Coming Events

Check the below list of coming events to see where Freestyle Now will be at next, be it a bmx stunt show, skatepark competition or skatepark coaching workshop. The information below can change at any time so please check page regularly for any changes or up dated information. If you would like to catch up on some past events and see where Freestyle Now has been since we started rolling out the rad in 1986, then check out our PAST STUNT SHOW PAGE  or take a look over our PAST COMPETITIONS PAGE . To see where we are going in the future check the list below. Location to events are linked to Google maps, click the blue link to seek location.


Currently all our events have been cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic. We don’t know when we will be back ready to roll out the rad. But when we get the all clear we will be ready.

We hope everyone is staying safe. Its going to be a difficult time wanting to go and ride and hang out with friends. We all want to go ride. Its unfortunate that the world in in this current situation but we all need to work together. The more we stay home the quicker we can get back out there getting rad. Remember that its not about you but about us.
Now is a good time to seek out new skills and be more diverse in your riding. Ride in the garage, driveway, patio, lounge room (if your allowed). Now is the time to think outside of the box and be creative.
What ever you are doing please do so safely as we don’t want to put any more pressure on our health systems, so don’t go crazy and end up in hospital.
Most important is to talk to your friends about how you are coping, (there are many platforms you can do this on) its important to say mentally healthy just as it is to say physically healthy.
Keep it still, don’t be ill and rock the casbah