Dylan Schmidt

Dylan Schmidt - flar - photo by Andras Pentek

Date of Birth – February 1995

Current sponsors – Freestyle NowBlack & White Vision Clothing, DH West Coast Tattoo.


Freestyle Now squad member since  –  October 2008

SpecialtyBMX park and ramp, superman jumps, total shredder

Started riding bmxStarted riding bikes when I was at the age of nine.

Main type of ridingLately been riding dirt jumps because of the weather, but I mainly ride park. I would seriously ride anything you put in front of me.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Dylan Schmidt - John Hughes slopestyle

How did you get into riding?Well good question, back in the day dad and I use to wake up early and head down to the local skatepark and get some riding done before everyone gets there.

What was your first bike?16” Huffy, sometimes I wish I still rode little kids bikes.

Who has influenced you the most in riding? – I would have to say mum and dad for pushing me to try new stuff and taking me around Perth and giving me the opportunity to get somewhere with the sport.

What can you remember most about your first competition or demo?Umm… to be honest with you, I can’t remember what comp I first competed in, but the first demo I did was at The Waroona Show in 2008.

Five things that matter most to you in no orderMaking sure my brakes work, face book, travelling around different places, doing demos and riding comps and pretty much just being on my bike with mates.

Five things that you dislike the mostMySpace, running out of battery on electronic devices, long plane rides, snapping brakes and airports!

Do you like riding in shows or competitionsI couldn’t care less, would rather ride demos because there is no pressure and just riding for fun but competitions are also fun as well.

What do you do in your spare time?Nothing really, pretty much work and ride is my daily routine.

To you what is beautiful?Skateparks with amazing transitions can’t stand those little parks with coping that sticks out like dog nuts and the ramps been painted with a million coats of paint.

Why do you ride?I ride because i want to ride. There is no demanding it’s all because I love riding and putting everything in the hands of you and your bike.

Dylan Schmidt at Action Sports Games

What has been your worst injury?Touch wood I’ve only broken my ankle, it was a minor injury but it’s my worst, had a few concussions which is pretty bad that’s why I run a helmet when I ride most of the time now.

Favourite riding spotI would have to say GC compound. It’s got everything you pretty much need, street section, halfpipe, resi, foamy wall rides and box jumps, so if you bored and want to ride something good and fun, hit it up, you will have the time of your life.

Favourite MusicI usually put my iPod on shuffle and whatever comes up I get jiggy and ride alone to the beats.

If you were given a special pencil what would you do with it?Probably fly it around Hogwarts.


Current bike set up

Dylan Schmidt bmx bike - freestyle now February 2017

Frame – Colony Burna 2015
Fork – Colony Dagger
Headset – Colony Sealed Headset
Stem – Wise Top Loader Stem
Bars – Colony Roaster
Grips – ODI Soft Grips
Seat post – Salt Pivotal
Seat – Primary Division
Cranks – Colony Colonial V2
Pedals – KONA Metal Pedals
Bottom bracket – Colony
Sprocket – Colony CC sprocket
Chain – KMC
Front wheel
– Rim – Colony Pintour
– Hub – Colony Wasp
– Spokes – black
Rear wheel
– Rim – Colony Pintour
– Hub – Colony Wasp Female
– Spokes – Black
Pegs – Colony One Way
Tyres – Tioga Streetblock
Tubes – 20″


Dylan spent a week in Queensland and rolled out the rad in the process.

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