Jigen Omotehara Instagram video compilation


Jigen Omotehara is on the Freestyle Now recruits squad. He lives in Osaka Japan and has been riding bmx flatland since 2012 when he was 6 years old. Jigen was added to the recruits squad in November 2018. His progression in bmx flatland is diverse with using both the front and back wheel to complete his combos. He rides hard and learns quickly. At 14 years old he has a rad future in bmx flatland and a possible future world champion pro rider. Jigen won the Japan BMX freestyle federation Japan Cup in the 13 – 15 class in September 2019 with a contest run that was full of hard combos and only 2 touches. In April 2019 Jigen took out the win in the juniors class at the FISE contest in Hiroshima.

These video clips are a collection of instagram clips taken from Jigen Omotehara instagram account so be sure to check it out and give a follow. Stay rad