Bridgetown skatepark competition – January 2021


In 2008 Freestyle Now held a competition at the Bridgetown skatepark, one of the first at the then new skatepark. Now just  over 12 years and 5 competitions later Freestyle Now was back to host another skatepark competition. This competition was the sixth one at Bridgetown skatepark and it was just as awesome as the past 5. With a great turn out of competitors and spectators the radness got rolled out by many. There was lots of prizes on offer and everyone that entered took home products, when that happened its awesome. A big thank you to Blackwood Youth Action and also to our supporters Grit ScooterThe 4 skateboard co and Colony BMX. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on all of our coming events. A full list of all the competitions that freestyle Now has hosted can be found on the past competitions page here.

Clockwise from top left – Jayden Sammit lives in Perth but returned to his home town of Bridgetown just to come and roll out the rad and take the win in the scooter open class. Great riding from Jayden. – Seth Jiblet took the win in the BMX open class riding brakeless and chainless. Great flow and smooth riding was one of the key factors in his win. – Noah Almond took home a 5th in scooter beginners but as you can tell from the photo his determination will defiantly set him up for a win soon enough. – We were stoked to see Cooper Clause compete in Bridgetown and take the 5th place in skateboard. Cooper is the son of Ben Clause who used to ride for Freestyle Now back in the early 2000’s. Its great seeing the off spring from past riders coming on through. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

Bridgetown skatepark competition 15th January 2021 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Max Munday, 2nd Jacob Almond, 3rd Chevy Maxwell, 4th Max Self, 5th Noah Almond

Scooter intermediate – 1st Kelly Egertoh, 2nd Riley Kelly, 3rd Kaden Gough, 4th Max Power, 5th Jacob Dupe, 6th Decklan Frey

Scooter open – 1st Jayden Sammit, 2nd Luke Gorey, 3rd Joshua Sloan, 4th Harry Stevenson

Skateboard – 1st Jasper Porteous, 2nd Dainel Rogers, 3rd Max Self, 4th Jackson Dudley, 5th Cooper Claus

BMX beginner – 1st Riley Kelly, 2nd Max Varnavites, 3rd Bayden Miller, 4th Hardy Vitali

BMX intermediate – 1st Seth Jiblet, 2nd Kade Humble, 3rd Lex Wright

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Bremer Bay skatepark competition – January 2021


Bremer Bay held its first skatepark competition on their new skatepark in January. Freestyle now had the pleasure to host the skatepark competition for the Bremer bay community resource centre thanks to Live Lighter be active campaign sponsored by Healthways. The day before the competition Freestyle Now hosted a skatepark coaching session. Lots of participants learnt new skills and gained confidence with navigating the skatepark. Freestyle Now also spoke to the participants about how a skatepark competition is judged and how to plan out a competition run. At the competition many of the participants put this advice to good use. The competition was well attended by the town of Bremer Bay with many spectators and supporters, which was great to see. At the end of the competition all the participants no matter their placing took home a prize. It was also good to see some participants entering more than one discipline, yeah more prizes. A big thank you to the Bremer bay community resource centre and also to our supporters Grit Scooter, The 4 skateboard co and Colony BMX. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on all of our coming events. A full list of all the competitions that freestyle Now has hosted can be found on the past competitions page here.

Clockwise from top left – Taz Darvill dropped into the bowl while spectators looked on and then ending up winning the beginners skateboard competition – Seth Jolley used all of the skatepark even the bits that were not technically the skatepark to take the win in the scooter intermediate class – Kalani TeHula jumps the rail, after a few attempts, landed it sweet and got a massive amount of noise from the spectators – Rocco Lemon won the scooter beginners class and took home some brand new Crisp scooter bars, he also took home the 2nd place in skateboard beginners. Prizes galore. More photos can be found on our facebook page here


Bremer Bay skatepark competition 13th January 2021 – official results

Scooter beginners – 1st Rocco Lemon, 2nd Zaden Newton, 3rd Matthys Burger, 4th Damon Walker, 5th Ruby Clews, 6th Macca Clews

Scooter intermediate – 1st Seth Jolley, 2nd Ayden Maley, 3rd Joshy Mitchell, 4th Victor Formica, 5th Harry McLeod

Skateboard beginner – 1st Taz Darvill, 2nd Rocco lemon, 3rd Harry McLeod, 4th Macca Clews

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Kalani TeHula, 2nd Keegan Lemon, 3rd Kye Harman, 4th Maisie Mitchell, 5th Giovanni Doctor, 6th Dane Hunter, 7th Flynn Jackman, 8th Mason Francis

BMX – 1st Damon Walker


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Port Kennedy skatepark competition – December 2020


Port Kennedy had an old skatepark It was built at a time when it seemed no one knew how to work with cement. The City of Rockingham after years and years finally got the funding to build a new skatepark, and what a awesome skatepark it is. The designers and builders got this one about 90% correct. Good lines, good flow and good a good range of elements. Freestyle Now hosted the first skatepark competition at the new skatepark. As always at Freestyle Now skatepark competitions all disciplines and skill levels were catered for. It was really good to see the great turn out of competitors. A big thank you to the City of Rockingham and also to our supporters  Grit ScooterThe 4 skateboard co and Colony BMX. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on all of our coming events. A full list of all the competitions that freestyle Now has hosted can be found on the past competitions page here.

Clockwise from top left – Madison Ware took the 2nd place in the skateboard beginners class. She had some great skills and put together a great run around the skatepark – Brandon Newbury won a new skate deck from the 4 skateboard company for winning the intermediate skateboard class – Jack Hoopes travelled the 1 hour long train ride and then the 30 minute pedal from the train station to get to the Port Kennedy skatepark competition. It was great to see that level of commitment. A 2nd place for Jack along with some great riding. Thanks for coming and rolling out the rad Jack – 1st place in the scooter intermediate went to Kaden Hodson. With a great mix of skills using many of the different elements of the skatepark, Kaden put together some killer runs. While many riders were focusing on just a few banger tricks and getting their trick list done Kaden focused on flow and a range of skills and tricks all over the park.

More photos can be found on our facebook page here

Port Kennedy skatepark competition 4th December 2020 – official results

Scooter beginners – 1st Seth hall, 2nd Lincoln Fairlie, 3rd Keiran Hall, 4th Jayden Barton, 5th Lucas Gibbins, 6th Mason Newby, 7th Cruz Domney, 8th Zane Newby, 9th Jayce Blakers, 10th Fiona Krasnoff. 11th Calais Blakers, 12th Charlie Anderson.

Scooter intermediate – 1st Kaden Hodson, 2nd Brodie Donno, 3rd Shannan King, 4th Tyler Reid, 5th Jaden Andrews, 6th Toby Avis.

Skateboard beginners – 1st Zac Cunningham, 2nd Madison Ware, 3rd Mel Nagueira, 4th Parker Ware, 5th Stone Hopper, 6th Destiny Gordon-Stable, 7th Ryan Barton, 8th Charlie Anderson, 9th Owen Fuerste, 10th Noah Nagueira, 11th Osca Sullivan.

Skateboard Intermediate – 1st Brandon Newbury, 2nd Kenny Do, 3rd Stanley Vickera, 4th Ethan Lillas.

BMX beginners – 1st Aaron Murray, 2nd Jayce Blakers, 3rd Fiona Kransnoff, 4th Georgia Montgomery.

BMX intermediates – 1st Daniel Gibbins, 2nd Jack Hoopes, 3rd Albie Livesley, 4th Jerome Montgomery, 5th Jacob Groeneweg.

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Tackling mental health with BMX – R U OK day at Waroona school


Tackling mental health in important. Stay active both mentally and physically to help your mental health. 

Luke Tooze sending the vertical rotation at Waroona School

Freestyle Now attended the Waroona school for a school assembly presentation as part of R U OK day. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis and Luke Tooze invited along good friend Daniel Davis to roll out the rad to the school. The presentations main focus was to talk about mental health. Students from pre primary through to high school were in attendance. The BMX riders performed some great BMX stunts and tricks that the students were super hyped with. In the middle of the presentation Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis took to the microphone to talk about the importance of speaking and listening about mental health.It is important to speak about how you are feeling but it is also just as important to listen when someone is not feeling mentally well. When your friend or family member talks to you about how they are feeling it dose not always mean you need to fix their problems. Sometimes just speaking to someone who is listening helps. Please remember to ask people R U OK if you can see a change in their mannerisms. Sometimes all it takes to help someone is to ask R U OK.

A Freestyle Now school assembly presentation can be tailored to suite whatever message the school is currently delivering to its students. If you want Freestyle Now to come to your school for a school assembly please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements. A full list of all the stunt shows that Freestyle Now has done since 1986 can be found on our past stunt show page. To see some photos from the school assembly presentation check our facebook page here


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2020 Western Australian bmx freestyle state championships


The Western Australian bmx freestyle state championships took place at Bayswater skatepark on a weekend in November that saw record rain fall. The competition was meant to take place on the Saturday but leading up to the day rain started to fall and did not stop. The Saturday was so washed out that a canoe would have been better at the skatepark than a bike. Competition goers were notified that if it did not clear up the competition would be scheduled for the Sunday. Saturday night the rain was still falling at a rate that would fill an ocean. Come Sunday morning the rain had stopped but the weather was still looking less than favorable, but it was all systems go for the 2020 Western Australian bmx freestyle state championships.

Bayswater skatepark was picked as the choice of skateparks due to it scheduled for demolition in the new year. It is making way for a multi level carpark for a new train station, the community has great hope for a good replacement in the future. For 18 years Bayswater skatepark has seen its fair share of radness and hosted its fair number of competitions and it was only fitting that a final competition would be a great way to finish up the life of Bayswater skatepark (it has now had a reprieve and due for demolition in 2022)

Luke Tooze the 2020 Western Australian state champion in the open class.

Clockwise from top left – Albie Livesley rode really well in the under 10’s class. The 7 year old has got some rad skills. 2020 state champion. – Imogen Denison took the win and the championship title in the girls / womans class but only just from her mother Rachel Denison. This was a great competition to see mother and daughter riding together. – Roman Depiazzi is now the current bmx freestyle Western Australian state champion in the beginners class. He is definitely moving forward into the intermediates soon enough if he keeps on progressing. – The 2020 state champion in the intermediates is Ronan McCamish. Such a rad kid who loves bmx and like to do no handers of the beast box at Bayswater.

Clockwise from top left – Justin Edwards has been riding Bayswater skatepark for years, we wonder how many times he has done no handers over the beast? over 35’s state champion. – At 52 Freestyle Now co founder Shaun Jarvis is the over 45’s Western Australian state champion. Double pegin down the kinker ledge. – Ryan Aquilina is a living legend of Bayswater skatepark. He has rode there almost every day over the past 18 years. We are sure he could do this tyre tap on the wall with his eyes shut. Ryan rode so good but just missed a few points and took home the number 2 placing. – Luke Tooze has been on a mission this past year. Winning the Scarborough beach bmx bowl battle only a few weeks before winning the Western Australian bmx freestyle state championships. This 720 over the beast was super clean and Luke took the well deserving state championship.

BMX freestyle skatepark is now an official Olympic sport. It was meant to be rolling in the 2020 Olympics but due to world events it’s hoped that the Olympics will run in 2021. This was the second Western Australian state championships that Freestyle Now has hosted (2019 being the first). There were a good number of riders who entered the competition which catered for many ages and skill levels. Under 10’s, Girls /womans, beginners, intermediates, over 35’s, over 45’s and the open class. The level of riding is always growing and it was good to see the level of riding in the under 10’s. In the girls/womans it was most awesome to have daughter and mother take out the 1st and 2nd places, big thanks and congratulations to Imogen and Rachel Denison. We are unsure if that has ever happened in a bmx competition before.

There were lots of different styles of riding going down over the different classes, some riders going wide open and some riders being super technical along with a mix between them all. All up it was a great representation of the riding that is currently taking place in Western Australia. The riding in the groups was all really close. Each competitor had two runs with only their best run being taken into account for their points. A big congratulation to all the riders who entered and especially to the riders who took out the number 1 positions. Freestyle Now hopes to roll out the 2021 Western Australian state championships soon.

We would like to thank our supporters for the 2020 Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships, Colony BMXLocal BMX, and Aus Cycling.

Be sure to check out all the photos from the competition on our facebook page here

Western Australia bmx freestyle 2020 state championships – 15th November 2020 – Official results

Girls/ womans – 1st Imogen Denison, 2nd Rachel Denison, 3rd Georgia Montgomery, 4th Fiona Krasnoff
Under 10’s – 1st Albie Livesley, 2nd Cody Steel, 3rd Jerome Montgomery, 4th Angus Lewis, 5th Kai Denison, 6th Levi Brown, 7th Brody Brown
Beginners – 1st Roman Depiazzi, 2nd Kayden Taylor, 3rd Brenten Waddingham
Intermediates – 1st Ronan McCamish, 2nd Jake Welham, 3rd Maison Russel, 4th Tyler Gayski, 5th Oliver Rosie
Over 35’s – 1st Justin Edwards, 2nd Adam Lewis, 3rd Steven Hughes- Landers
Over 45’s – 1st Shaun Jarvis, 2nd Barry Livesley, 3rd Corey Brown
Opens – 1st Luke Tooze, 2nd Ryan Aquilina, 3rd Jay Roadley, 4th Daviel Davis, 5th Brad Evans, 6th Jack Carwardine


Girls/ womans – 1st Imogen Denison, 2nd Rachel Denison, 3rd Georgia Montgomery

Under 10’s – 1st Albie Livesley, 2nd Cody Steel, 3rd Jerome Montgomery

Beginners – 1st Roman Depiazzi, 2nd Kayden Taylor, 3rd Brenten Waddingham

Intermediates – 1st Ronan McCamish, 2nd Jake Welham, 3rd Maison Russel

Over 35’s – 1st Justin Edwards, 2nd Adam Lewis, 3rd Steven Hughes- Landers

Over 45’s – 1st Shaun Jarvis, 2nd Barry Livesley, 3rd Corey Brown

Opens – 1st Luke Tooze, 2nd Ryan Aquilina, 3rd Jay Roadley

Freestyle Now squad members took 3 number 1 titles in the competition. Albie Livesley winning the under 10’s, Shaun Jarvis winning the over 45’s and Luke Tooze having a cracker of a run in the finals to take the win in the open class.


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How to – Change a tube on your BMX bike


Have you ever changed a bike tube before? You want to learn how? Just watch this video and we will teach you how. Everything you need to know how to do the job with easy to follow steps. Now go find that BMX bike that you have not rode in 7 years because it had a flat tyre, get it fixed as now you have no excuse, then go roll out the rad.



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2020 DownUnderGround – Australian BMX flatland championships


2020 DownUnderGround , the Australian BMX flatland championships number 12 was a video only contest, open to all riders around the world. With the current global situation with Covid -19 travel restrictions are in place around the world and earlier this year within Australia. This made organizing a national contest problematic. We could not set a date as we never knew if or when travel restrictions would ease up in Australia and or if riders would even want to travel interstate with the current conditions. As DownUnderGround has had a video round as part of the contest for many years it was a easy decision to make 2020 a video only contest. To make the video even more special we had our contest judges live announce over the video after they had judged the video contest and the riders were placed in the video according to their contest placement. Thanks to Shaun Jarvis, Paul Chamberlain and Joe Cicman and James McGraw.

The format of the contest was easy, riders submit their video as if they were riding at a contest. No edits or multiple clips, one continual run, no less than 1 minute and no more than 2 minutes. Each rider’s video was judged by three judges using the DownUnderGround contest format. Each judge scores each category out of 20 points;
Difficulty – How difficult and complex the tricks are.
Consistency – How consistent the rider is in pulling the tricks within the contest run.(feet down, foot dab, smoothness of run)
Variety – This is left up to the judge’s discretion on what their own interpretation of variety is. This can take into account range of techniques (spinning, turbining, rolling, scuffing, stationary, pumping…) variety and range of tricks, types of tricks, combinations of tricks, front and rear wheel usage, backwards and forwards.
The best possible score from one judge per video run is 60 points. The three judges points are added together to determine the winner and place getters.

Due to the nature of the contest we knew we would get many international riders entering than Australian riders. This just made the contest so much more rad. The level of riding around the world is amazing. Some many great riders being able to showcase their riding and their riding spot. Nothing but pure radness in the video.

Congratulations to Freestyle Now squad members for their placings – Shaun Jarvis 18th experts , Lee Kirkman 12th opens, Paul Chamberlain 7th opens.

Thank you to DownUnderGound supporters – Freestyle Now , Colony BMX


2020 DownUnderGround – Australian BMX flatland championships – official results 30th December 2020

1st – Jhong Pantorilla – Davao, Philippines – 146 points
2nd – Seth Eylward-Piko – Melbourne, Australia – 69 points
3rd – Spencer Frueh – Melbourne, Australia – 64 points

1st – Chris Vasileiou – Ioannina, Greece – 171 points
2nd – Miguel Hernández – Oaxaca de Juárez, México – 165 points
3rd – Dwyne Lopena – Tagbilaran City, Philippines – 160 points
4th – Malte Orth – Göttingen, Germany – 158 points
5th – Matshah Matbum – Sungai Petani, Malaysia – 157 points
6th – Gauthier Saint – Montréal,Canada – 156 points
7th – Diodes Tan – Tagbilaran City, Philippines – 155 points
8th – Harif Houzey – Sungai Petani, Malaysia – 152 points
9th – Wan Kecik – Sungai Petani, Malaysia – 150 points
10th – Hiblot Guillaume – Laon, France – 149 points
11th – Kebong Evasco – Tagbilaran City, Phillipines – 148 points
12th – Philipp Frueh – Melbourne, Australia – 144 points
13th – Valkir Juliano – São Paulo, Brasil – 142 points
14th – Jayson Conde – Cagayan de Oro, Philippines – 140 points
15th – Eric Suin – Amiens, France – 139 points
16th – Bikram Sarkar – Gauhati, India – 138 points
17th – Matt Wootton – Launceston, Australia – 137 points
18th – Shaun Jarvis – Perth, Australia – 136 points
19th – Inuwnuu – Banten, Indonesia – 133 points
20th – Keith Nolasco – Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines – 132 points
21st – Paul Grzinic – Melbourne, Australia – 114 points
22nd – Kevin Filmer – Melbourne, Australia – 104 points
23rd – David Rooney – Melbourne, Australia – 101 points

1st – Kio Hayakawa – Nagaoka, Japan – 156.5 points
2nd – George Manos – Ioannina, Greece – 148.5 points
3rd – “Zebu” – São José do Rio Preto city, Brazil – 144 points
4th – Gonzalo Bellanti – Melbourne, Australia – 142.5 points
5th – Martin Drazil – Prague, Czech Republic – 142 points
6th – Renz Viaje – Marikina City, Philippines – 139 points
7th – Paul Chamberlain – Sydney, Australia – 136.5 points
8th – William Do Prado Costa – Pouso Alegre, Brazil – 132.5 points
9th – Jose Buisan – Manila, Philippines – 129 points
10th – Georich Cardino – Tagbilaran City, Philippines – 128 points
11th – Alan Alfaro – Cabanatuan City, Philippines – 127.5 points
12th – Lee Kirkman – Brisbane, Australia – 118.5 points
13th – Paulo Gepulango – Bacolod City, Philippines – 116 points
14th – Heru Anwari – Melbourne, Australia – 113 points


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Freestyle Now South West Skatepark Safari


Freestyle Now squad members Luke Tooze, Shaun Jarvis and Josh Garwood travelled to the South West town of Augusta in November to host a bmx coaching session at the Augusta bmx track. On the journey many of the famous skateparks at Busselton, Dunsbrough, Capel and Margaret River were ridden and clips were obtained. The results of the skatepark trip is contained in this video below. Be sure to give the Josh Garwood section a watch and feel the pain of the journey to achieve the goal of accomplishment. Bmx riding is always fun when you travel to ride with friends.

The Augusta bmx coaching session was a super fun day with lots of new skills learnt and new levels of confidence gained by all the participants.


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2020 Japan BMX flatland champion – Jigen Omotohara 13 – 15 year group


Congratulations Japan national bmx flatland champion Jigen Omotehara

Big congratulations to Freestyle Now squad member Jigen Omotehara for winning the Japan Cup and is now the Japan national champion in the bmx flatland 13 – 15 year group. Jigen’s progress has been great to watch over the last few years. Keep rolling out the rad.


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Kalgoorlie skatepark competition – November 2020


Freestyle Now hosted a skatepark competition at the world famous Kalgoorlie skatepark. One of the best skatepark in the world, it allows multiple users to use the skatepark all at the same time. The skatepark has great flow which allows for great competitions and has a large assortment of obstacles and ramps to suit everyone’s styles and skill levels. The lines at the Kalgoorlie skatepark are endless. The competition took place on the Friday night with a skatepark coaching session on the Saturday morning that was well attended by all disciplines and all ages. A big thank you to the youth team at the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder  and also to our supporters Grit Scooter, The 4 skateboard co and Colony BMX. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on all of our coming events. A full list of all the competitions that freestyle Now has hosted can be found on the past competitions page here.

Kalgoorlie skatepark competition participants all went home with some great prizes and big smiles on their faces.

Kalgoorlie skatepark competition 6th November 2020 – official results

Scooter beginners – 1st Jarryd Kirkwood, 2nd Retief Valasich, 3rd Viliami Fisi, 4th Memphis Kearns, 5th Chace Whincup-Lunder

Scooter intermediate – 1st Tarmeka Smyth, 2nd Kye Meier-Shore, 3rd Bryce Grout, 4th Jesse Lupton

Skateboard – 1st Reilly Fowler

BMX – Lincoln Trinidad, 2nd Staceson Mulligan, 3rd Jesse Lupton, 4th Kieren Bennett, 5th Bouyden Hogan

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