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Since 1986, audiences around Australia, in many diverse locations have been entertained with a show performance never matched or duplicated. 

A Freestyle Now show can increase your clientele at your event with a professional stunt performance that is the ultimate action experience.

Freestyle Now can bring to your event, Australia’s top action sports stunt show. The Freestyle Now bmx stunt show is a high energy action packed proven crowd pleaser for both young and old.

Over 24 years of proven experience

Freestyle Now has show formats to suit your needs and we have the ability to change and adapt any of our shows to meet any special requirements. The show can easily be set up in any location in approximately 1 ½ hours, or less with prior arrangements. The Freestyle Now stunt show is a fully self contained turnkey presentation, we supply everything except the audience. Our stunt show presentations consist of a fully portable ramp system, crowd control bollards and banners, P.A. system, tagged power equipment, professional announcers, public liability insurance and of course the professional performers.

Professionalism and courtesy are always paramount.

Throughout the awe-inspiring performance from the Freestyle Now stunt squad, the patrons of your event will be on the edge of their seats as they witness firsthand the skill, dexterity and stunts that the professional members of the Freestyle Now stunt squad will present to them.

Our professional squad members will assist you every step of the way, from your initial contact, through to maximizing our attendance at your event and even assist with the best way to achieve great results from having the Freestyle Now squad visit your area. Freestyle Now can also supply promotional material and media releases when required. At the time of your event our squad members will work with you and your staff to minimize our impact on them, allowing for a stress and hassle free run event.

Show us the spot and we will do the lot. Simplicity is the key

We fully understand your requirements and always want to achieve the most beneficial and practical results that will make for a great performance. This may be working within a budget, around other performers or within a tight time schedule.

Freestyle Now is very safety aware and our show performance can only proceed once all safety checks have been made with equipment and performance area and at the commencement of each show a safety message in conveyed to the audience.

Controlled chaos is the best way to describe the flow of the entertainment provided, as this allows the content to be extremely appealing and attention grabbing. The pace of the shows is fast and action packed full of stunts. Our professional announcers will get the crowd involved with the performance not only by just calling the tricks the riders perform but by using theatrics and hilarity to get everything connected. The Freestyle Now stunt show culminates with a spectacular finish.

Our squad members are always friendly and approachable at the end of each performance and enjoy crowd interaction. Admirers of the show performance and squad members can also receive autographs, posters and other merchandise at the end of the show.

Controlled chaos is the best way to describe a Freestyle Now show

Freestyle Now has a variety of unique stunt show performances to give you great entertainment value to suit your event, function or promotion. Please contact Freestyle Now if you require more information on which show performance would be best suited to your event. Complete your event with a Freestyle Now show.

 If you would like to view more Freestyle Now show videos please check our vimeo page.


The Freestyle Now bmx ramp and jump show consists of bmx ramp and jumping stunts. The show is 10 minutes in duration. The ramp show can easily be set up in full set up on any surface including grass, dirt and gravel with an approximate area of 40 meters x 7 meters with the opportunity to discuss smaller sizes if needed.
This style of show is great for larger areas, such as showgrounds, ovals and indoor venues. The show has been very well received at agricultural shows, festivals, fairs and even half time basket ball entertainment.


The Freestyle Now bmx flatland show consists of bmx flatland stunts. No ramps are involved. The show is 15 minutes in duration. Flatland is one of the purest forms of stunt riding as riders only use their bikes to perform stunts in many different ways. From being only on one wheel then to two and back again whether it be forwards or backwards or spinning in many different ways. The flatland show is easily set up in full in any location and on any hard flat surface only (asphalt, paved, cement) with an area required of approximately 10 metres x 10 metres with the opportunity to discuss smaller sizes if needed.
This style of show is great for small venues or tight areas. The show set up is low impact so it is also suited to venues where a quick set up and pack down is required. The show has been very well received at shopping centres, stage performances, fairs, agricultural shows and festivals.

The Freestyle Now ramp and flatland show brings the ramps and the flatland together into one complete awesome intense performance presentation. The show consists of bmx ramp, jumping and flatland stunts. The show is 15 minutes in duration. A complete show is easily set up in full on any hard flat surface only (asphalt, paved, cement) with an area requirement of approximately 10 metres x 40 metres with the opportunity to discuss smaller sizes if needed. This show format can also include skateboard performers if required.
This style of show is great for a larger area such as basket/tennis courts, sectioned off roads and paved areas. Since the show is performed on a hard surface the incorporation of skateboards also add another dimension to the show performance. The show has been very well received at town fairs, agricultural shows and festivals.

The Freestyle Now halfpipe show is performed on a large portable ramp shape like a half of a pipe. Both bmx and skateboarders perform mid air stunts as they use each side of the halfpipe ramp. The show is 15 minutes in duration. The halfpipe show can be set up in any location with an area requirement of approximately 10 x 20 metres.
This style of show is best suited for large venues such as music festivals, multi day festivals and agricultural shows.



The Freestyle Now skatepark show takes place on any skatepark that your venue, area, town or city may have. Freestyle Now squad members use the skatepark to perform a variety of stunts. The show is 15 minutes in duration. The set up for this show is minimal with only a P.A system required. This show format includes bmx and/or skateboarding and if requested scooter riders.
This style of show is great if your event is at a venue that already had a skatepark within your parameters. The ability to include bmx, skateboard and scooter riders makes the performance very diverse.


Freestyle Now can offer you a entertainment package of hefty proportions. The Freestyle air raider’s show consists of BMX and FMX stunt shows all blended together that will have your event patrons holding on to the edge of their seats. Squad members take to the sky and perform air stunts on bikes and motorbikes that will give you the ultimate action experience. The greatest entertainment an event can have. This show can be 10 or 20 minutes in duration. The Freestyle air raider’s show requires a large performance area please contact freestyle now for more information.
This style of show performance is best suited to large oval venues and has been well received at agricultural shows and festivals.


A Freestyle Now stunt shows includes

  • A high level of professionalism and experience
  • Professional riders/performers
  • A portable ramp system for any location
  • P.A system and MC for the event
  • Public liability insurance and relevant safety procedures
  • Crowd control bollards and banners
  • Generators if required and power leads
  • After show merchandise
  • The inclusion of skateboarding and motorbikes
  • The ability to adapt show performances to any situation

Please download our show requirements here

Please don’t hesitate to contact Freestyle Now today  for pricings and any relevant information you may require  for Freestyle Now to deliver to you and your patrons a performance that will be an all out awe-inspiring display of  action stunts like no other!

A comprehensive list of our past shows can be found here.

Do you require something more, please contact Freestyle Now to see how we can be of service to you with our extensive contacts within the entertainment industry.

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