Shaun Jarvis
Paul Chamberlain
Jack Carwardine
Luke Tooze
Kareece Furneyvall
Oben McHoull
Chloe Rose
Sasha Berg
The Reserves
The Recruits
The Veterans

The Freestyle Now squad started with only three members, the original guys who founded Freestyle Now, Georg Molnar, Brad Dyer and Shaun Jarvis.

After all these years Freestyle Now is still rolling out the rad with the help of the Freestyle Now squad members. Not just anyone can become a Freestyle Now squad member, it take a certain type of person and rider. The Freestyle Now squad members are sworn to uphold a certain value of awesomeness. These values include but are not limited to:

  • Riding awesome.
  • Having an awesome attitude.
  • Being awesome when approached by others.
  • Maintaining an awesome presence at all events.
  • Thinking of awesome tricks.
  • Being respectful to others.
  • Helping others to become awesome.
  • Being inclusive


Check the above video for how we roll out the rad

Freestyle Now has a few different levels of squad members there is

Full Freestyle Now squad members – These rider are the top of the list when it comes to rolling out the rad. There is no higher placing on the squad roster.

The Recruits – Every young radster must start somewhere. The recruits is just that place. Younger shredders who show the potential to roll out the rad, being inclusive, show the potential to be good role models and the ability to progress up the ladder of radness, one day could become a full Freestyle Now squad member.

The Reserves – Who do you call upon when the squad can’t be there? The Reserves squad. They are the riders who are next in line to defend the radness

The Veterans – These squad members are part of our history. They have helped shaped Freestyle Now with their radness, but have moved on in their lives and not as active in participation as much. We need to honor our veterans they are the radness.

If you think that you can protect the secrets of the secret society and uphold the values of awesomeness, then contact freestyle now with your info, and let us know how awesome you are.
We are always on the lookout for raw talent.