Shaun Jarvis


Date of Birth – October 1968

Current sponsors – Freestyle NowSneaky Wholefoods


Freestyle Now squad member since  –  18th December 1986 (Founding member)

Specialty Flatland bmx, announcing duties, warped sense of humor, the main FN man

Started riding BMX – Raced bmx from 1981 to 1986 – Started freestyle bmx 1986

How did you get into riding? – My older brother and a group of guys had built a killer set of jumps (trails) in the town I lived in. He kept telling me to go down and have some fun. I really didn’t want to but when I stopped at the top of the hill one day on my way to the shop I saw heaps of kids having so much fun that a few weeks later I started to go down there and learn to jump. After a few months I started racing. As time moved on the other guys grew up and got cars or just moved away. I was the only bmxer in town. People in the town must have thought I was nuts pushing a wheel barrow down the road in the rain just to build jumps, I had to take advantage of the rain for maximum building. I got into freestyle while I was still racing and brought a frame from this guy I knew from school who was at my work. The frame was manufactured in Western Australian from a company called “Black Hawk” and made very much like an old Torker with twin top tubes. I set that up with a coaster brake and started to do kick turns on my driveway. Once I had moved from the town I lived in to the suburbs I started hanging out with the racer dudes from the track. There was this quarter pipe down in Girrawheen were we would all would hang out at. It kinda progressed from there to where I got a redline RL20a styler freestyle bike (one of the first complete freestyle bikes to come out) and all I wanted to do was ride and do tricks.


What was your first bike? – My first bike was a gold Malven Star dragster, 3 speed shifter and all. I ended up getting some MX bars and seat for it to make it look like a motorbike. My first real BMX was a Redline MX 2. That bike was so cool and I had all the parts on it that I wanted. Araya 7x rims with Suzie hubs, Redline stem, uni seat, DX pedals that was a sweet ride. First freestyle bike was a Redline RL20a styler with tuffs. It was so cool.

Main type of riding – Flatland, some skateparks, hill bombing and general riding of my bike everywhere, no one rides anywhere anymore.

Who has influenced you the most in riding? – This is a hard question to answer as I have rode with many riders and had many heroes to look up to. RL Osborn was my favourite rider in the late 80’s. I had a whole wall in my bedroom filled with posters of him riding. I would have to say that no rider has influenced my riding as I have my own way of riding. My main influence is my own drive to progress and to keep on riding for many years to come. Many riders have influenced me in a personal way and change the way I see things. I meet Bob Haro at the 1983 Australian BMX titles. He was one guy that I looked up to and the guy who is basically acknowledged for creating the bmx freestyle sport. His influence is still radiating within me. He was and still is one of my all time favourite riders. Chase Gouin. After reading his interview in the May 1996 ride BMX mag it changed my outlook on many things. Dennis McCoy. He told me when I met him in 1996 that I can’t stop riding till he dose. That guy will never stop and he is way older than I am. Ron Wilkerson’s influence has showed me that different is good. But all of them are from the 80’s and 90’s when i was still able to be influenced. Now riders don’t influence me but inspire me to ride or try new tricks.

Shaun Jarvis taybs at Dulwich Hill

What can you remember most about your first competition or demo? – My first demo was at the opening of Whiteman Park in late 1986 with the Redline trick team, before Freestyle Now started. A tram came and stoped in the middle of the demo location. We were stuck up on top of the ramp and the whole show stopped for about 10 minutes. I didn’t know it at the time but there was a young 6 year old kid in the crowd at the time named Jason Parker. Little did we both know that  years later Jason would seek out how to find me (the old fassion way) and we would become friends. 12 years after that show Jason ended up on the Freestyle Now squad.

Five things that matter most to you in no order – Respect, BMX, family, love, inner peace

Five things that you dislike the most in no order – Disrespectful people, smoking, wasting time, seeing public money go to waste, being injured.

Shaun Jarvis perth night time bmx Xup endo october 2013

Do you like riding in shows or competitions? –  I like doing shows as you can interact with the crowed heaps more and doing shows is always fun. Competitions can be a little more stressing as it can put a bit more pressure on you, but they are both fun as you get to ride no matter what. 

What do you do in your spare time? – Spare time is a rare commodity for me. I find it hard to have spare time. If im not working on Freestyle Now I will be out riding or sleeping. Whatever I’m doing its always constructive.

To you what is beautiful? – There are many beautiful things in this world. I tend to find beauty in the smallest things. Just looking at my bike I find the beauty from the shape it has. Seeing other people enjoying themselves is also beautiful.  Riding my bike along the coast watching a magnificence sun set with the clouds alight from the sunlight with no thought running through my mind, now that is pure beauty.

Why do you ride? –  I ride my bike because of the fun and enjoyment it brings to me. I couldn’t think what life would be like with out my bike. I love the thrill of pulling off tricks. That feeling that you get is awesome. Its fun to ride to feel free on a bike is so great, no rules to follow. What can I say im an addict.

What has been your worst injury? – Tearing my PCL ligament in my Knee. That put me off my bike for about 5 months. I have also had bad tendinitis in my elbow. Very painful to a point I could not even hold my grip. I had to stop riding for 3 months to help it to heal.

Shaun Jarvis concert hall bmx flatland march 2016 photo Timothy Sutherland

Favourite riding spot – Any nice flat spot with a good vibe. Concert hall in Perth, Meriken Park in Kobe, Scarborough beach, Bondi beach, IMAX in Melbourne, Hyde Park in Sydney. As long as it’s a nice surface it’s good. Any skatepark that has good flow and lines. The city streets of any city is a place I long to be.

Favourite Music – Music plays a big part in my life. Music and emotions go together. I am an avid music collector. Techno, drum n bass, hip hop, metal, rock n roll, old 40’s and 50’s tunes. Public Enemy are without a doubt my most influence, hard beats with a message. Big Audio Dynamite, The Prodigy, Credence, Doris Day, Rise Against, The Band, Ladyhawke. Every and all music as long as I like it ill listen.

If you were given a special pencil what would you do with it? –  I would draw a special picture to show the world that we can live in peace together.












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