2021 Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships – current points standings


The final round of the 2021 Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships will take place at the world famous Bayswater skatepark on the 12th December. Round 1 took place at the Mandurah Action Sports Games back in May, and round 2 at the Zambrero BMX bowl battle at Scarborough beach skatepark as part of the Groundswell festival in October. Round 1 was a even points round, round 2 was an odd point round. (see info below) The series finals will take place at Bayswater skatepark on the 12th December. The finals will be a even point round with riders earning double points. The rider scoring the highest points takes the 2021 Western Australian BMX freestyle championship place. Some of the current point standings are super close so this will be an interesting competition to see who comes out as the Western Australian BMX freestyle state champion. (check standings below)

Even points round – 1st = 20, 2nd = 18, 3rd = 16, 4th = 14, 5th = 12, 6th = 10, 7th and down = 8
Odd points round – 1st = 21, 2nd = 19, 3rd = 17, 4th = 15, 5th = 13, 6th = 11, 7th and down = 9

 Current point standings at the end of round 2

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Kareece Furneyvall moves up to full Freestyle Now squad status


Welcome to full squad status Kareece Furneyvall.

Welcome to full squad status Kareece Furneyvall. Starting out as a recruit in August 2017 Kareece has not only progressed with their riding, carving out their own unique style, but also they have grown into the one of the most amazing coaches and mentors Freestyle Now has. Kareece has a natural ability to engage with participants at skateparks and understand how to break down tricks to their basic form and explain each step to participants. Being a coach is not an easy task, it takes a certain understanding not only on the way to break down the mechanics of tricks but also the understanding that each participant has different abilities to comprehend. Kareece has all of this dialed. When it comes to scooter riding Kareece has their own style. After riding for 12 years and trying to follow the same as many other riders and not having fun, it took a scooter ride around the Swan river to really find what the reason for riding was all about, the fun and enjoyment. After this ride their riding style shifted to have more flow, more technical type of tricks. The fun of riding came back. You can see when Kareece is riding they don’t care about impressing anyone except themselves, this makes a good rider. Their riding is for them and judgment of others is irrelevant. What a lot of people don’t know is that Kareece also skates and rides BMX as well. While he enjoys both of these, scooters are their jam and we can see a scooter lifer every time Kareece steps on their scooter.

Toboggan footplant at sun down

The love of manuals is evident in Kareece’s riding, like this Xup manual at belmont

Kareece suffered a broken collarbone on October 2020. After a coaching session had finished he went for a quick ride at the skatepark only to be too comfortable on a finger whip and forgetting the cardinal rule with riding, never take tricks for granted. Landing wrong and rolling onto their shoulder a distinct sound was heard and straight away knew it was a collarbone. The recovery was impeded by a doctor dislodging the bones which resulted in surgery to screw it all back together. Coming in to March 2021 was when Kareece really started to find that mojo to be in scooter mode again. The below video is that journey of ”getting my mojo back”



“I’m incredibly stoked to officially on full Freestyle Now squad status. I’m so grateful to be able to finally release this video! The first clip was filmed in March of 2021 just a few months after breaking my collarbone, and I set myself a goal to collect some clips from every skatepark and spot I get to travel to through coaching. Freestyle Now has always been there for me, whether it was participating in the comps and learning from the sessions, or being able to live out my passion and be continuously inspired by my environment. Freestyle Now has given me the confidence to freestyle the now in my own unique way, being able to work with passion and spontaneity. Without Freestyle Now my recovery wouldn’t of been the same and I think this video shows how impactful that support was for me ‘getting my mojo back’! Words can’t express my gratitude to Freestyle Now and the opportunities given to me, thank you for the last five years and I look forward to rolling out the rad forever!” Kareece

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Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Northam agricultural show


Entertaining the crowds with awesome BMX stunt shows, It’s what we do

Its good to have Dylan Schmidt back performing with Freestyle Now. Dylan always has the best superman whips

Freestyle Now attended the 2021 Northam agricultural show to perform BMX stunt shows. It was a super awesome day with some great BMX stunts being performed for the crowds. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun JarvisJosh Garwood and Luke Tooze were joined by Dylan Schmidt to round out the BMX stunt show performers. The Northam agricultural show crowds were excited to see the four BMX stunt show riders put on a great entertaining BMX stunt show, but that what we do, entertain the people. Big tricks were being performed and the crowds were putting the energy back into the performance, the more noise the crowd makes the more energy the performers receive.

Freestyle Now came to roll out the rad and entertain the masses at the Northam agricultural show and that is what we achieved. When it comes to entertainment Freestyle Now definitely has you covered with a high entertainment value BMX stunt show. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now stunt shows will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements. A full list of all the stunt shows that Freestyle Now has ever done over the past 35 years can be found on our past stunt show page.

Clockwise from top left – Josh Garwood superman seat grab – Luke Tooze with some bike levitation – It’s all pointing toes. Dylan Schmidt over Shaun Jarvis – Luke Tooze with a 360 tail whip.

More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.


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Mental health is important – RU Ok Day at Mindarie Collage


Freestyle Now attended the Mindarie Collage for a school assembly presentation as part of R U OK day. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis, Josh Garwood and Luke Tooze were at the school to roll out the rad. The presentations main focus was to give a medium to talk about mental health. Due to the rain on the day the set up took place in the undercover area. Just before the lunch break the secondary school students got a chance to come and watch the BMX show.

Clockwise from top left – Shaun Jarvis with a no handed swivel – Luke Tooze gets his 360 whip going – Josh and Luke flipping – Josh Garwood superman seat grab.

The BMX riders performed some great BMX stunts and tricks that the students were super hyped with. In the middle of the presentation Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis took to the microphone to talk about the importance of speaking and listening about mental health. It is important to speak about how you are feeling but it is also just as important to listen when someone is not feeling mentally well. When your friend or family member talks to you about how they are feeling it does not always mean you need to fix their problems. Sometimes just speaking to someone who is listening helps. Please remember to ask people R U OK if you can see a change in their mannerisms. Sometimes all it takes to help someone is to ask R U OK.

A Freestyle Now school assembly presentation can be tailored to suite whatever message the school is currently delivering to its students. If you want Freestyle Now to come to your school for a school assembly please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements. A full list of all the stunt shows that Freestyle Now has done since 1986 can be found on our past stunt show page. To see some photos from the school assembly presentation check our facebook page here.

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Shaun Jarvis October skatepark video


Shaun heading down the rail at Kwinana skatepark

Freestyle Now co founder and squadron leader Shaun Jarvis has been riding BMX for 40 years and he is not slowing down just yet at 53 years of age. During September and October Freestyle Now hosted many skatepark coaching sessions and after each of the sessions Shaun set the goal to get clips at each location. Some time there was only a few minutes to work out lines and get the clips done. Shaun explains “BMX freestyle for me is a organic process, what flows is how it is, nothing is forced. Looking at the spot and thinking how can I interact with what’s here and how does my riding fit with the location. Many of the clips are just freestyled, no set plan just as it flowed out. Some took longer than should have and some were a one and done. Over all I’m stoked on the clips.”


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Zambrero bmx bowl battle 2021 – Groundswell Festival


Luke Tooze went fast and high and won $1000 and brought a car. 1st place in the pro class.

The Zambrero BMX bowl battle was an epic event. Great vibe, great riding and great spectators, everything needed to make an epic BMX competition. Thanks to Zambrero the top 4 pro riders shared $2000 prize money. There were prizes galore from our supporters  as well and we want to thank them heaps, Colony BMX, Sneaky Wholefoods, Local BMX, Cult Crew and Division Brand as well as the Groundswell Festival dropped in some rad prizes as well. Every competitor went home with heaps of products. The Zambrero bmx bowl battle was so rad with the level of riding from the beginner to the pros, it was so awesome to see. There were many different riding styles all interacting with the Scarborough Beach bowl. There were a few disappointed beginners who wanted to enter but were yet to be able to either drop in or get out of the bowl or both. There were a few beginners who had only just dropped in the day before they were that keen to enter. This was great to see the younger riders wanting to push themselves to ride such a mammoth bowl. All competitors had two runs in the qualifying rounds with only their best score counting. This set them up in the battle finals order. Qualifying was super important with riders qualifying first put them in prime position for the battle finals.


Be sure you give the highlights video a watch. Capturing all the radness from the Zambrero BMX bowl battle was not an easy task as there was just so much radness flowing all day. Be sure to attend next years and see it live.

The battle finals were epic with some dam fine radical skills being unleashed from the riders to make sure they will progress into the next round. Each lower qualifying rider had to battle in out against the next highest qualifier. The winner of this battle then took on the next highest qualified rider. Survival of the fittest and the raddest was the order of the day that’s for sure. Each rider had two 60 second runs to make sure they were the rider that would progress to the next round. Riders were judged on the overall impression of their run by the three judges, each giving a score from 0 to 30 points taking into account, difficulty, diversity, consistency, speed, height, flow, lines, and tricks. Each of the battles that took place were awesome, but there were two battles that were epic standouts.

The first epic battle was in the beginners, between two siblings, 15 year old Zac Martin and 8 year old Bianca Martin, brother and sister rolling out the rad and this is why BMX is so rad, no matter what age, size or sexual orientation, skill is the requirement. Zac had qualified in 5th and took on Brenton Waddingham. They both rode well but the judges gave the win to Zac, who only had only dropped into the bowl for the first time a few days previously. The 5th place was given to Brenton and Zac now had to ride against his sister Bianca. The winner from the round could then challenge Morgan West for the 2nd place. Zac dropped in first and powered around the bowl with some great lines 60 seconds later Bianca dropped in. The amount of speed and height 8 year old Bianca expressed was outstanding. Zac was then in for his second run which was the same as his first. Bianca’s next run started as a double peg drop in on the medium size transition, from there it was massive airs and great lines and good use of the hips. There were not many points between them but it was Bianca that took the win, on announcing that she was progressing to the next round the crowd let out the biggest cheer of the competition.

Zac claimed the 4th place and Bianca went on to challenge Morgan West, who had only just dropped into the bowl for the first time that morning. Again it was Bianca for the win over Morgan. This left the final battle in the beginners between two 8 year olds, two good friends Bianca Martin and Albie Liveley. While Bianca was airing the massive deep end at the tiles Albie was half a metre out of coping. It was Albie for the win and Bianca second place.

The stoke was high for all the place getters

Albie Livesley has only just turned 8 years old and is blasting like a pro. When you scale up his height and bike size that 12 foot deep bowl that he is airing to a adult rider would be 16 foot. This is a massive air. 1st place beginners.

The other epic battle took place in the pro class. Two West Oz legends, Dempsey and Aquaman. Both of these riders have been riding for 20 years, both grew up pedalling everywhere they go, in some cases they would ride 50 kilometres just to ride a skatepark, both of these riders are legends and have so much skill and dexterity on a bike they can ride anything. Looking back to when Dempsey and Ryan Aqulina were teenagers no one would have even thought that twenty years later they would be in one of the biggest bowls in Australia battling it out in the pro class. Dempsey qualified in 5th and rode first. He was on fire during warm up but a few too many foot downs and bails put him at a lower score. Dempsey did some great fakie variations which seem to be a lost art in BMX at the moment so that was great to see but Aquaman went higher had more airs and had less foot downs. It was Aquaman who took the forth place and Dempesy in fifth. Both these riders are not what you would call bowl riders, they ride all forms of BMX but they rode for the fun and it was so rad to see them interacting with the bowl with their style of BMX.

In the pro final battle 1st place qualifier Luke Tooze was challenged by 2nd place qualifier Ben Gately. After Jay Roadly was challenged by Ryan Aqulina, Jay won the battle but took some injuries so forfeited the next round and claimed the 3rd place. Luke was so fast, went super high, had trick variations and was flawless. Ben rode like Ben does, long flowing manuals and some great flowing bowl lines, it was beautiful to watch. Luke Tooze took home $1000, 1st place and a massive smile. (rumour has it he brought a car with his winnings)

We would like to thank the Groundswell festival for making Scarborough beach the place to be over the weekend. Big thank you to Zambrero for being the major sponsor of the Zambrero BMX bowl battle. A massive thank you to our supporters Colony BMX, Sneaky Wholefoods, Local BMX, Cult Crew and Division Brand, be sure to support these brands. And we would also like to thank all the competitors and spectators who came out to support BMX in the way you did. Planning has already begun for 2022, let hope we can have some national and international riders attending by then.


Dempsey and Aquaman battle runs



Luke Tooze and Ben Gately in the pro class final battle


Jake Welhan is a radical bmx rider and has the best one footer tabletops. His use of the bowl just pushed him up a few points for the win in the intermediates class.

Clockwise from top left – Ben Gately rode super stylish and placed 2nd in the pro class – Jay Roadley did some rad flairs and opposite flairs on his way to 3rd in the pro class – West oz BMX legend Aquaman (aka Ryan Aqulina) is a super rad rider and it was great to see him adapt his street skills to the bowl, 4th place pro – Dempsey is another west oz legend and had some rad tabletops, his finals battle with Aquaman was some legendary west oz BMX history.

Clockwise from top left – Brad Evens was so pumped for the comp that he rode with only one knee. We hope that after getting it fixed he will be back at full capacity for 2022. So stoked to have him rolling in the Zambrero BMX bowl battle – Bianca Martin was the only female competitor and at only 8 years old rode super rad and went so high in the deep end, a well deserving 2nd place in the beginners – Levi Brown did the best one footers of the whole competition, 6th place in beginners. We hope to see him back in 2022 going higher and faster and still doing one footers – Roman Depiazzi did one of the best runs of the competition, tail whip to bar spin to 540. The combo was so clean. Roman is on a progression mission and he will defiantly be a hot contender for next year’s Zambrero BMX bowl battle 1st place position, if he continues with the rate of progression maybe in the pro class?

More photos can be found on our facebook page here

Zambrero BMX bowl battle official results – 9th October 2021.

Sponsored by ZambreroGroundswell festival, Colony bmxSneaky Wholefoods, Local BMX, Cult CrewDivision Brand


Final battle results – 1st Albie Livesley, 2nd Bianca Martin, 3rd Morgan West, 4th Zac Martin, 5th Brenton Waddingham, 6th Levi Brown, 7th Harlen Pfeifer, 8th Matheus Pascussi,
Qualifying results – 1st Albie Livesley, 2nd Morgan West, 3rd Bianca Martin, 4th Brenton Waddingham, 5th Zac Martin, 6th Levi Brown, 7th Harlen Pfeifer, 8th Matheus Pascussi


Final battle results – 1st Jake Welhan, 2nd Roman Depiazzi, 3rd Joel Brunino
Qualifying results – 1st Jake Welhan, 2nd Roman Depiazzi, 3rd Joel Brunino


Final battle results – 1st Luke Tooze $1000, 2nd Ben Gately $600, 3rd Jay Roadley $300, 4th Ryan Aqulina $100, 5th Dempsey, 6th Nick Morgan, 7th Brad Evans, 8th Michael Pidgeon
Qualifying results – 1st Luke Tooze, 2nd Ben Gately, 3rd Jay Roadley, 4th Ryan Aqulina, 5th Dempsey, 6th Brad Evans, 7th Nick Morgan, 8th Michael Pidgeon


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Zambrero BMX bowl battle – 2021 Groundswell festival – Information


2021 Zambrero BMX bowl battle

The Groundswell festival at Scarborough beach has been growing steadily over the past few years into an awesome event. Last year the inclusion of the BMX bowl battle turned up the awesome at the festival. Be sure to check out last years results and event wrap up. For 2021 we will be delivering the Zambrero BMX bowl battle on the 9th October thanks to our major sponsor Zambrero. The Zambrero BMX bowl battle is also supported by ZambreroColony bmxDivision BrandCult CrewSneaky WholefoodsLocal BMX all while it takes place thanks to the Groundswell festival. The Zambrero BMX bowl battle will also be round two of the Western Australian BMX freestyle State Championships with all points going towards the year end state championship title.

The Zambrero BMX bowl battle will see bmx riders compete in the biggest skatepark bowl this side of the universe. Competitors can either choose to enter pro, open, intermediate or beginners classes to battle it out with the other competitors to for their share of the prizes and pro purse prize money. Riders will have to make their way through qualifying rounds to make it to the battle finals. The importance of qualifying on top plays a key role in the battle finals. The lower placed qualifiers have to battle it out to make their way to the top to have a chance to take the win. In the battle finals if competitors are not staying on top of the competition they are dropped out until a winner if announced. The best BMX riders will show of their skills and compete for some epic prize money and all the glory! This is one action pack competition you don’t want to miss.


Such a rad video of last years competition, this one is really worthy of a play and then a replay and a replay.



LOCATION –  Scarborough Beach skatepark, Scarborough, Western Australia


  • Official practice, check in and registrations – 10am
  • Qualifying rounds – 11am – 2pm
  • Zambrero BMX bowl battle finals – 2pm – 4pm.


  • Beginners – competitors of any age, must be able to ride in and out bowl, have some confidence, tricks are not required
  • Intermediates – competitors of any age, must be able to ride in and out bowl, have good confidence, able to do some tricks, have good flow
  • Open – competitors of any age, must be able to ride in and out bowl, must have great confidence, able to flow well, maybe have a trick list, can air good
  • Pro – competitors of any age, must be able to ride in and out bowl, must have awesome confidence, able to flow super rad, maybe have a trick list, can air dam good

REGISTRATION INFORMATION – Registration via online medium here.
Registering and paying online guarantees you a place in the competition and you to save money. Online ticket sales close 1st October 2021 at 12noon.  If you miss the online registration we cannot guarantee your place in the competition as numbers are limited to 10 in each class (40 competitors). Any available places not purchased prior to the day can be paid for on the day of competition.

  • Pro $15 – plus Eventbrite booking fee – $30 on the day
  • Open $10 plus Eventbrite booking fee – $20 on the day
  • Intermediates $10 plus Eventbrite booking fee – $20 on the day
  • Beginners $10 plus Eventbrite booking fee – $20 on the day

CERTIFIED HELMETS ARE COMPULSORY – Ditch you plastic soft foam fashion accessory and protect yourself with a proper helmet. Helmets will be inspected at check in. If your certified helmet is cracked or you are using a plastic helmet with soft inserts you will be required to have a certified helmet replacement. Your brain will thank you.


  • Competitors will be judged on the overall impression of their run. 3 judges will each score from 0 to 30 for overall impression taking into account, difficulty, diversity, consistency, speed, height, flow, lines, and tricks.
  • Lowest score drop, best run counts.
  • If there is a tie for a relevant place a 1 minute runoff is the tie breaker.


  • Competitors are split up into heats of 5 riders. Each group gets a 5 minute warm up
  • Beginner and intermediates get two x 1 minute runs (not all time has to be used)
  • Open and Pro get two x 2 minute runs (not all time has to be used)


  • No finals for beginners, qualifying round counts
  • Intermediate, open and pro top 7 into battle finals
  • Competitors qualifying placing set the order for battle finals
  • Round 1 – 7th and 6th place. 2 minute warm up. 2 x 1 min runs. Judges vote who makes it into next round. Winner proceeds to round 2. Rider not progressing into round 2 takes 7th place.
  • Round 2 – Winner from round 1 plus 5th place. 2 minute warm up. 2 x 1 min runs. Judges vote who makes it into next round. Winner proceeds to round 3. Rider not progressing into round 3 takes 6th place.
  • Round 3 – Winner from round 2 plus 4th place. 2 minute warm up. 2 x 1 min runs. Judges vote who makes it into next round. Winner proceeds to round 4. Rider not progressing into round 4 takes 5th place.
  • Round 4 – Winner from round 3 plus 3rd place. 2 minute warm up. 2 x 1 min runs. Judges vote who makes it into next round. Winner proceeds to round 5. Rider not progressing into round 5 takes 4th place.
  • Round 5 – Winner from round 4 plus 2nd place. 2 minute warm up. 2 x 1 min runs. Judges vote who makes it into next round. Winner proceeds to round 6. Rider not progressing into round 6 takes 3rd place.
  • Round 6 – Winner from round 5 plus 1st place. 2 minute warm up. 2 x 1 min runs. Judges vote who takes 1st and 2nd place



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Fresh new scooter build – How to build up a new scooter


Freestyle Now squad member Kareece Furneyvall takes you through building up a new scooter. Showing you how to apply grip tape, getting your SCS clamp adjusted and getting them grips on as well as the bar ends. If you are looking at building a new scooter be sure to check out this video to make sure you are doing it all correctly. Be sure to give it a watch.



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Round 1 – 2021 Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships


Round 1 of the Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships took place at the Mandurah Action Sports Games back in May. Round 1 was an even points round and round 2 will be a odds points round. Round 2 will be taking place at the Zambrero BMX bowl battle at Scarborough beach skatepark as part of the Groundswell festival on the 2nd October. These points will be added together going into the final competition, round 3 which will an even points round. The rider scoring the highest points taking the 2021 Western Australian BMX freestyle championship place.

Even points round – 1st = 20, 2nd = 18, 3rd = 16, 4th = 14, 5th = 12, 6th = 10, 7th and down = 8

Odd points round – 1st = 21, 2nd = 19, 3rd = 17, 4th = 15, 5th = 13, 6th = 11, 7th and down = 9

Current point standings at the end of round 1

BMX pro – 1st Luke Tooze – 20 points, 2nd Ryan Aqulina – 18 points, 3rd Jeremy Mills – 16 points

BMX open – 1st Kieran Ramsay – 20 points, 2nd Jack Hooper – 18 points, 3rd Shaun Jarvis – 16 points

BMX intermediates – 1st Ronan McCamish – 20 points, 2nd Roman Depiazzi – 18 points, 3rd Jake Welhan – 16 points, 4th Shae Matthews – 14 points, 5th Adam Waterman – 12 points, 6th Wyatt Murphy – 10 points, 7th Flynn Hegarty – 8 points

BMX girls / ladies – 1st Bianca Martin – 20 points, 2nd RubyRose Welhan – 18 points, 3rd Fiona Krasnoff – 16 points

BMX beginners – 1st Harlan Pfeiffer – 20 points, 2nd Albie Livesley – 18 points, 3rd Brenten Waddingham – 16 points, 4th Kayden Taylor – 14 points, 5th Harry Daley – 12 points, 6th Bianca Martin – 10 points, 7th Blair Maitland – 8 points, 8th Ilay Godfrey – 8 points, 9th Aaron Murray – 8 points, 10th Judd Howard – 8 points, 11th Fiona Krasnoff – 8 points.

BMX under 10’s – 1st Albie Livesley – 20 points, 2nd Jack Reid – 18 points, 3rd Bianca Martin – 16 points, 4th Ilay Godfrey – 14 points, 5th Fiona Krasnoff – 12 points, 6th Jack Quinlan – 10 points

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Jason Parker moving over to the veteran’s squad


Jason Parker such an awesome rider, such an awesome dude, moving over to the veterans squad

In 2014 Jason travelled to Japan. He competed at the international bmx flatland contest Flatark. This cross footed Mc Circle was taken at a riding spot in Osaka.

Jason Parker is a very important part of the Freestyle Now squad. His journey to being part of Freestyle Now is a unique story for sure. In the mid 90’s Freestyle Now co founder Shaun Jarvis was doing solo stunt shows. Jason was 15 years old living in Australind when he heard that Freestyle Now (Shaun Jarvis) was going to be at the 1995 Brunswick Junction agricultural show, he was devastated that he could not make it there. Jason almost went to the Perth Royal show in 1996 as he knew Shaun would be performing there, he found a program for the entertainment in the news paper, but unforeseen circumstances rose and he did not make it. Shaun was again at the Brunswick show in 1996 but Jason could not make it there but some of his friends did and told him about it, he was super bummed and just wanted to be able to meet Shaun and see the Freestyle Now show. This was at a time when there were not many riders and no one was riding flatland bmx in Perth. This was at a time of no skateparks and if you found another rider you were lucky. The BMX freestyle scene in Perth was super small. In 1998 Shaun was back at the Brunswick agricultural show and Jason did not make it. In 1999 Shaun returned to the Brunswick Agricultural shows to perform another solo show but by now Jason had moved to Kinross in the northern suburbs of Perth, so he missed out again.

By this time Shaun had started to be the distributor in Australia for the well know flatland products Graveyard, Nankai and Cam Acura. To help promote this distribution an advertisement was placed in a national BMX magazine called Freewheel BMX. In a print mistake the phone number listed was wrong and Jason who was keen to meet other riders rang the phone number. Jason “Is this graveyard products”, old guy on the one end of the phone “Graveyard is some kind of joke” and hangs up. Jason rang that number a few more times and almost put the old guy into a graveyard! Not giving up Jason was determined to get in contact with Freestyle Now so he called a bike shop called Pal and Panther, a popular bmx friendly bike shop who was also a sponsor of Freestyle Now. They happened to have the correct phone number for Freestyle Now and Jason made contact. This was late in 1999. On the first time Jason came to ride with Shaun it was at Shaun’s house in Clarkson, 10 minutes from Kinross. Jason got his mum to bring him up and ride, Jason had some rad tricks and knew what was up with bmx flatland. This was the rider that Shaun was looking for to join Freestyle Now and start doing BMX shows. At the end of the riding session Shaun was showing Jason some photos in the photo album (yes that’s what we used then) One of the photos was of Shaun doing an air on a quarter pipe, Jason recognized it straight away. “That was taken at the Whiteman Park opening, mid show a tram came into the show area and the riders had to stop and wait on top of the ramp” This was correct Jason was at the very first BMX freestyle show that Shaun had been a part of. Mid 1986 before Freestyle Now Shaun was part of the Redline trick team and the very first show they performed was at the opening of Whiteman Park. Jason was only 6 years old at the time. He held that memory of that BMX freestyle show for 13 years. The connection was made 100%

Jason’s first show with Freestyle Now was at the Denmark country fair 26th February 2000. Jason performed constantly for 8 years with Freestyle Now. He even got to perform at the Brunswick Agricultural show 4 times, something he was always pumped about doing. Jason has performed in several Freestyle Now stunt shows since 2008 but his involvement in Freestyle Now had tapered off due to work and life commitments. It’s not as if Jason has ever left Freestyle Now as he never will, this is why we are moving him over to the veterans squad. Jason is a lifer Freestyle Now squad member, his involvement and contribution has been epic.

Be sure to check out Jason’s website profile here

Check out the website archive of all things Jason Parker here

More photos of Jason Parker can be found on out Facebook page here

Jason Parker joined the Freestyle Now squad at the start of 2000 and his first show was at the Denmark Country Fair in February 2000. This was Jason’s second show at the Toodyay Moondyne Festival in May 2000.

This is the photo that Shaun showed Jason when they first met. Shaun at doing a show at Whiteman park in August 1986. Jason was only 6 when he saw the show and 13 years later he got to met Shaun. Both friends were surprised that this actually happened. Was it this show that got Jason into BMX?


Jason joined the back flip club in 2008. Jason had always talked about backflipping the FN box jump but he never really had the chance. Jason had been working in Tom Price when Freestyle Now had the opportunity to perform BMX stunt shows there. So while his workmates looked on Jason threw it down. On this occasion Jason did not pull it and it was a few weeks later when he was in Melbourne at Rampfest that his goal was achieved. What make this even more challenging is Jason is riding a pure flatland style bike, a bike that was never meant to back flip or has the geometry that even would make backflips easier. A pure Jason Parker move right there for sure.

In 2016 Jason surprised many competitors when he arrived at DownUnderGround, telling everyone he has not been riding much and then proceeded to take the win in the expert class like he had been in full training mode, everyone knew that he always tells the truth. That’s a total Jason Parker move right there.

Jason Parker worked fly in fly out at Tom Price for many years. He had one bike at home and one bike in Tom Price. Jason trekked all the way up to the top of Mt Tom Price with his bike and had this perfect decade photo taken with the town of Tom Price in the back ground. Pure radness.

In 2002 Jason got to perform at the Brunswick Junction show, he was pumped, as always.

In 2007 Jason was working in Tom Price. Freestyle Now has a stunt show there so this was super close for Jason. No one nose picks the FN box jump like Jason.

2008 Kojonup show. Shaun Jarvis and Jason Parker double routine on the FN box jump.

Jason entered the video round of the 2016 DownUnderGround video contest. This was filmed while he was in Byron Bay

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