DownUnderGround – 2020 Australian BMX flatland championships – video contest


DownUnderGround number 12 is now upon us. With the current global situation with Covid-19 travel restrictions are in place around the world and definitely in Australia, It is highly unlikely that a physical contest will take place. Yes this is a sad situation as all of Australian flatland riders enjoy the time when we can come together and ride and catch up with everyone. DownUnderGround first started holding a video contest back in 2013 so in true tradition of DownUnderGround a video contest will be held but this will have a twist, but you will have to wait for that information till after entrees close. Riders will need to submit their video entry by 31st October. Your video entry will form the contest for the Australian championships. Who will be the 2020 Australian bmx flatland champion? Thank you to DownUnderGround supporters – Freestyle Now and Colony BMX.

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Contest information.

The video contest is open to all Australian and international riders in beginner, expert and open classes. The video submitted will need to contain an unedited bmx flatland run similar to what you would unleash at a contest. The video must contain up to two minutes worth of riding, but no less than 1 minute. You are not judged on the quality of the video but on the quality of your riding. The video must be clear enough to show your riding. The video is judged and winners are determined just like a normal contest with the videos being posted on line for the world to view. Each rider’s video will be judged by three judges using the same criteria as the normal DownUnderGround contest format. (listed below) All videos we will loaded to our YouTube channel.

Judging criteria

Each judge (three judges) will judge the competing rider out of the three categories below. Each judge will score each category out of 20 points; the best possible score from one judge per contest run is 60 points. Each competitor will have all three judges scores added together to form that riders contest run score.

Difficulty – How difficult and complex the tricks are.

Consistency – How consistent the rider is in pulling the tricks within the contest run.(feet down, foot dab, smoothness of run)

Variety – This is left up to the judge’s discretion on what their own interpretation of variety is. This can take into account range of techniques (spinning, turbining, rolling, scuffing, stationary, pumping…) variety and range of tricks, types of tricks, combinations of tricks, front and rear wheel usage, backwards and forwards.

How to submit your DownUnderGround video

Go to

Click on the “Add Files” button and add the video file that you want to send (don’t send a raw video as it will be to big, run it through a edit program / app to reduce the file size)

Friends email is our email – 

enter your own email and in the message, your name and details.

Click on “submit” and it’s all done. We Transfer sends us an email and we receive your video.


Have a look at the 2019 DownUnderGround video round, this was a bonus round for the physical contest that took place in Melbourne