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2021 Margaret River Agricultural show – BMX Scooter and Skateboard stunt shows




Freestyle Now attended the 2021 Margaret River agricultural show with our portable skatepark set up and rolled out rad with some amazing BMX, scooter and skateboard stunt shows. The team of radical participants consisted of Shaun Jarvis, Dylan Schmidt, Levi Rebbeck, Sam Ormski and Jack Velkoski. Freestyle Now has performed at the Margaret River Show many times before but this was the first time Freestyle Now was there with a BMX, scooter and skateboard show. Friday night was super rad, local band Field Unit played right next to the show area, pumping out the rock vibes and amping everyone up. Saturday was a good day with the ramps being moved around to mix it up a bit and keeping the level of stoke up. It was a rad time in Margaret River and the shows were super rad with lots of crowd interactions.

When it comes to entertainment Freestyle Now definitely has you covered with a high entertainment value bmx stunt show. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now stunt shows will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements. A full list of all the stunt shows that Freestyle Now has ever done over the past 35 years can be found on our past stunt show page


Clockwise from top left – Jack Velkoski peeling off the ledge – Shaun and Dylan have got the double routine down – Sam Ormski is on another level of skating – Shaun Jarvis rolling in circles no handed.

Clockwise from top left – Sam Ormski big boneless at sun down – Levi Rebbeck was flowing the ramp set up and laying down some rad scooter moves like this bri whip – Shaun rolling in circles on the front wheel while Field Unit rock out – Dylan has these no hander over jams on lock.

More photos can be found on our Facebook page here

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DownUnderGround – 2020 Australian BMX flatland championships – video contest


DownUnderGround number 12 is now upon us. With the current global situation with Covid-19 travel restrictions are in place around the world and definitely in Australia, It is highly unlikely that a physical contest will take place. Yes this is a sad situation as all of Australian flatland riders enjoy the time when we can come together and ride and catch up with everyone. DownUnderGround first started holding a video contest back in 2013 so in true tradition of DownUnderGround a video contest will be held but this will have a twist, but you will have to wait for that information till after entrees close. Riders will need to submit their video entry by 31st October. Your video entry will form the contest for the Australian championships. Who will be the 2020 Australian bmx flatland champion? Thank you to DownUnderGround supporters – Freestyle Now and Colony BMX.

Check out the DownUnderGround Australian BMX flatland championships competition results page for a full rundown from all DownUnderGround competitions

Contest information.

The video contest is open to all Australian and international riders in beginner, expert and open classes. The video submitted will need to contain an unedited bmx flatland run similar to what you would unleash at a contest. The video must contain up to two minutes worth of riding, but no less than 1 minute. You are not judged on the quality of the video but on the quality of your riding. The video must be clear enough to show your riding. The video is judged and winners are determined just like a normal contest with the videos being posted on line for the world to view. Each rider’s video will be judged by three judges using the same criteria as the normal DownUnderGround contest format. (listed below) All videos we will loaded to our YouTube channel.

Judging criteria

Each judge (three judges) will judge the competing rider out of the three categories below. Each judge will score each category out of 20 points; the best possible score from one judge per contest run is 60 points. Each competitor will have all three judges scores added together to form that riders contest run score.

Difficulty – How difficult and complex the tricks are.

Consistency – How consistent the rider is in pulling the tricks within the contest run.(feet down, foot dab, smoothness of run)

Variety – This is left up to the judge’s discretion on what their own interpretation of variety is. This can take into account range of techniques (spinning, turbining, rolling, scuffing, stationary, pumping…) variety and range of tricks, types of tricks, combinations of tricks, front and rear wheel usage, backwards and forwards.

How to submit your DownUnderGround video

Go to

Click on the “Add Files” button and add the video file that you want to send (don’t send a raw video as it will be to big, run it through a edit program / app to reduce the file size)

Friends email is our email – 

enter your own email and in the message, your name and details.

Click on “submit” and it’s all done. We Transfer sends us an email and we receive your video.


Have a look at the 2019 DownUnderGround video round, this was a bonus round for the physical contest that took place in Melbourne



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Jigen Omotehara Instagram video compilation


Jigen Omotehara is on the Freestyle Now recruits squad. He lives in Osaka Japan and has been riding bmx flatland since 2012 when he was 6 years old. Jigen was added to the recruits squad in November 2018. His progression in bmx flatland is diverse with using both the front and back wheel to complete his combos. He rides hard and learns quickly. At 14 years old he has a rad future in bmx flatland and a possible future world champion pro rider. Jigen won the Japan BMX freestyle federation Japan Cup in the 13 – 15 class in September 2019 with a contest run that was full of hard combos and only 2 touches. In April 2019 Jigen took out the win in the juniors class at the FISE contest in Hiroshima.

These video clips are a collection of instagram clips taken from Jigen Omotehara instagram account so be sure to check it out and give a follow. Stay rad


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Freestyle Now Buzz products Christmas party – BMX stunt show


Freestyle Now can perform stunt shows anywhere, in any location, for any occasion.

Andrew Ahumada backflips over a lifesaver. The theme of the party was fancy dress so the party goers were in some great costumes – Photo LR photography Melbourne

When Buzz Products approached Freestyle Now asking if we could do a stunt show at their Christmas party we naturally said yes. The Christmas party was at a cool Melbourne venue called The Third Day. It was a perfect spot. To get the radness rolling, Freestyle Now recruited two Melbourne shredders. To get the flatland component of the show sorted, Gonzalo Bellanti, the 2019 Australian bmx flatland champion Gonzalo Bellanti was in full effect. With the small kicker ramp brought in the air antics was given to none other than Australian legend Andrew Ahumada. Freestyle Now squadron leader Shaun Jarvis headed up the MC duties and got some show riding in as well. It was a pumping gig with a great sound system and such a receptive crowd. None of the Buzz Products employees knew Freestyle now was coming to throw down the radness so when we started up they were super stoked. No matter the location Freestyle Now can perform some great entertaining stunt shows for any occasion, be sure to get in contact with your requirements.

The 2019 Australian bmx flatland championship Gonzalo Bellanti spinning a time machine for the Christmas party attendees. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here



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DownUnderGround, the 2019 Australian bmx flatland national championships took place in the home base of bmx flatland in Australia, Melbourne. On a nice Melbourne sunny day riders converged on the Melbourne Museum to compete against each other for the Australian bmx flatland champion. Bmx flatland riders from around Australia and the world converged on Melbourne to partake in one of the hardest forms of bmx riding, flatland. It was good to see a great turnout with a few international riders attending. The format was each rider having three runs, each up to two minutes long. The lowest score dropped and both remaining runs added together.

The weather was perfect and the riding was rad. This was the 11th year for DownUnderGround. Its a time when friends come together from all over Australia to ride, share tricks have good times and build the bmx flatland scene in Australia. DownUnderGround has a video contest that the points from go to the year end title. It’s a way to help get the edge over on other riders to help gain that Australian championship title.

The three most progressive beginner riders in Australia battled it out once again for the top three spots in the beginner class. In the beginners class heading into the contest it was Paul Griznic who had a great video entry and was sitting in first place. He didn’t ride as consistent as he would have wanted to and only took a 3rd in Melbourne. His progression is good though and its rad to see that passion. In Melbourne it was local rider David Rooney who ended up taking the win from Rusty Eylward-Pyko in the beginners. David was just a little bit more consistent than Rusty but both rode well. It was really good to see Reuben Pedlar progress so much over the past year. With his first in the video round and a third in Melbourne it was Paul Griznic who to the year end title in the beginners class. All three riders said they were keen to move up to the expert class for next year, we await to see.

1st place beginner class David Rooney – photo Stephen Pretty

In the expert class it was Philipp Frueh that took the win in true Philipp riding style. Second place went to Matt Spencer who rode really well. Third place when to Western Australian rider Shaun Jarvis. Fellow Western Australian rider Trent Karow had won the video round and took a 5th place in Melbourne. This put Trent and Shaun on equal points as Shaun took a 3rd in the video round and a 3rd in Melbourne. The way to work out who was the year end champion was a trick of. After 3 rounds it was Trent who got the judges approval for the win. Congratulations Trent.

1st place expert class Philipp Frueh – photo Stephen Pretty

Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis took 3rd place in the expert class – photo Stephen Pretty

1st place in the open class went to Heru Anwari – photo Stephen Pretty

The open class was tight between Argentinean rider Gonzalo Bellanti and Indonesian rider Heru Anwari. After the qualifying round both had scored 261 points, who was going to be first and second. Third place went to Sydney resident Paul Chamberlain who had a cracker first run with only one touch. To settle who was going to take first place it was down to a trick off. Gonzalo and Heru each had 30 seconds to pull their tricks. After the first round they judges could not decide, on with the second round. Still the judges could not decide. The third round was super tight with the judges taking some time to deliberate and finally the win was given to Heru. With a first in the video round and a second in Melbourne the year end title went to Gonzalo Bellanti.

DownUnderGround 11 was awesome. If you did not attend you either could not make it or you were abducted by alien creatures. Be sure to attend DownUnderGround 12. Thank you to the competition supporters Freestyle Now, Colony BMXSneaky Wholefoods, Anchor bmx,  ZTFFbmx , Penumbra Bmx.

 The 2019 Australian champion in the open class Gonzalo Bellanti – photo Stephen Pretty

Freestyle Now squad member Paul Chamberlain took home the 3rd place in the open class – photo Stephen Pretty

Clockwise from top left – Top 3 in beginners  – Top 3 in experts – Top 3 in open – The 2019 Australian bmx flatland champion Gonzalo Bellanti.

More photos can be found on the DownUnderGround facebook page here.

Please check out Stephen Pretty photos from the day on his Facebook page here

Full results of DownUnderGround from 2008 to present can be found here


DownUnderGround BMX flatland contest – 7th December 2019 – Official results

Beginner – 1st Dave Rooney, 2nd Rusty Eylward-Piko, 3rd Paul Grzinic, 4th Greg De Bois, 5th Reuben Pedlar, 6th Seth Eylward-Piko, 7th Josh Hope

Expert – 1st Philipp Frueh, 2nd Matt Spencer, 3rd Shaun Jarvis, 4th Jim Jimbob, 5th Trent Karow

Open – 1st Heru Anwari, 2nd Gonzalo Bellanti, 3rd Paul Chamberlain, 4th RongKing Tan, 5th Grant Cruse.

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Naotada Yamada and Jigen Omotehara taking bmx flatland wins


Freestyle Now recruits squad members Naotada Yamada and Jigen Omotehara recently both took home some first place positions at bmx flatland contests in Japan. Naotoda competed in the under 16 class at the Chimera A side games in Kobe and did an awesome run to take the win. With a great front wheel combo and with only one touch the rad was definitely rad. Congratulations.


These two radsters are both bmx flatland contest winners. Jigen Omotehara and Naotada Yamada have been friends for over half their lives and are both Freestyle Now squad members. Both are wearing the Freestyle Now “Life without BMX” t shirts. Check our Facebook store if you would like to get one

Jigen entered the Japan BMX freestyle federation Japan Cup in the 13 – 15 class and took home the first place with a contest run that was full of hard combos and only 2 touches. The contest took place in Okayama City in September on the same weekend that a typhoon Hagibis hit Japan. Congratulations. Jigen will be competing in Kyoto this weekend (16th November) for round 3 of the Japan Cup.

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DownUnderGround is the Australian bmx flatland championships and has been going since 2008 with Freestyle Now being the competition organizer. Once again DownUnderGround will return to Melbourne for the 11th year of the national competition on 7th December at the iconic Melbourne Imax in Carlton.

DownUnderGround also has a video contest to help riders earn points toward taking the Australian bmx flatland championship title. Riders submit a contest video between 1 and 2 minutes in length. The rider has to perform their tricks on camera as if they were at a physical contest. Riders are then judged according to the judging criteria.


This year the video round judges were –
Freestyle Now squad members Paul Chamberlain (judging beginners and experts) and Shaun Jarvis (judging opens), both are no strangers to competitions having judged and entered many DownUnderGround competitions.
James McGraw. James has been in flatland for over 30 years and had competed and is still competing at the highest level. James is behind the American Flatland Association, making sure the grassroots movement of bmx flatland is always being promoted and influenced in the USA.
Joe Cicman. Joe is legendary for pushing the boundaries what is possible in BMX flatland and inspiring other to push the boundaries.

We would like to give a big thanks to the judges and it was great to have their input into judging the video round.
Thank you once again to our competition supporters Freestyle Now, Colony BMXAnchor BMXSneaky Wholefoods and ZTFF BMX. Hope to see many riders at DownUnderGround on the 7th December at Melbourne Imax in Carlton, come on down to witness the best bmx flatland riding in Australia.

2019 DownUnderGround – Australian bmx flatland championships video competition results

Beginner – 1st Paul Grzinic – Melbourne, 2nd Greg De Bois – Sydney, 3rd David Roomey – Melbourne

Expert – 1st Trent Karow – Perth, 2nd Matt Wootton – Launceston, 3rd Shaun Jarvis – Perth

Open – 1st Gonzalo Bellanti – Melbourne, 2nd Paul Chamberlain – Sydney, 3rd Lee Kirkman – Bundaberg


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Dez Marssen – Insta Ammo


Freestyle Now squad member Dez Marssen knows how to get rad on a bike. His bmx flatland skills are dialed. Over the past few months Dez has been performing in the Elements of Freestyle with the ISH Dance Collective and recently performed in Edinburgh. Following on from the theater shows Dez travelled to Spain to hang out with Alberto Moya and compete in the Boadilla street line competition where he took out the 2nd place.


Dez has just recently compiled a stack of his instagram videos to make the Insta Ammo clip. Be sure to give this one a watch to see how much radness Dez possesses on a bike. Six and a half minutes of pure bmx flatland skills that will blow your mind on what is possible on a bmx bike. Keep rolling out the rad Dez.

Dez Maarsen performing with the Elements of Freestyle in Edinburgh


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Driven – an action sports documentary


Driven is a action sports documentary. Action sports are truly amazing. The drive to achieve can be pain staking but very rewarding. Perth scooter rider Jakob Wells put together a short documentary about action sports which features Freestyle Now squad member and co founder Shaun Jarvis. Shaun talks about the benefits of participating in action sports and how the skills learnt can help with life skills. This is definitely a video worth watching.


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Freestyle Now at Flatark 2019


Freestyle Now recruits squad members Naotada Yamada and Jigen Omotehara attended the 2019 Flatark bmx flatland contest in Samukawa Kanagawa Japan.  Both riders did fantastic runs in the Expert class. Jigen place 12th with 309 points and Naotada placed 13th with 307 points. A very tight competition it was. Jigen and Naotoda are both only 12 years old and moving up to the expert class is a big step. Jigen attended the Flatark contest a week after winning the junior bmx flatland division at FISE in Hiroshima.


At the last Flatark contest in 2017 both riders competed in the Novice class where Naotada placed 2nd and Jigen placed 6th. In Qualifying it was Naotada in 1st and Jigen in 2nd. Both riders are good friend and have grown up together riding bmx over the last 6 years. it is great to see their progression.

These two are legends in the making, watch this space over the next 5 years, at only 12 years old they have a long future of radness ahead

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