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Freestyle Now’s Outback BMX Adventure: Coaching, Demonstrations, and Radness Unleashed


Freestyle Now’s squad members Shaun JarvisLuke Tooze and Taj Hamilton headed to the outback town of Laverton for an unforgettable BMX journey, igniting the outback with an epic airbag jumping coaching session and thrilling demonstrations. The community engagement was phenomenal, with riders of all levels joining in on the excitement.  The heart of this adventure was the BMX coaching session on the Freestyle Now small airbag lander jump. The squad shared their expertise, guiding participants through the art of airbag jumping, helping some overcome their fear of jumping all while also delivering jaw-dropping demonstrations that left the Laverton community in awe. A big thank you to the Laverton Cycling Project and the Cycling Development Foundation as well as the Shire of Laverton for all their support.

Beyond the coaching sessions, the crew explored rad spots in Laverton and Kalgoorlie, discovering hidden gems that showcased the diverse BMX landscape of the outback. From street sessions to off-road exploration, every moment was an opportunity for radness. Shredding it up at the Leonora and Kalgoorlie skateparks added an extra layer of excitement to the journey. A highlight of the trip was the privilege of riding with local legend Corey Smithies, experiencing the super rad setup in his backyard. This not only elevated the riding experience but also strengthened the bonds within the BMX community.

Clockwise from top left – Luke helping a ride who needs that extra boost of confidence to know they can make it over the ramp easy – One of the local riders was super pumped to ride the jump with their confidence levels high they were good to get a no hader going – Taj Hamilton with a toboggan during one of the BMX demonstrations – Luke Tooze has the best griz airs – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.



The flies and all adventure has been captured in our radness in the outback video on our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel at for an immersive experience into all things action sports.

Stay connected with us on our Facebook and Instagram social media channels to stay updated on our latest news, events, and behind-the-scenes action. For booking inquiries or to learn more about Freestyle Now’s services please contact us directly. To look over the history of the stunt shows Freestyle Now has undertaken check out our past stunt shows page for a full 36 year list. We look forward to bringing our high-octane BMX stunt shows to your next event. Let’s create memorable experiences and spread the stoke together!



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Freestyle Now skatepark activation sessions – skatepark coaching workshops


Freestyle Now skatepark coaching sessions are all inclusive for all skill levels and ages

At the beginning of 2020 Freestyle Now had a very busy first few months travelling to many locations. Some of the regional Western Australian towns that got to experience Freestyle Now skatepark activation sessions included Lancelin, Collie, Hopetoun, Bremer Bay and Eaton. In the Perth metropolitan area Freestyle Now rolled out the rad at Bullsbrook, Stratton, Guildford, Fremantle, Kalamunda, Altone and Willetton. The skatepark activation sessions were, as always, fun and productive with lots of skatepark participants learning new skills, making new friends and in some locations winning prizes.

The Collie skatepark engagement session were super rad. Freestyle Now did six sessions over January. It ended with a coaching jam session for the last session and we gave away some great prizes. A new level of confidence and skills were gained over the sessions, we could see the growth in the participants and their interactions. All participants were catered for with skateboard, bmx and scooter participants being engaged. Hope to return there soon to help roll out the rad.


Freestyle now squad members Shaun Jarvis, Mitchell Harris, Dylan Reese, Kareece Furneyvall, Luke Tooze and Josh Garwood attended some of the sessions at various times to help others learn how to roll out the rad. At the skatepark activation sessions Freestyle Now used our two main types of engagement, skatepark coaching sessions and skatepark coaching jam sessions. Each of these help target different participants via our engagement.

The skatepark coaching workshops are for participants to attend and learn new skills and gain confidence. These can be done in a formal way, with 5 to 6 participants per Freestyle Now facilitator or in a non-formal way with many participants able to attend, sometimes as many as 50. Each of them has its own benefits. The formal sessions are great for smaller skateparks and are usually hosted when the skatepark is closed to the public (or sections of the skatepark) and gives the participants more time with the facilitators. It is a great way to control numbers at skateparks. The advantage to informal sessions is that the skatepark remains open to everyone and Freestyle Now facilitators move through the participants helping the individuals during the course of the allotted time for the sessions.

Freestyle Now squad member Mitchell Harris is showing some participants how to put skateboards together. One of the aspects of the skatepark activation sessions is to show how to maintain and keep your equipment in good working order. Many participants don’t know how to maintain their equipment. This is an important factor of skatepark participation.


The skatepark coaching jam sessions are a fun way to engage participants with Freestyle Now creating mini-challenges and fun games that the participants can do at the skatepark to win prizes. This all takes place in the backdrop of our facilitators/coaches helping the participants learn new skills, tricks and gain confidence. Some of the challenges might be a long bunny hop, best trick, foot down, and effort recognition which is more aimed at the younger inexperienced participants who can’t do the best tricks. Freestyle Now makes this time a fun interactive experience for all participants including the spectators who can also get involved with cheering for the players in the games.

Most of the Freestyle Now skatepark activation sessions are normally all-inclusive catering for all ages, skills and disciplines (skateboard, scooter, BMX) working on the principle that when possible no one should be excluded. However, there are times when we do offer single discipline only sessions but these are normally formal coaching workshop sessions.

The Stratton skatepark coaching jam session was a great time, thanks to the City of Swan. Lots of fun challenges were done. Prizes were given out to the winners of the challenges. Everyone has a opportunity to participate and try to win a prize, even the participants who are not that confident or don’t have a high skill level. Freestyle Now has a all-inclusive policy to make sure no one misses out on an opportunity to learn, advance or win prizes.


At the Freestyle Now skatepark activation session’s fun is the driving factor. The sessions are informative and motivational. The Freestyle now instructors / facilitators are very easy going and relate to the participants well and let the participants ride at their own level and encourage progression. The workshop sessions are more than just teaching skills. There are many other potential outcomes from attending a Freestyle Now skatepark activation session. Participants learn about using the skatepark safely, skatepark etiquette and equipment care, this information is also given to parents through a parental information session. Skatepark activity involves a lot of body movement and participants learn about how their interaction of body movement with their scooter/skateboard/bicycle is highly important to achieve the skills they are seeking. Skateparks are a place where everyone has the opportunity to participate safely and without prejudice over their choice of discipline or appearance, this message is reiterated at every session. Freestyle Now facilitators are positive role models that participants can look up to and aspire to be, positive peer networks are important. At Freestyle Now skatepark activation sessions participants are given the self confidence to be themselves.

Freestyle Now also offers private coaching session with our squad members. These sessions can cater for 1 to 3 participants in BMX, scooter or skateboard and are generally one to two hours long. Cost is on application, for more information contact Freestyle Now. Be sure to check our coming events page for when Freestyle Now will be heading out to a skatepark and hosting an activation session.

Freestyle did a few skatepark activation sessions at the Bullsbrook skatepark and bmx jumps. Squad members Shaun Jarvis, Luke Tooze and Kareece Furneyvall attended on this day and helped the bmx and scooter participants learn new skills. The participants learnt a lot of basic skills, which are the building blocks to more complicated moves.


Clockwise from top left – Young Jack has been a regular at our skatepark coaching sessions over the last few years. It’s great to see him progress on his skateboard and scooter. Jack was at the Lancelin skatepark coaching jam session where he won a Freestyle Now “Rad Dude” t shirt in one of the challenges. – At the Lancelin skatepark coaching jam session we gave away lots of prizes. These tow skateboards were stoked to win some goodies, like a new skateboard deck and t shirt. – The bmx session at the Bullsbrook bmx jumps was a fun time. We got the participants to do things that they normally would not do. This exercise was about concentration on balance and thinking outside of the box. – The Eaton skatepark bmx session had some great participation. Freestyle Now squad members Luke Tooze and Shaun Jarvis helped the skatepark coaching participants learn new skills and gain a higher level of confidence. Confidence is the key to unlocking new skills.


Clockwize from top left – The Guildford bmx jumps engagement session was a great fun time. Freestyle Now hosted a coaching jam session thanks to the City of Swan. Ronan is a rad young rider and hit up this no hander during a best trick challenge. – The participants at the Guildford bmx jumps coaching jam session had a fun time. Freestyle Now made up a challenge that had teams of three riders. Each team had to include three different levels of riders, super confident, medium level of confidence to gaining confidence. The teams had to make up a run over the jumps and whichever team that the best looking run (having the three riders jumping over the jumps) would win. On this occasion it was the “eye don’t care” team won on a runoff against the “biker dudes” (each team had to come up with a name). Ronan, Campbell and Magnum all won a Freestyle Now “Life without BMX” t shirt. – The Altone skatepark coaching session had lots of participants. Here Luke Tooze who rides bmx is helping scooter riders learn some basic confidence building skills. Jumping into a ramp and landing on the scooter deck with both feet in the right position. Freestyle Now coaches are multi talented and skilled and have the ability to cross over into any discipline. – Kareece Furneyvall engaging with scooter participants at one of the skatepark activation sessions.


Clockwize from top left – The Bremer Bay skatepark engagement sessions were super rad, with lots of participants. One of the challenges we held is a long bunny hop jump. In most cases we put a restriction on the run up so the participants don’t have a lot of speed. This adds a level of difficulty as the slower you go the less of a distance you can jump. This also adds a safety feature into the challenge. We all know the faster you go the harder you fall. – Winners are grinners at Bremer Bay. – The skatepark activation session we held in Hopetoun had many participants. The sessions were staged over two day, one on the afternoon and one in the morning. In the afternoon session we were inundated with participants, most were beginners on scooters. Freestyle now squad member and head coach Shaun Jarvis ended up taking a group of 20 participants and teaching all the basic scooter skills so that they had more confidence when transversing the skatepark. The next day in the morning we held a coaching jam session and gave away some prizes. As you can tell by the skatepark users were stoked. – Skateboarding has a good following in Hopetoun and there were more girls on skateboard than boys. These two girls won a Freestyle Now t shirt each from the different challenges we had set for them to participate in.



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Welcome Lee Kirkman – Freestyle Now new squad member


Freestyle Now would like to formally announce that Australian bmx legend Lee Kirkman is now an official Freestyle Now squad member. Lee has been competing at a pro level since 1995 and would have to be the best all round rider in Australia if not the world. It’s not uncommon for Lee to hit up some large dirt jumps in the morning, roll out large flairs at the skatepark in the afternoon and finish up with a flatland session in the evening. Lee brings to Freestyle Now skills that many riders dream of. His ability on a bike is nothing but radness. Lee Kirkman Indian air at margaret river freestyle now bmx show

Lee Kirkman going large at the Margaret River Freestyle Now bmx stunt show a few months ago

Lee Kirkman No hander foot jam Freestyle Now

Lee Kirkman rides everything,  even dams and does no handed foot jams

Lee Kirkman hitchhiker bmx flatland Freestyle Now

Lee is recently won the year end title for DownUnderGround the Australian bmx flatland contest series and took second at the finals in Melbourne in Pro. To add to his record wins in 2011 Lee won the doubles competition at the Red Bull dirt pipe with friend Clint Bensley. The dirt pipe was a one of a kind contest, a dirt halfpipe sculptured down a hillside that sent the riders down fast and over big jumps, an insane contest to say the least. In 2007 at the Australian BMX games Lee took out the Hungry like a Wolf trophy, an award that was given to the best rider of the contest. Lee Kirkman place top five in pro in Flatland, Dirt, Park, Mini and Vert at that contest. There are not many riders in the world that can achieve such an achievement. Lee Kirkman is one heck of a rider, anything you put in front of him he can ride it. It is a pleasure and an honor to have such a legend as a Freestyle Now squad member. Be sure to check out some of the below videos to know that Lee Kirkman knows how to roll out the rad.

Six minutes with Lee Kirkman, give it a watch to see more of an insight into the life of Lee Kirkman.

Lee Kirkman can ride everything and this below video just proves this point, some dam radical riding in this video, know that Lee Kirkman is the radness.

Lee Kirkman at the 2011 Red Bull Dirt Pipe, check it at the 2 minute mark to see Lee unleash his style on dirt.

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Freestyle Now squad member Tim Rose moves over to veterans


Freestyle Now squad member Tim Rose is one of the most powerful and insane riders ever to come out of Western Australia. Tim Rose has been a member of Freestyle Now squad since 2006. His first show was at the Wanneroo Agricultural show in November 2006. We needed another rider and Kie Ashworth said we should have Tim come and ride with us as he is a good rider. Kie was not wrong. Tim has so much power and flow in his riding it is a pleasure to watch. Tim came from a bmx racing background when he was younger, this made an impact on his bmx abilities. “At stunt show I always thought that Tim was not trying hard enough as he seemed to pedal slower than everyone else but it’s just that he didn’t need as much speed as everyone else to jump, each pedal was like two for everyone else. He make riding look effortless as it should be” Shaun Jarvis – Freestyle Now. Tim toured regularly with Freestyle Now performing lots of bmx stunt shows around Australia and sharing in the good times that we have.

port hedland april 2013 Tim Rose table top on the full pipe

Tim getting loose in Port Hedland

tim tabo at show

Tim can always boost high, this table at the Perth Royal Show is proof

Tim is an iconic member of Freestyle Now as he shares his birthday with one of our very first bmx stunt shows we did back in March 1987 at the Fremantle speed classic. Tim loves his jumps and has sent himself over some dam large jumps. His frequent trips to America led him to be riding at the famous Catty Woods trails, where he meet Ashley, fell in love and got married. BMX shapes your life when you are a bmx rider. Tim now had a big piece of land in the hills of Perth building a house and slowly building himself a set of dirt trails. Tim Rose is a deserving member to be added to the Freestyle Now veteran’s squad members list.

Tim Rose boosting dirt jumps

Tim sailing between the large space  of dirt, it don’t get any more bmx than this.

Tim Rose FDR June 2013

Tim at FDR in America back in June 2013. Check his web post from that trip here

You can also check out the archive of all things Tim Rose here

Tim Rose and a day at the trails. Get back to the origins of BMX and build some jumps. Enjoy.

Below is one of the videos from Tim’s adventures to America back in October 2011 with Kie Ashworth and Jake Corless
from the trails at Catty and Posh.

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David Pinelli – Colony bmx video


David Pinelli has been a member of the Freestyle Now squad since 2009. He was on the reserve squad before getting moved up to full squad status in 2012. David is a shredder and this latest video for one of his sponsors Colony BMX shows how much he can ride and throw down. So many 360 variations in this video it’s crazy. David spent some time living in Melbourne last year and most of the clips were filmed there with a few from Western Australia. Make you check out David’s Instagram for more crazy awesome clips and photos.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Margaret River Agricultural show 2014 - David Pinelli backflip turndown

David throwing down at the Margaret River Show late last year, back flip turndown

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Tim Rose getting large


Freestyle Now squad member Tim Rose has been riding some local dirt jumps lately and sent through this rad photo. The gap is large. Be inspired to do something that scares you every day and start living.

Tim Rose boosting dirt jumps

Photo – Jake Corless

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Tim Rose America update


Freestyle Now squad member Tim Rose is in his final weeks in America. He sent through a few photos from a Catty Woods trails session that went down a few days ago. Thanks to Jake Corless for taking the snaps. Tim has been blasting these trails on a regular basis and he sure will miss them.

Tim Rose 1 Catty Woods August 2013

Tim Rose and a table top, pure Tim style.

Tim Rose 3 Catty Woods August 2013

Tim getting through the lines.

Tim Rose 2 Catty Woods August 2013

Catty Woods trails are one of the world’s most famous. Tim gets through them like its nothing.

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The adventures of Cash man continues


Freestyle Now long time squad member Kie Ashworth is currently over in America with a few friends traveling around and just enjoying the bmx lifestyle. Kie also attended Tim Rose’s wedding. Kie lives for the travel that comes with the bmx lifestyle and has put up two short videos of some of the spots he has been riding. Save your money, travel and live.

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Tim Rose update


Freestyle Now squad member Tim Rose is currently in America with his Fiancé Ashley and they are getting set for their wedding this weekend. Yes Tim Rose is getting married! Tim is lucky enough to be staying at Ashley’s family home only a few blocks away from the famous Catty Woods trails. Tim has been riding there almost every day and trekking all about some east coast spots. Some of his friends have made the trip over to America for their wedding. Here is what Tim has to say.

Tim Rose Catty woods June 2013

Catty Woods are a legendary location. Tim railing the berm, and you know he is going fast.

“Hey all, everything is going so awesome over here. I’ve been in the states for about 6 weeks now and having an amazing time, it’s the trails season over here so helping the guys at Catty Woods and Posh dial in some of the runs has been a sweet experience. Hats off to the guys who build and maintain at those two places, they have done a ridiculous job. Have been riding every single day over here and have gotten the chance to meet and ride with some really good guys. Was able to catch up with Mike and Jacky Lee while they were in New York so it was good to see some familiar faces on the other side of the world. Ben Roberts flew in last week, being able to show him around and ride bmx together in a different country is crazy. Kie Ashworth, Luke and Jake have just arrived so it was good to go out and party with them.
The other week I was lucky enough to meet Derek Adams from LittleDevil brand, he invited us down his way to ride his local trails and session his backyard. We had a killer day, the trails were so fun. Hip and transfer lines everywhere with a big vert wall at the end. Derek’s yard is a wild set up with trails spines and dirt quarters also leading into a vert wall on the back of his garage. Derek is an absolute legend one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet so BIG thank you to him for another amazing day of riding BMX.
Everything is going really well over here and to top it all off my Girl has finally graduated uni and we’ll be tying the knot in less than 1 week. Looking forward to when my family to get over here to celebrate!!! I will keep ya posted with my happenings, Peace” 

Tim Rose FDR June 2013

Tim Rose took the trip down to FDR again and took along Ben Roberts. Such a lucky experience to have had. As normal Tim shredded the place.

Tim Rose Derick Adams backyard trails june 2013

Derek Adams has an amazing back yard. Tim putting the air space to good use, getting flat.

Tim Rose America trip june 2013

Tim flowing the Catty Woods trails. The wall ride on the back of Derek Adams house, the trails lead into this. Tim and friends, Jake Corles, Kie Ashworh and Luke Snelling.

Tim Rose Little Devil bowl june 2013

Tim was able to ride the LittleDevil bowl, not too many have that opportunity.

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DIRTBOWL is coming


Darwin is a rad place, we have visited there a few times. Arlo Stewart has one of the raddest yard set up we have ever seen. Not only has he got trails in his front year but has got back to back dirt bowls. Yes DIRT BOWLS, check the flyer, yes they are rad. Arlo has organized to host the first ever Berry Jam taking place on the 7th of July. The whole day is a fundraiser for UNICEF, which means you have to give something. If you give you get something in return, one of the best days of riding and hanging out with a good bmx scene you could possibly have. Freestyle Now is getting behind the day with support as well as support coming from Colony, Spokes NT and NT Elite. It’s a great time of the year to visit Darwin so get yourself a ticket there and go ride some crazy dirt bowls.


Billy Brooks Xup at the dirt bowls on a past Darwin trip.

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