Skatepark Competitions

A skatepark competition is a place for participants to showcase their skills and to demonstrate their growing skills to their friends, family, peers and the wider community. Skatepark competitions activate communities, help engage youth positively and involve community, parents, and beginner to advanced skatepark users in BMX, skateboards, scooters and rollerskates.

Freestyle Now is Australia’s premier skatepark competition management organization offering competition management for BMX, skateboards, scooters and rollerskates. Freestyle Now always promotes inclusiveness – skatepark competitions work best when they accommodate all ages and skill levels in all disciplines.

Show us the spot, and we’ll do the lot. Simplicity is the key.

Freestyle Now skatepark competitions cater for the beginner to the pro riders.

Freestyle Now has been hosting and managing competitions since 1997.

Freestyle Now has been managing competitions since 1997. Our years of experience means a hassle-free event for you and your staff. We take care of everything!  Our professional staff will assist you every step of the way from your initial contact, to the competition set up, the supply of P.A. system, the music and announcements, the prizes and the final competition results.

Our key factors:

  • We are actively involved in the sports and can relate to the participants on their level
  • Freestyle Now provides its own equipment including, entry forms, online booking systems, waiver of claims, P.A. system, power leads, generator and helmets
  • Our experienced squad will handle all the nomination forms and judge sheets
  • Music played through the P.A. during competition is language checked
  • Announcing duties are taken care of in a professional and entertaining style to amp up both the spectators and participants
  • We ensure that all competitors must wear a helmet and suitable footwear
  • If required Freestyle Now hosts its own fully portable skatepark, which allows a competition to be held in practically any location
  • Public liability insurance is handled by us
  • We take care of the supply of prizes for competitors
  • We work to ensure the maximum level of participation, including marketing the event through our platforms and through groups and communities where riders congregate

Skatepark competitions consisting of BMX, skateboards, scooters and rollerskates are our speciality but not our limitation – coaching, stunt shows, school presentations, special events and more.

Freestyle Now skatepark competitions help promote community spirit and youth engagement.

Skatepark competitions help skatepark users and community members learn a wealth of skills.  They celebrate their skills advancements, congratulating each other on their placement on the day.  Patience is learned while participants wait for each other to take their turn. It instills pride in the environment and location, encouraging them to take care of the facilities. Participants come to understand how competition and judging operate, learning how the wider community supports their endeavours and that positive behaviours are encouraged and that can affect their placement. For example, riders are required to stay off the park while people are competing and if they do not adhere to that rule they can be disqualified from the competition or that no prizes are provided until all visible rubbish around the skatepark is put in bins.

Freestyle Now can manage even the largest skatepark competitions

Skatepark competitions cater for all ages and skill levels. Freestyle Now firmly believes that competitors should not compete in age groups as age is a number and skill is a level. In some cases the younger users can have more skill than the older skatepark users, for example, an 11 year old can place higher in a competition over a 17 year old. At Freestyle Now skatepark competitions participants can enter into beginners (younger and still learning), intermediate (competitors with some good skills and consistency) or open class (consistent and dialled tricks) in BMX, skateboards, scooters and rollerskates.

Time factors are determined by the number of participants, however, a typical skatepark competition runs for approximately five hours, including a one hour registration time at the start. This time frame would allow approximately 40 – 50 competitors to participate in the skatepark competition.

Competitors are judged on difficulty, diversity and consistency by 3 judges. There is music played (language checked) via our PA system with our professional MC calling the competition to keep both competitors and spectators informed and entertained. At the end of the competition the results are announced. All place getters are named. Prizes are then given out with the prizes being selected by the competitors with first place taking first pick and then second place and on down the placings until all prizes are selected. The prizes are BMX, skateboards, scooters and rollerskates specific so that the participants are eager to participate and to push their skills to achieve a prize. As part of our costs Freestyle Now supplies the prizes.

Freestyle Now takes care of all the judging and announcing duties, professionally

At Freestyle Now skatepark competitions competitors are always happy to win great prizes.

Potential Outcomes from the skatepark competition session

  •      Showcasing skatepark users skills
  •      Engaging in the wider community to see continued positive activation of the facility
  •      Engaging with more advanced skatepark users
  •      Inspiring younger and beginner riders to advance their skills
  •      Skatepark coaching session participants get to show their new skills
  •      Skatepark users see how other skatepark users are progressing
  •      Skatepark users get to participate in a sporting event that relates to their physical activity
  •      Helping beginner skatepark users to understand a sense of achievement through prize rewards
  •      Promoting the skatepark as positive place
  •      Understanding of skatepark etiquette
  •      Understanding of skatepark code of conduct
  •      Understanding of skatepark flow
  •      Awareness of safe skatepark navigation
  •      Development of positive behaviours
  •      Sourcing potential skatepark leaders and role models

With our knowledge and expertise the skatepark competition experience for your organization will be second to none. Please feel free to contact Freestyle Now for more information or any questions you may have. Please be sure to check our past competitions here for a full list of competitions since 1997.

Freestyle Now skatepark competitions are all inclusive for all ages, skill levels and disciplines including BMX, skateboard, scooter.

Freestyle Now skatepark competition categories and description

  • Beginner class – younger and still learning – Beginners don’t need to do trick but just participating is all it takes. Some beginners can do ticks but are not very consistent.
  • Intermediate class – competitors with some good skills – Intermediates have some skills and are fairly consistent with the execution of their tricks
  • Open class – (consistent and dialled tricks) Riders who possess a high level of riding skill, able to execute difficult tricks and consistent

Freestyle Now skatepark competition format

  • Beginner division – in larger competitions participants have one 45 second competition run. In smaller competitions they have two 45 second runs.
  • Intermediate and open divisions – each competitor gets two 1 minute runs.
  • Where possible competitors are grouped into heats of 4 or 5 competitors
  • Competitors are not penalised if they don’t use all of their time.
  • Each competitors contest run is judged by three judges out of the three categories below
  • Each judge will score each category out of 20 points; the best possible score from one judge per contest run is 60 points.
  • All three judges points are added together from the competitors run to give the total points for their competition run
  • Competitors score form best run counts, their lowest score is dropped.
  • Highest score wins
  • Some larger competitions may have a final, same format takes place in final

Freestyle Now skatepark judging criteria

  • Difficulty – How difficult and complex the tricks are. Tricks that are difficult to execute. Technical tricks. Difficult lines within the park. Large gaps or high airs will also be taken into account. The more the difficult the run the higher the score
  • Consistency – How consistent the rider is in pulling the tricks within the contest run.(feet down, smoothness of run) The smoother the run the higher the consistency score.
  • Diversity – A run consisting of various types of tricks (grinds, stalls and airs). Using the park to its full capability (tricking on as many obstacles as you can). Using the park in ways that other competitors are not (original lines through the park or tricking parts of the park that no one is tricking.) The more varied the run and the more obstacles that are ridden the higher the score.

At all Freestyle Now skatepark competition we announce all the place getters in all divisions no matter how big or small the competition is.

Below are some video from Freestyle now competitions



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