scooter once again that’s 3 years in a row. 2015, 2016 and 2017 year end title holder, congratulation to Jiordan Giacoppo

Top 3 scooter intermediate
1st Ethan Rowland 231 points, 2nd Jacob Flavelle 116 points, 3rd Talyn Galic 108 points
Full results chart here

Top 3 scooter open
1st Jiordan Giacoppo 200 points, 2nd Kody Law 150 points, 3rd Jakob Wells 136 points
Full results chart here

Left Sean Thill won the bmx intermediate – Right Luke Tooze won first place in open bmx with an impressive 2017 year of radness

Top 3 bmx intermediate
1st Sean Thill 140 points, 2nd Adam Smedley 70 points, 3rd Ben Targett 61 points
Full results chart here

Top 3 bmx open
1st Luke Tooze 250 points, 2nd Jack Carwardine 235 points, 3rd Nathan Dobbie 125 points
Full results chart here

2017 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series competition list

Round 1 Wanneroo – 13th January
Round 2 Butler  – 20th January
Round 3 Bassendean – 17th February
Round 4 Collie – 12th March
Round 5 Esperance – 19th March
Round 6 Pinjarra – 1st April
Round 7 South Hedland – 8th April
Round 8 Caple – 22nd April
Round 9 Rockingham – 13th May
Round 10 Port Hedland – 12th August
Round 11 Karratha – 19th August
Round 12 Willetton – 6th October
Round 13 Stratton – 14th October
Round 14 High Wycombe – 9th December


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Freestyle Now bmx and scooter stunt show – Mildura agricultural show  


Freestyle Now recently performed some bmx and scooter stunt shows at the Mildura agricultural show. Freestyle Now squad member Lee Kirkman made the journey to Mildura in the north west of Victoria with guest riders Jai Bradley, Shannon Farrugia and scooter rider Matty Ceravolo. The riders performed some great stunt shows on the portable ramp. With Jai Bradley and Shannon Fuerugia ripping it over the jump box in bmx mode, Matty Ceravolo rolling out the rad with some insane scooter moves and Lee Kirkman performing some great bmx flatland skills, the crowd at the Mildura show were treated to some great riding from the squad during the bmx and scooter stunt show. Be sure to check out our coming events page to see where and when Freestyle now will be rolling out the rad next.

Jai Bradley rocking the 360 over the jump box

Clockwise from top left – Matty Ceravolo hittin it up with a flair whip – Lee Kirkman rolling upside down with some of his flatland moves – Matty Ceravolo again throwing his scooter around while the crowd making the noise – Jai Bradley taking his hands off while spinning a 360 over the jump box. More photos can be found here on our facebook page.

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High Wycombe skatepark hosted round 14 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark competition series. This was the last competition in the 2017 series. The Ramp it Up event put on by the City of Kalamunda was a great day. With 59 competitors spread out over the three disciplines of bmx, scooter and skateboard and having a great number of spectators it was nothing but radness all day. Who would have guess that having a skatepark competition in December you would have problems with rain, but there was. On a few occasions the competition was halted while it rained for a few minutes. Once the skatepark was dry again it was all systems go. The day was seamless with all of the disciplines alternating their time on the skatepark. Going into the day Luke Tooze and Jack Carwardine in the bmx open class only had 5 points between them for the year end title. It was close going but this year Luke has seen much progression. With large gaps and fast riding taking place he took the win in the open class and the year end title. We would also like to thank our other supporters Colony BMX, The 4 skateboard company, Modus, Grit scooter, and The City of Kalamunda. The 2018 series kicks off at Bassendean skatepark on the 16th February. Check our coming events page for more info.

Clockwise from top left – Ethan Rowland has been smashing in the intermediate scooter class for 2017 and took the win at High Wycombe competition sealing his year end title for the intermediate scooter class, expect to see him completion in open class in 2018 – Jiordan Giacoppo again took the 1st place position at High Wycombe in the scooter open class as well as winning the year end title for 2017, that’s 3 years in a row. 2015, 2016 and 2017 year end title holder, congratulation to Jiordan Giacoppo – Bailey Portman has been slowly progressing within skating and it’s good to see. At High Wycombe he took home the 1st place in skate intermediate as well as winning the year end title for skateboard intermediate class – Luke Tooze won the year end title as well as the 1st place in bmx open class at High Wycombe. The guy is rad – More photos can be found on the facebook page here.

High Wycombe skatepark competition – 9th December 2017 – Round 14 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Harley Renfrey, 2nd Rhys Cheshire, 3rd Coen Gibson, 4th Russel Mason, 5th Finn Stockley, 5th Douglas Woodward, 5th Carter Nikora, 8th Kade Field, 9th Euan Johnston, 10th Seth Wrigley, 11th Zayle-Bay Straight, 11th Trent Foster, 13th Jai Morete, 14th Brody Henderson, 15th Levi Morete, 15th Jayce Taylor, 17th Tristen Ziak, 18th Ryder Gibson.

Scooter intermediate – 1st Ethan Rowland, 2nd Thomas Wildish, 3rd Kaylen Westcott, 4th Adam Puffler, 5th Jasper Anton, 6th Dylan Raynor, 7th Fabian Evans, 8th Karee Furneyvall, 9th Liam Hillman, 9th Jay Clinch, 11th Kane Wrigley, 12th Ashton Kelly, 12th Kyle Rewell, 14th Jarrod Campbell.

Scooter open – 1st Jiordan Giacoppo, 2nd Brandon Dargie, 3rd Tyler Jennings, 4th Jason Meintjes, 5th Jacob Flavelle

Skateboard beginners – 1st Zayle-Bay Straight, 2nd Coast Henry, 3rd Ryder Gibson

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Bailey Portman, 2nd Max Swan, 3rd Tom Sykes.

BMX beginners – 1st Jeremy Wilson, 2nd Nathan Gart, 3rd Mason Egan, 4th Treharne Wooley, 5th Johnny Williams.

BMX intermediate – 1st Johnathan Cooper, 2nd Taj Hamilton, 3rd Jy Garbin, 4th Tyler Henderson, 5th Jacob Love, 6th Sean Thrill, 7th Benjamin Targett

BMX open – 1st Luke Tooze, 2nd Nathan Dobbie, 3rd Jack Carwardine, 4th Jiordan Giacoppo.

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Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Michelin Australian Moto Grand Prix


Freestyle Now recently performed some bmx stunt shows at the Michelin Australian Moto Grand Prix, one of the biggest motor sport events taking place in Australia.

David Pinelli rotates a 360 no hander for the Australian Moto Grand Prix crowd.

The Michelin Australian Moto Grand Prix takes place in Victoria on Phillip Island. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis and David Pinelli were also joined by guest riders Brock Horneman and Dean Anderson. Veteran squad member Georg Molnar was also there to handle some of the announcing duties. George has not announced a Freestyle Now bmx stunt show for almost 30 years so it was great to hear his voice over the P.A. once again calling the tricks and amping up the crowd. Freestyle now performed bmx stunt shows over the 3 days at the Michelin Australian Moto Grand Prix. The weather was not show friendly over the 3 days. The first day there were clear skies but strong winds and day two and three the rain decided to play games. Throughout the 3 days and 12 bmx stunt shows Freestyle Now were able to perform all 12 shows. We dodged the rain the best we could with some shows starting in the dry only to be called off halfway through and other shows were striped back to the minimum due to the ramps being wet. Whatever the case it shows the true professionalism of Freestyle Now plus Brock said “We cant disappoint the crowds, they came to see a show a show is what they will see”. The crowds were stoked to see the bmx stunt shows for sure. Be sure to check out our coming events page to see where and when Freestyle now will be rolling out the rad next.

Some raw video footage of the Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows at the Michelin Australian Moto Grand Prix.

Clockwise from top left – Brock Horneman captured in mid double tailwhip while the rain clouds start to approach – Shaun Jarvis took to some stationary flatland skills when the ramps became too wet to ride. Chickenhook on wet grass – Dean Anderson was smashing the tricks out like this backflip all weekend – Freestyle now had to move show locations in the afternoon on day 1 and 2 to the camp grounds for a late afternoon bmx stunt show, David Pinelli with a big turndown backflip. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

Brock Horneman posted on his video channel a video from his time at the Michelin Australian Moto Grand Prix with Freestyle Now

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DownUnderGround – 2017 Australian bmx flatland Championships – The finals


DownUnderGround is the Australian bmx flatland championships and the 25th November saw the finals hit the iconic location of the Melbourne Imax. Bmx flatland riders from around Australia and the world converged on Melbourne to partake in one of the hardest forms of bmx riding, flatland. It was good to see a great turnout with a few international riders attending. DownUnderGround is entering into its 10 year in 2018, the first contest took place in Perth in November 2008. Over the past 9 years many riders have attended at various locations around Australia to compete and have fun. This round of DownUnderGround in Melbourne has the highest rate of beginners the contest series has seen. In Australia bmx flatland riders would rarely get to hang out if it was not for DownUnderGround. It’s not just about a competition, it’s a time for riders to come together, share tricks have goodtimes and build the bmx flatland scene in Australia.


The Riders Life channel came down and filmed this rad compiled video from the competition.

Heading into the finals the points for the year end titles were close. In the beginners David Rooney and Rusty Eylward-Pyko were equal so it would come down to who would place higher at the contest for who would take the year end title. In the expert class Thore Saggau was in the lead by 25 points from Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis, Thore would have to have a really bad day to place last with Shaun having to be on game to take top spot for things to change. In open class it was tied points with two of Australia’s flatland heavyweights, Paul Chamberlain and Simon O’Brien. Simon unfortunately did not show so the year end went to Paul.

Freestyle Now squad member Paul Chamberlain rolling a nohanded plastic man on his way to placing 2nd place in the open class and taking the year end championship title. Photo June Dungca

David Rooney ended up taking the win from Rusty Eylward-Pyko in the beginners. David was just a little bit more consistent than Rusty but both rode well. With the win David took home the year end title and a rad looking trophy. 3rd went to first time competitor Paul Griznic who had some cool combos, he was pumped. 4th was a tie between Melbourne newcomer Jo Hilis and Perth rider Alexsandra Louise who was also competing in her first competition. What was great to see with all of the beginner riders was the willingness to give it a go and not care how sketchy they were, that is what is needed at more competitions.

In the expert class it was a close result between the two German riders with only one point separating first and second with both riders having some hard combos. Phillip Frueh took the top spot from Thore Saggau who took home the second place trophy. Singaporean rider Ron King Tan placed in 3rd with a banger comb at the end of his run. The best way to describe it is a front wheel rolling spin to a hop whip landing on the back pegs in a backwheel spin. Had the King rode a bit more consistent he would have been a threat to the top two. 4th place went to Tasmanian rider Chris Letchford who made the trip at the last minute, it was good to see him there. With Thore Saggau taking 2nd and Shaun Jarvis placing 7th the year end title in the expert class was all Thore’s.

Clockwise from top left – Alexsandra entered her first competition and placed equal 4th, well done (photo from the riders life) – Phillip Frueh took thhe top spot in the expert class by 1 point – the top 3 in the beginner class, David Rooney taking the year end title – Ais Rahadiyan took 4th in the open class with tricks like this cliffhaneger.

Heru Anwari traveled from Indonesia just for the contestand smashed out some fast backwheel combos to take the win in the open class home to Jataka. Photo June Dungca

The open class was won by Indonesian rider Heru Anwari. Some rad fast back wheel trickery was what sealed his win. There was only 5 points separating 1st and 3rd so you know the riding was good. Heru was on fire and it was great to see his style at DownUnderGround. Freestyle Now squad members Paul Chamberlain and Lee Kirkman took home 2nd and 3rd. Both Paul and Lee had some hard combos on the back and front wheel which would have help their scores. Both were of equal consistency but the judges must have awarded Paul a few more points in difficulty. 4th place went to another Indonesian rider Ais Rahadiyan who has been living in Melbourne for the past year. Ais had some good combos but just was not on game with his consistency on competition day.

All round the finals of DownUnderGround were one of the most successful rounds to date, good international turnout, high number of beginners, the rain stayed away and everyone had fun. 2018 will be the tenth year that DownUnderGround will be running and the promotion of flatland bmx continues.

Freestyle Now squad member Lee Kirkman hittin a brakeless decade to take 3rd in the open class. His last combo in his run was a killer, check the video below for the video lowdown. Photo June Dungca

Expert and open contest runs, DownUnderGround is all about the fun.

DownUnderGround – Australian bmx flatland Championships – 25th November – Round 3 the finals – Official results

Contest sponsors – Freestyle Now, Colony BMX, GAIN Protection, Sneaky Wholefoods, Anchor BMX, Solid Signs

Beginners – David Rooney 78 points, 2nd Rusty Eylward-Pyko 73 points, 3rd Paul Griznic 62 points, 4th Jo Hilis 60 points, 4th Alexsandra Louise 60 points, 6th Richie Spencer 57 points, 7th Seth Eylward-Pyko 34 points, 8th Kit McKenna 30 points, 9th Zephyr Pawlak 24 points, 10th Tahj Pawlak 17 points.

Expert – 1st Philipp Frueh 98 points, 2nd Thore Saggau 97 points, 3rd Ron King Tan 82 points, 4th Chris Letchford 79 points, 5th Ben Pawlak 77 points, 5th Trent Karow 77 points, 7th Shaun Jarvis 74 points, 8th Matt Spencer 72 points

Open – 1st Heru Anwari 127 points, 2nd Paul Chamberlain 125 points, 3rd Lee Kirkman 122 points, 4th Ais Rahadiyan 107 points, 5th Grant Cruse 100 points

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Stratton skatepark hosted round 13 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark competition series. Stratton is a small but fun park and the locals of the park were really happy to attend the competition. it was great to see such a good beginner bmx turnout and some new faces in the skateboard division. In the weeks leading up to the competition Freestyle Now hosted several skatepark coaching sessions at the Stratton skatepark and it was good to see the people who attend the session using their new skills in the competition. We would also like to thank our other supporters Colony BMX, The 4 skateboard company, Modus, Grit scooter, Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries in Western Australia and the Rise network
The next round of competitions takes place, round 14, the finals on the 9th December at the High Wycombe skatepark. Check our coming events page for more info.

Clockwise from top left – local scooter rider Cameron Harapett rode well and used some of the new skills he learnt in the previous skatepark coaching session st Stratton skatepark to help take 2nd place in the intermediate class – Bailey Portman had a huge smile when he found out he had placed 1st in the skateboard intermediate class, smith grind – Chris Prince is another Stratton local who was able to advance his skills at the skatepark coaching sessions at Stratton, a well deserved 1st place in the beginner scooter class – Jeremy Wilson rode really well and consistent in the bmx beginners class, double peg grind to being stoked on a 1st place. More photos can be found on the facebook page here.

Stratton skatepark competition – 14th October 2017 – Round 13 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Chris Prince, 2nd Reece Fletcher, 3rd Zayle-Bay Straight, 4th Harvy Yorkshire, 5th Austin Cole, 6th Dylan Munson, 7th Blaze Pirga, 8th Shannon Phillips, 9th Conno Hills, 10th Maynard Nodders, 11th Max Cheesbrough, 12th Daniel Wiltanga, 13th Daniel Magowan, 14th Charlie Wiranga, 15th Jordan Hills, 16th Liam Kyle, 17th Scott Hills, 18th Cooper Marsh, 19th Mikayla Marsh

Scooter intermediate – 1st Ethan Rowland, 2nd Cameron Harapett, 3rd Jaxon Fletcher

Scooter open – 1st Zepplen Voyatzis, 2nd Corey Vandam

Skateboard beginners – 1st Cooper Taylor, 2nd Zayle-Bay Straight

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Bailey Portman, 2nd Kyle Bridgland, 3rd Byron Timmons

BMX beginners – 1st Jeremy Wilson, 2nd Taj Hamilton, 3rd Cooper Morrow, 4th Mason Egan, 5th James Jackson, 6th Riley Morrow, 7th Jordan Hills

BMX intermediate – 1st Benjamin Targett

BMX open – 1st Jack Carwardine

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Willetton skatepark was the next location in the Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark competition series. Round 12 was a massive turnout with 78 competitors. Willetton has always had big numbers and it was great to have some sun shine at the Willetton competition as the last few years it’s been plagued by bad weather. Skateboard and BMX both had some good numbers with all three classes having entrants. Scooter beginners again had a large number of competitors as did scooter intermediate. The riding that all of the competitors were displaying was nothing but progressive. It is great to see so many younger riders coming up and progressing from beginners into the opens. A large thank you to The City of Canning for their support. We would also like to thank our other supporters Colony BMX, The 4 skateboard company, Modus, Grit scooter and Vokul scooters.

The next round of competitions takes place, round 14, the finals on the 9th December at the High Wycombe skatepark. Check our coming events page for more info.

Clockwise from top left – Jack Foreman has been progressing so well in skateboarding and it was great to see him skate at Willetton taking the win – Thanks to Vokul scooters for sponsoring the scooter competition with some products like these brand new Meta X1 completes that the winner of beginners, Ben lee and winner of intermediates, Adam Puffler were able to take home for their hard earned first placings – Kody Law winner of the open class. The competition was fierce at Willetton with it being a very close competition – Ben Targett winner of bmx intermediates. Classic table top, great to see they have never gone out of style. More photos from the day can be found on the facebook page here

Willetton skatepark competition – 6th October 2017 – Round 12 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Ben Lee, 2nd Toby Sully, 3rd Dylan Munson, 4th Connor Duffy, 5th Jett Stagrose Grose, 6th Jack Edwards, 7th Renso Schenis, 8th Jon Piccirilli, 9th Anmol Boparai, 10th Lachlan Norris, 11th Huxly Flower, 12th Ryan Spinella, 13th Ayden Kutzer, 14th Ethan Klompmaker, 15th Alex Thompson,16th Coen Gibson, 17th Angus Wright, 18th Nathan Ellison, 19th Blaire Holbrey, 20th Jye Thompson, 21th Ryder Gibson, 22th Ryan Bradshaw

Scooter intermediate – 1st Adam Puffler, 2nd Ethan Rowland, 3rd Tyson Carroll, 4th Taiyo Wright, 5th Oben Mchoull, 6th Peter Roberts, 7th Matt Boult, 8th Myles Palombella, 9th Lachlan Larsen, 10th Jordan Field, 11th Noah Neveu, 12th Tyler Miller, 13th Ethan Price, 14th Jacob Flavelle, 15th Wilder Rowe, 16th Theo McCracken, 17th Jayden Guelfi, 18th Riley Swandel, 18th Tim Schneider, 18th Boston Brown, 21st Finn Lappin, 21st Ty Newman, 23rd Cooper Chapman, 24th Jack Marrone, 25th Jarom Teki, 26th Zach Brown.

Scooter open – 1st Kody Law, 2nd Jakob Wells, 3rd Jason Meintjes, 4th Jae Yates, 5th Jordan Giacoppo, 6th Brody Groth, 7th Riley Hunter.

Skateboard beginners – 1st Koa Thompson, 2nd Huxley Flower, 3rd Isla Brown, 4th Myles Brown

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Cameron McDonnell, 2nd Zac Brown, 3rd Bailey Portman, 4th Ethan Rowland

Skateboard open – 1st Jack Foreman, 2nd Ross Local McBride, 3rd Jay Packer, 4th Sheldon Howard, 5th Isaac Doherty

BMX beginners – 1st Stephan De Haas, 1st Taj Hamilton.

BMX intermediate – 1st Ben Targett, 2nd Jy Garbin, 3rd Tyler Henderson.

BMX open – 1st Steven Heuez, 2nd Nathan Dobbie, 3rd Luke Tooze, 4th Jack Carwardine


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Dez Maarsen – rolling out the rad


Freestyle Now squad member Dez Maarsen has been super busy over the last few months, travelling Europe, winning contests, finishing school and being involved in a big theater production. Currently Dez is about to compete once again at Flatark in Kobe, Japan. We caught up with Dez to get the low down on what he has been up to and to do a catch up on all the contests that he has been rolling out the rad at. Read on.

Dez Maarsen captured mid combo switch at the Ruhr games.

You have been hitting up a few contests lately which one were they?

After not competing for all most a year I hit four contests in one month. So a contest almost every week. It started this year with Ruhr Games at the beginning of June. It was an invitational contest for European riders. For European conditions it was extremely hot during the finals. Due to a busy tour schedule and school I wasn’t able to really prepare for this contest. The weather conditions didn’t make it any easier so I ended up riding so well.
I decided to take trip to Croatia for the Croatia BMX Championship to get more in de contest mood. This contest was held on the boulevard in the beach town of Baska Voda. It ws good to see a lot of riders from Eastern Europe from Czech and Hungary making the trip to Croatia. The contest was held in the evening, so during the day we had time to enjoy the sunny weather and chill at the beach. After a small qualification the finals where in battle format. During the contest I got in a nice flow and hit some combo’s I was really stoked about. In the final with Dominik Nekolny and Chris Bohm I took some more risks, but didn’t finish too much combo’s, so I had to do it with 3th place.

At the sea side town of Baska Voda in Croatia Dez powers through one of his original combos, check the feet, you know he is about to pivot on them pegs.

A week after Croatia it was time for the second edition of the Urban Sport week Amsterdam. We had a small turn out since Nass aka the Worlds was held the same weekend. Riders from all over the Benelux made it to Amsterdam. Viki Gomez who is originally from Spain, but is now living in Luxembourg made it to support an up and coming contest instead of heading to the Worlds. The contest was hosted in the centre of Amsterdam and we had a nice OSB floor for flatland on Sunday. The weather was hitting over 30 degrees, which is pretty special for Dutch weather conditions. My trip to Croatia got me back in the contest flow and this time I kept it together during the contest. I managed to pull all my bangers in the final jam battle with Viki Gomez, Gilles van der Sompel and Sietse van Berkel, scoring me first place on home turf.

Dez spinning cross foot at the Urban Sport week contest in Amsterdam where he took the first place podium.

Nothing like the taste of victory on home ground.


Speed and flow is the Dez Maarsen trade mark style, and it was evident in Amsterdam.

Then it was time for one of the biggest contest of the year, the annual BMX Cologne contest. Again the contest was held in the bumpercar arena which made sure there was a great floor and awesome ambience! A couple of big names that made it last year where missing, but still the level was top notch and almost all the top pro riders from around the world made it. Almost 40 pro riders entered which was pretty much the highest entry I’ve seen all year. During the qualifications I managed to drop a solid run that scored me second place. Unfortunately the day of the finals my run it didn’t went as I wanted. I’ve noticed that sometimes it is nicer to qualify in a less higher position. This way you don’t have to wait for all the riders to pass and you just focus on your own run.

The BMX Cologne contest is one of the biggest contests of the year and to qualify in 2nd place out of almost 40 pro riders is no easy task. Photo by Melissa Zucchiatti

I’ve noticed that sometimes it is nicer to qualify in a less higher position. This way you don’t have to wait for all the riders to pass and you just focus on your own run. 

After a big theater tour, writing my thesis and hitting a contest almost ever week I decided to take a good rest during the summer. After not riding so much there was one contest close to home on the agenda. This time I made a trip to Antwerpen, Belgium for Antwerpen City Drops. There was a small turnout of Dutch and Belgium riders with the appearance of David Hoffman from Germany and Martin Drazil from Czech. We were blessed with great weather all weekend! Antwerpen City Drops was hosted by the City of Antwerpen and had wide range of Actions Sports. The disciplines where spread over the city and BMX Flatland and Dirt was hosted next to Antwerpen historical Castle, giving the contest a cool ambiance and a lot of spectators. I was pretty solid the whole weekend and manage to hit all my contest combos in the final jam battle and took home the win. All round there was a great vibe at this contest. All the riders hanging out after the contest and jamming. This is really what flatland is about.

Antwerpen City Drops bmx flatland contest was a sweet victory in the battle finals for Dez Maarsen. Such a solid finals run.


The pure power and style of Dez was in full effect at the Antwerpen City Drops contest battle finals.

What ones have been your favourite and why?

The Urban Sport Week Amsterdam was definitely the best. The event is as set up great this time and I rode the best here. The victory was really great with all my friends, family and theater show colleges to cheer me on! And I was stoked to pull all my bangers after struggling at the previous competitions. I even saved a trick for the final that I manage to pull in the last second.

St Martin has a new prototype frame, can you tell us anything about it?

The geometry is the same as the previous Opera frame, there are just a few minor changes on the frame to make it stronger. The strawberry patented wedge seat clamp has been replaced with different seat clamp. Then the chain stay is more cleaner and has some fancy bended tubes and thicker dropouts. The frame I’m testing isn’t heat treated so I won’t be able to truly test its strength.

The new prototype St Martin Opera frame is in current test mode, its looking solid.

You’re heading back to Flatark, it’s been 2 years since your last time there, what are you looking forward to the most and the least? 

I’m the most excited about the Japanese riding scene to hang out and ride with the riders. The scene is still top notch and so strong. Now with all the super young kids riding BMX Japan is making sure flatland will stay alive in Japan. Also i’m looking forward to the food!! Can’t wait to have a bowl of ramen. The thing I’m looking for the least is jet lag and qualifications. Arriving in Japan on Wednesday, with qualifications on Friday I hope there will be enough time to get ready.

Dez Maarsen in 2015 at Flatark in Kobe where he placed 8th. Here is hoping for a rad result at one of the biggest contests on the flatland contest calendar. Photo by Marcio Abe.


Dez qualifying run from Flatark 2015

You have finished your school studies now, what were you studying? How will this help moving forward? Are you glad it finished with?

Getting this bachelor degree feels like such a big win. It was a long journey to get this. Struggling with dyslexia, school was never my thing. After dropping out of school at the age of 17 after getting my high school degree, riding BMX and traveling where my only ambitions. My mom supported my decision as long as I found a job. After working at soulcycle BMX shop for a couple of months I got the best job a young BMX rider could ask for. I was approached by ISH a theater group that makes breakthrough theater shows by using urban sport and street arts. I saw them preform a year before and back then I toughed it would be so awesome to be part it, so it was definitely a dream come true. For two years I was performing in sold out theaters and traveling and Romania and China to even to shows there where big high lights. After two years unfortunately the tour was over. I saved up enough money to finally make my trip to Japan where I spent over a month travelling across the country with my homie Gino Stuart. Competing at the legendary King of Ground contest making the final of pro contest for the first time at the Prova Cup in Hiroshima. After I was super motivated, but had to get a job again and ended up as dish washer. I decided I had to be more pro active in getting shows. Media & Entertainment Management seemed like a fitting study and with the right motivation, taking some test I was accepted to my local university.
Studying and riding went pretty good together. I still had plenty of time to ride. Unfortunately studying and competing didn’t always go so well together. Sometimes I would skip exams and risk getting expelled from the semester by skip mandatory classes just to go to competitions abroad. At the end of college I was pretty deep in competing since I no longer had mandatory classes. Riding was more priority since I was competing in the World Circuit. After doing that for two years it was really time to finish college. Getting back in college mode was hard, so finishing it was a hard time. Many months of no riding and rejected graduation studies passed. But the same determination I’ve for riding kept my going and after struggling for almost two years I finally graduated and I’m a proud owner of a Bachelor in Arts.
For now I want to focus on BMX, traveling, riding shows and competing and slowly make a transition to pursue a career in the real world.
Thanks to my supporters St Martin, Soul City Cycles and Freestyle Now.

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